Fastex, a crypto exchange, payments gateway and ecommerce platform, has set up an office in Dubai World Trade Center, as it seeks a license from Dubai’s virtual asset regulatory authority (VARA). Fastex has already received initial approval from VARA.

As per the press release, Fastex chose the office because of its proximity to VARA. As stated, “This proximity enhances Fastex’s ability to work closely with the authority and expedite the licensing process as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP). In addition to the office opening, Fastex has received initial approval from VARA to conduct Broker-Dealer and Exchange operations, highlighting its commitment to regulatory compliance.”

Vardan Khachatryan, the Chief Legal Officer and Member of the Board of Directors at Fastex, stated, “Opening our new Dubai World Trade Center office is a noteworthy step in Fastex’s growth strategy. This move underscores our commitment to adhering to industry standards and maintaining high-quality service in the digital asset field. Being located in the DWTC, close to VARA and other key industry participants, positions us well to offer reliable and regulated services to our clients.”

Fastex will be participating at the AIBC Summit in Dubai UAE. They announced on X platform that they were nominated for best exchange of the year award.

This comes as DKK Partners FZE, subsidiary of DKK Partners a fintech company also announced that it has been granted an initial approval by the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) for crypto brokerage dealer services.

So far more than 11 crypto exchanges have received licenses in UAE.

UAE Phoenix Group, a Web3 holding group, which has major investments in crypto mining, blockchain projects, and a UAE crypto exchange M2 has confirmed its acquisition valued at more than half a million dollars ($577,074) in one of its related parties, Phoenix Technology Solutions B.V. based out of the Netherlands.

As per Board decision documents, the Phoenix Group board believes that the acquisition will increase the company’s and group’s visibility in the European market and serve as a direct marketing medium in European market.

The acquired private company Phoenix Technology Solutions B.V. is located in Amsterdam and is active in the wholesale industry in computers, peripherals and software.

Phoenix Group has been investing heavily in several sectors over the past year. This is not the first half a billion investment, earlier this year UAE Phoenix Blockchain, crypto mining group purchased a total of $567 million of Bitcoin mining Hardware.

Phoenix Group PLC, also strategically invested in Lyvely, a UAE-based platform poised to reshape how creators and consumers interact and monetize online.

In November 2023 Phoenix Group, carried out the first crypto mining entity IPO in listing on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange.

Since then it has invested in M2 the first locally launched licensed crypto exchange out of Abu Dhabi UAE.

Phoenix Group has expanded its market presence with a crypto mining facility in Oman, and now seems to be expanding its presence and exposure in Europe.

Blockchain and Web3 Company, Sastanaqqam, has relocated its headquarters to Dubai UAE. It will be present at the One Central district in Dubai at the end of March.

One Central has become a pivotal hub for cryptocurrency enterprises, known for its state-of-the-art facility and a business-friendly regulatory environment. This district houses notable crypto entities like Bybit’s global headquarters and the, a hub for cryptographic and blockchain technologies.

Sastanaqqam’s relocation to One Central reflects its alignment with Dubai’s vision as a leader in technological advancement and financial innovation. “Our move to One Central isn’t just a relocation; it’s a strategic decision to integrate with a community at the forefront of blockchain and digital currencies,” said Azzi Mohamed Mbarek, COO of Sastanaqqam.

The decision to establish a base in One Central, alongside pioneering crypto platforms such as Deribit, underscores Sastanaqqam’s ambion to be at the forefront of the crypto revolution. Dubai’s One Central offers an environment ripe for collaboration, innovation, and growth, making it an ideal location for Sastanaqqam’s expansion.

In anticipation of this significant move, Sastanaqqam is ramping up its recruitment efforts, aiming to attract top talent in blockchain and fintech. The new office in One Central will be equipped with the latest technology and designed to foster innovation and collaboration.

Local businesses and the community in One Central are excited about Sastanaqqam’s arrival. “Sastanaqqam’s addion to One Central is not just a boost to our local economy; it also reinforces our status as a leading tech and financial hub,” shared One central business development team.

Established in 2021, Sastanaqqam is a company specializing in blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies, with a focus on integrating art, gaming, and DeFi to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem.

