UAE based Chalhoub Group’s SOL3MATES future sneakers NFTs pre sale will be launched today on  May 4th while MasterCard has launched its Music Pass NFT Web3 training program for emerging musical artists and Music fans in the MENA region and Healthvarsity has launched the biggest GCC online learning platform for health professionals, using AI and NFT certificates built on blockchain technology.

Rijal Hikmatullah Co -Founder of SOL3MATES part of Chalhoub Group announced on LinkediN, “In just 3 days, SOL3MATES by Chalhoub Group is releasing a one-of-a-kind NFT that will be a game changer for the Industry. The NFTs are not just a digital asset, but an access pass to enter the SOL3MATES ecosystem that empowers sneaker designers, a community-centric platform and exclusive perks. Yes… we are releasing a physical sneaker with perks.”

The perks include access to SOL3MATES sneakers, free shipping, lifetime discounts, etc, in addition to partner perks which allow access to token gated benefits and membership perks with access to giveaways, and next SOL3MATES sneaker drop.

There will be only 10,000 NFTs for its first collection priced at 0.03 ETH which can also be purchased at luxury NFT marketplace Exclusible.

“We are a sneaker brand first, and an NFT project second,” stated Nick Vinckier, Head of Corporate Innovation at Chalhoub Group and Founder of SOL3MATES. “Our aim is to create the sneaker brand of the future born from web3 technology and mechanics such as gamification, community and decentralization. The entire customer journey is created in such a way where we merge the best of the virtual and physical experience. With the launch of our first collection, and all future collections, our focus is on adding value to our community over time.”

Each SOL3MATES sneaker will be equipped with an NFC tag linking the physical shoe with blockchain-enabled authentication to track the sneaker ownership and providing more product information to the end user. And the SOL3MATES community will get access to rare sneaker giveaways, hype sneakers at retail, free SOL3MATES merchandise, meetups and more.

Additionally Mastercard Music Pass NFT is now available for music fans from Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa and around the world. These fans can participate with the limited release Mastercard Music Pass NFT being minted on Polygon

Music Pass NFT unlocks access to exclusive content and experiences from the Mastercard Artist Accelerator. The unique program will prepare five emerging musical artists from around the world with the tools and skills to harness Web3 technologies to reimagine their creative processes and grow their careers in the digital economy. Artists will learn how to use Web3 tools to create original tracks, which will be redeemable as NFTs as well as performed live by the artists in a special showcase.

Nigerian R&B/Afrobeats record producer and songwriter LeriQ join four other musicians from around the world for the Mastercard Artist Accelerator: Cocoa Sarai, a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn; Vietnamese American-singer Emily Vu; Manu Manzo, a Latin pop artist from Venezuela; and Young Athena, a London-based R&B soul singer and BRIT School alumna. The participating artists represent a range of genres and backgrounds and were chosen because of their unique story, sound and inclusion-focused mindset.

“One of the incredible things about Web3 technologies, and NFTs in particular, are the way in which they offer creators more flexibility and ownership of their content, while generating exciting new ways for fans to engage with their art,” said Beatrice Cornacchia, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, EEMEA. “The Mastercard Artist Accelerator program and Mastercard Music Pass give us an opportunity to harness NFTs for both of these exciting purposes, while helping to support some of the most vibrant, diverse young artists in the world today.”

The Mastercard Music Pass NFT is being minted on the Polygon blockchain and is free to redeem until 8 May.

Healthvarsity edtech venture launched the biggest GCC online learning platform for health professionals, using AI and NFT certificates built on blockchain technology. It will offer more than 200 courses for up skilling doctors nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and aspiring medical students, among others.  On completion of each course, they receive a certificate on blockchain to maintain security and authenticity.

Going forward, the platform will also introduce features such as an AI-based Virtual Instructor, AI-based Virtual Mentor and AI-based Virtual Assessor.