Gemini crypto exchange announced that it has commenced with the process of acquiring a crypto exchange license in the UAE to better serve customers based in the country.

According to Gemini post, “ As a forward-thinking, global financial hub, the UAE is continuing its tradition of leadership by establishing itself as a fast-emerging hub for crypto. By applying for a license, we will be taking another step towards making Gemini a truly global company and advancing our mission to unlock the next era of financial, personal, and creative freedom for all.”

In the week of June 11th 2023, Gemini met with stakeholders thought the region to learn more about the local regulatory requirements and the needs of crypto users.

Gemini added, “ As part of Gemini’s 2022 Global State of Crypto Report, we took a look at adoption of crypto globally across 20 countries. We found that those in the UAE were rapidly acquiring crypto and putting it to use making in-person purchases. We also found high intent to purchase crypto among those who were not yet owners:”

As per the Geminin 2022 global state of crypto report, more than 35% of those surveyed in the UAE had purchased crypto, compared to only 20% of those in the US. While nearly 32% of non-owners in the UAE said they are likely to purchase crypto in the next year.

33% of those in the UAE who own some crypto use it to make in-person purchases at brick-and-mortar retailers, compared to just 19% of owners globally. Blog state of crypto 2023

Gemini based on the findings from the report and the conversations with regulatory stakeholders, startups and other ecosystem participants decided to further cement their interest in investing in the UAE and becoming part of their crypto community.

Gemini has now joined the roster of other global exchanges seeking to be regulated in the UAE, including, Binance, OKX, Maskex, Coinbase and many others.

This has also been spurred by the recent crypto shake down happening in the USA.

In a Zawya exclusive interview, GEMINI, digital asset exchange founders expressed their interest in applying for a license in UAE. As per the article US crypto exchange Gemini, is interested in a license in UAE because of the hostility and lack of clarity in the USA. Several other global virtual asset service providers have already expressed their interest as well including Coinbase, Bittrex, IoTa, and Circle. 

The license application is set to come after meetings in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are the founders of GEMINI. Tyler told zawya, “There is a lot of customers and amazing investors here.” As for the USA, Tyler told Zawya it as hard to get things done in the US.

He added, “You don’t want the Wild West, but you also don’t want a wall or a gate to innovation, getting that balance right builds the healthiest markets. We have always believed that, and always tried to get that message across to the regulators to provide that clarity and consistency in guidelines, because we think that the outcomes are just so positive.”

Prior to this Gemini announced that it was launching its European HQ in Dublin. But Tyler affirmed to Zawya that Gemini would not be giving up on the USA.

This would make Gemini the latest global entity to see regulation in UAE, over the past two months, entities such as CoinBase, IoTaCircle, Bittrex, have all expressed their interest to set up in the UAE.

This is being further pushed with the new UAE Central Bank’s AML CFT guidance for financial entities regarding their dealings with virtual asset service providers.