Creta, a Web3 metaverse gaming platform, has partnered with Lloyd Investment Group, a global private investment fund headquartered in Dubai, UAE in collaboration with Thomas Vu, legendary producer of League of Legends and Emmy Awards winner for Arcane, and Sangyoun Lee, CEO of Diverse, the development company of Creta to launch a $1 billion fund.

The partnership will establish a new fund, currently valued at $1 billion, aimed at propelling the growth of the Web3 gaming industry across the MENA region.

Lloyd Investment Group, known for its focus on energy, infrastructure, technology, and real estate sectors, recognizes the potential within Creta and is committed to leading the market across the MENA region in the entertainment and gaming sector.

The newly established fund will provide grants to emerging developers, enabling them to bring their game concepts to life. It will offer creative developers and startup studios the opportunity to access funding for the development of innovative game ideas, ultimately contributing to the success of the CRETA Platform. The launch of this USD$1 billion Fund underscores the growing importance of the Web 3.0 gaming industry and its potential to shape future social interactions, leisure activities, and work dynamics on the CRETA Platform.

CRETA’s ultimate goal is to unite a coalition of top-tier developers, creators, and producers, inviting them to contribute their high-quality creations to the platform. With a cutting-edge gaming and entertainment platform, Creta aims to lead the next generation of game and metaverse content industries.

The new fund aims to expand the Creta metaverse by developing content and cultivating a pool of skilled developers.

Creta, headquartered in the UAE with additional offices in Japan and Armenia, is spearheaded by Diverse, a Korean metaverse game developer renowned for its high-performance game engines and advanced graphics technology. Leveraging Locus Chain, a robust public blockchain, Creta offers a super-sized multiverse where multiple metaverses can seamlessly merge and expand, boasting photo-realistic visual quality.

Creta is a Web3-based multiverse gaming platform headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with a team of developers, publishers, and blockchain experts who have made a name for themselves in the global gaming industry. These include Ray Nakazato, a respected producer in the Japanese and global gaming industry, Alexander Harutyunyan, former CEO of European game publisher INNOVA, and CCR’s Seokho Yoon, who developed Korea’s national game Fortress. The partnership with Okamoto, the legendary game designer behind Street Fighter 2, Resident Evil, and Monster Strike, and Thomas Vu, producer of League of Legends and Emmy Award winner for Arcane, is expected to result in a world-class lineup of Web3 game titles.

The best companies that have ever existed are those that are built with conviction and passion, DRIFE is such a company. Based on the concept that centralization eventually equates to monopolization, the Founder of DRIFE, a decentralized ride hailing platform built on the Sui Blockchain, Firdosh Sheikh believes that both taxi drivers and their riders deserve a more transparent, secure, cost effective system that benefits both parties. Today with DRIFE being licensed in Dubai UAE that dream is now available in the UAE.

The dream behind DRIFE

DRIFE started and continues to be a personal journey. According to Firdosh, it all started during an UBER ride to an airport in India. As Firdosh explains, “I have always been a user of taxis as my means of transportation starting early on when I moved to Delhi for my studies, and then afterwards in Bangalore while I was working as a financial analyst. Yet one midnight drive to an airport changed everything.”

It was on that evening that the UBER driver had asked her to cancel the trip telling her he would take her at a much lower price. Asking him why, she discovered that UBER was taking 35% commission leaving him with a profit of less than 50% after cost.

After that drive, Firdosh began speaking to all the drivers she would use for rides. The same story emerged, high commissions, no health insurance, and a feeling that they were caught in a vicious circle and still struggling.

She spoke to 1000 drivers, and in the back of her mind she remembered how her father had started his career as a taxi driver, and how as a young girl she would wait patiently for his return while he worked hard to earn money for his family.

It is then she decided that she wanted to change this. She had read about how Bitcoin had offered freedom to the financial sector, and realized Blockchain could do the same for the mobility sector.

Firdosh calls it Taxi 3.0 for short. In her experience Taxi 1.0 was where people would book an unmetered taxi and agree the fare with the driver. Taxi 2.0 was where big tech got involved and everything moved to the platform. It was certainly a technical disruption and people could book and find a taxi with a couple of taps on their mobile phone.

