HAYVN, regulated by UAE Abu Dhabi Global Markets, CIMA, and AUSTRAC has launched its first HAYVN 20 Index Fund a high risk fund that includes crypto assets.

According to their website the fund will include the top 20 digital assets by market capitalization with a maximum weighting of 10% for any asset to increase diversification. It is a broad based index strategy with monthly rebalancing.

The Fund will be managed by HAYVN Asset Management, a British Virgin Island Approved Manager, 100% subsidiary of the HAYVN group.

The primary objective of the HAYVN 20 Segregated Portfolio is to deliver long term capital growth by investing 100% of fund assets within the crypto asset class. The fund is suitable for medium to long-term investors seeking diversified exposure to the broader crypto asset market, obtained through holding the top 20 crypto assets by market capitalisation. The fund aims to provide investors with enhanced returns relative to a pure market-cap weighted top 20 strategy. Investors should expect high levels of volatility and potential drawdown of their investment.

The fund follows a passive rebalancing strategy. The fund is invested in the top 20 crypto assets by market capitalisation, with monthly rebalancing. A maximum component weighting of 10% is utilised to prevent any single asset, and thus single source of risk, from dominating the portfolio. As such, the fund is relatively overexposed to lower market cap assets in the top 20, and less exposed to assets where the 10% asset cap is binding, such as Bitcoin.

According to HAYVN CEO, Christopher Flinos, ” With HAYVN20 we are providing investors with a diversified, low cost and regulated solution to invest in one of the biggest investment trends since the inception of the internet. We believe that risk is fully priced into currenct market conditions, and we want our customers to be able to participate in what we expect will be a positive long-term trend”

A broad based index strategy with monthly rebalancing is a low cost way to capture the long-term growth in digital assets and gain exposure to emerging trends without the inherent manager biases of active asset management.

In addition HAYVN Founder in an interview recently announced that they were preparing for a Series B Funding round in mid-2023 to raise up to $20 million to further scale the business and spin off HAYVN Pay.

HAYVN Co-Founder Christopher Flinos in a recent interview stated that HAYVN is preparing for a series B funding round in the second half of this year and aims to raise up to $20 million, which it will use to further scale the business and potentially spin off Hayvn Pay.

“We are working through that at the moment and are hopeful that we will be able to spin off Hayvn Pay quite quickly, have it on its own and then potentially look at whether the series B is done at the Hayvn level, or whether it is done at the Hayvn Pay [level],” Mr Flinos says.