With a presence in RAK DAO in Rask Al Khaimah UAE, Vault Hill, a tech entity that leverages blockchain and AI has announced its acceptance into the ThirdWeb SuperChain accelerator. ThirdWeb SuperChain accelerator is co founded by serial entrepreneur Steven Bartlett.

As per the press release, this milestone marks a significant leap forward in Vault Hill’s commitment to advancing blockchain technology and expanding its innovative ecosystem.

As part of its participation in the Superchain accelerator program, Vault Hill will gain access to an array of advanced blockchain and gaming development kits, alongside expert guidance from some of the leading minds in the tech industry. This initiative is set to enhance Vault Hill’s developmental capabilities, enabling quicker deployment of new features and improvements across its platforms.

The gaming development toolkit provided by ThirdWeb is particularly crucial for Vault Hill’s strategic expansion into blockchain-based gaming. These tools are designed to streamline the creation and integration of gaming applications, making them a key component in Vault Hill’s 2024 strategic direction.

Tayo Kalejaiye, Head of Gaming at Vault Hill, comments on the toolkit’s significance: “The integration of ThirdWeb’s gaming development toolkit is instrumental to our 2024 roadmap. It not only enhances our capability to develop cutting-edge gaming solutions but also aligns perfectly with our strategic direction, pushing us towards becoming a leader in blockchain gaming innovation.”

“This acceptance into the ThirdWeb Superchain is not just a recognition of Vault Hill’s potential but also a crucial opportunity to leverage cutting-edge resources that will propel our technological advancement,” said Jimi Daodu, CEO of Vault Hill. “We are poised to set new standards in blockchain applications, benefiting both our community of users and our investors.”

Saudi Arabia gets a new Web3 deep tech accelerator through its recent partnership with Outlier Ventures. The Saudi National Technology Development Program (NTDP) and Outlier Ventures announced a new accelerator program in the MENA region, which marks the inception of the first deep tech web3 accelerator program in Riyadh. The accelerator will kick off later in 2024.

The MOU ( Memorandum of Understanding) aims to catalyze the growth of Web3 ecosystem Kingdom, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 for technological and economic diversification.

The initiative seeks to nurture the most promising web3 startups within KSA, providing them with access to Outlier Ventures’ extensive expertise on critical aspects such as product development, entity structuring, and token design.

Startups selected for this accelerator program will benefit from mentorship by leading figures in the web3 domain and potential investment opportunities, a crucial step towards establishing a robust infrastructure for technological innovation in Saudi Arabia.

Outlier Ventures has developed partnerships with over 300 startups worldwide.

Stephan Apel, Outlier Ventures CEO and Founding Partner, noted, “We are honoured to partner with the National Technology Development Program (NTDP) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Under Vision 2030, the rapid pace of change and development is visible across all sectors of the economy. The achievements are testimony to the level of dedication and focus driving the Kingdom forward. Our strategic collaboration underscores our joint dedication to nurturing technological progress. We are looking forward to bringing our 10 years’ experience, in-house world-class expertise and track record of helping Web3 startups develop, to help build out the Web3 ecosystem in Saudi Arabia, providing support to early-stage entrepreneurs.”

While Mr. Ibrahim Neyaz, the CEO of the NTDP added, “We are thrilled to partner with Outlier Ventures to achieve the goals of this partnership by working together to support the ecosystem of technology startups in Saudi Arabia. This partnership reinforces our commitment to advancing technology and fostering innovation in Saudi Arabia. By harnessing their extensive global expertise and advanced capabilities in the Web3 industry, Outlier Ventures will bring tangible value and make significant contributions to enhancing the Kingdom’s technological infrastructure. This, in turn, will facilitate technological growth and innovation across various sectors. We eagerly anticipate achieving mutual success and cultivating a robust relationship that benefits all parties involved.”

Prior to this announcement, The Hashgraph Association (THA) launched a $250 million DeepTech Venture Studio in Riyadh. The proposed venture studio is dedicated to nurturing innovation in deep technology sectors such as AI, DLT, robotics, IoT, VR, and quantum computing.