DRIFE is Taxi 3.0.It is disrupting the disruptors of Taxi 1.0, the Taxi 2.0. While Taxi2.0 was a win because of technology, it eventually became a loss for the driver. As Firdosh explains, “In Taxi 3.0, the community, the market and the driver is in control not anyone else. The market sets the prices; there are no commissions, and only a subscription fee to use the platform, so that with every ride, the money belongs to them. This direct connection allows for more personalized and customized ride-hailing experiences, where riders can choose drivers based on specific criteria, such as driver rating, car type, and other preferences.”

DRIFE: The Web3 Taxi

DRIFE utilizes an array of technologies to offer TAXI 3.0. DRIFE has a patent pending auction based dynamic pricing model and removal of middlemen’s profit which contributes to lower prices for riders and higher earnings for drivers.

The platform and its application also utilize smart contracts, a tamper proof system that is resistant to fraud and hacking. This technology ensures that transactions are conducted in a secure and transparent manner, giving riders and drivers peace of mind when using the platform.

The use of blockchain technology, specifically Sui Blockchain in DRIFE’s platform further enhances the transparency of the pricing system, ensuring that riders and drivers can trust the pricing mechanisms. The blockchain also enables DRIFE to operate with a zero-commission structure.

The platform operates on the DRF token, which serves as the native currency for all transactions on the platform. DRF token has two different utilities in the ecosystem. Riders can use DRF tokens to make payments directly to the driver, while drivers can use DRF to pay for their subscription fees.

In addition, DRIFE’s governance structure is built on a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model. The DRIFE ecosystem is governed by a network of token holders who have a say in the decision-making processes. The DRF token gives every stakeholder voting rights and enables them to take part in the governance, ensuring that the community needs and priorities are addressed.

DRIFE even uses NFTs (Non fungible tokens). DRIFE Council NFT is their unique approach to uphold the idea of ‘decentralization’ through DAO Governance, which endeavors the growth of the DRIFE ecosystem and brings added value to the DRIFE community.

DRIFE Council members are a group of 200 members responsible for most approvals taking place in the DRIFE ecosystem, starting with approvals for proposal voting and franchise vetting and more. According to Firdosh, “The launch of DRIFE NFT is also a strong indication of our commitment to the utility of DRF (decentralized ride-hailing fuel). We believe that DRF has a bright future as a utility token, and it will continue to play a vital role in the DRIFE ecosystem. DRIFE NFT is an integral part of the DRIFE DAO Framework.”


In 2023 DRIFE achieved pivotal successes with licenses in Karnataka, India. At the end of 2023, DRIFE had over 350,000 users and 30,000+ drivers. Today DRIFE expands its operations to the UAE. DRIFE has been granted an e-hailing license.This groundbreaking achievement was made possible through the partnership with AASA Passenger Mobility Services LLC subsidiary of AASA Group, an affiliate of EII Capital (Formerly known as EMAAR Industries and Investments), DRIFE’s franchise partner in Dubai, who played a pivotal role in securing the license.

Firdosh explains, “We are very proud to have received an e-hailing license allowing us to compete against the likes of UBER and Careem which are both Taxi 2.0 mobile based taxi applications. It was not easy acquiring a license in the UAE; it took nine months because here everything is well systemized and organized. This had always been a dream of mine and very honored to see us here.”

Firdosh explains, “To start with, we will work with Limousine drivers, and then eventually we hope to get the RTA taxis on board. Riders can hail a DRIFE Taxi from Dubai and travel anywhere in the UAE.”

At present, bookings can only be made from within Dubai, so the next step according to Firdosh is to obtain a license from Sharjah as well.

In addition, DRIFE is still not utilizing its DRF token in the UAE as it needs approval from Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority. Firdosh states, “We are in the process of receiving approval from VARA to utilize our token, once received we will integrate it into the application.”

Drivers of DRIFE all go through an extensive KYC (Know your customer) process as well as extensive training.

The Future of DRIFE

As for the future of DRIFE not only globally but in MENA, Firdosh aims to expand DRIFE’s operations in India, and within the UAE. She then aims to acquire a license in Saudi Arabia.

Firdosh states, “We want to expand DRIFE across MENA and India, we are looking for partners in KSA because eventually we want to have a strong presence in the region.”

In the future DRIFE will be doing a fundraiser round but at the moment the focus is on the launch in the UAE. Firdosh explains, “My vision for DRIFE is for it to become a global phenomenon, impacting as many drivers as possible. In the end everyone can be part of DRIFE. For us, DRIFE is not just about WEB3 Taxi, but about solving all the problems in the mobility space.

Firdosh believes that drivers can contribute to building a decentralized mobility infrastructure, whether that includes maps or other infrastructure related solutions. This is one of the reasons DRIFE chose the Sui blockchain to be strategic partners to help build mobility specific use cases.

Over the past few months more and more Web3 and Blockchain companies have been hiring for managerial positions in the MENA and GCC region. One of the latest is the new Managing Director of Middle East and Africa for Ripple, Mr. Reece Merrick as well as Amir Tabch CEO for APAC and MENA at Liminal Custody Solutions.

In a LinkedIn post, Reece Merrick stated, “I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Managing Director, Middle East & Africa at Ripple!”

While Web3 entity, Liminal Custody Solutions (Liminal), the fastest-growing digital asset custody and wallet infrastructure provider in the APAC and MENA announced in a press release the appointment of Amir Tabch as its CEO for the Middle East region.

Mr. Tabch, a seasoned financial services executive and fintech pioneer, brings over two decades of experience in leading and scaling businesses across traditional and digital asset markets.

Prior to this, Mr. Tabch held senior leadership positions at SC Meta Markets, Emirates Investment Bank, and First Abu Dhabi Bank, where he honed his expertise in global markets, multi-asset trading, and regulatory compliance. He was also the Ex Copper Securities CEO.

Mr. Tabch’s appointment is part of Liminal’s strategic expansion in the Middle East and expansion of its custody offerings.

In addition Landvault appointed Muhammad Hamza as Landvault’s Vice President of Business GCC. Based in Dubai, Muhammad’s extensive expertise in artificial intelligence, metaverse technologies, and virtual development will further drive Landvault’s business strategy and oversee our international expansion in the GCC region. Landvault has built over 100 million square feet in virtual experiences for brands including Mastercard, Standard Chartered, Hershey, and more.

Even entities within the UAE are announcing new appointments, such as HUB71 which announced that Ahmad Ali Alwan has transitioned from Deputy Chief Executive Officer to Chief Executive Officer of Hub71 as of January 2024.

Alwan joined Hub71 as a founding member in 2019 and was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Hub71 in October 2022. Since then, Alwan has played a critical role in spearheading Hub71’s strategic development to become one of the region’s premier tech startup hubs supporting more than 260 startups that raised over AED 5 billion in capital.

His Excellency Ahmed Jasim Al Zaabi, Chairman of Hub71, said: “Within Abu Dhabi’s soaring ‘Falcon Economy’, Hub71’s transformative impact on the startup landscape is undeniable. Under the ambitious leadership of Hub71, startups globally have a destination where innovation thrives, and growth unlocks endless possibilities. Ahmad has witnessed Hub71 growth stages and played a pivotal role in building the global tech ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. The journey ahead is an exciting, and we are confident that his deep knowledge and experience in helping startups and founders grow and scale disruptive technology companies from the UAE will shape the future of Abu Dhabi’s tech ecosystem.”

In 2023 for example, Web3 Blockchain company, Circle appointed its Vice President for Middle East and Africa, Miriam Kiwan. Many others have been hired over the past two years, as both local and globaly players flock to the region.

VAP Group,  a leader in Web3 & Crypto Innovation, announced it will be hosting the biggest blockchain event in the heart of Dubai at Grand Hyatt Dubai from 16-17 April 2024, the Global Blockchain Show.

The Global Blockchain show will welcome more than 7000 attendees, 300 speakers, 120 sponsors, and 3000 firms who will unite from different regions of the world to network, learn, experience leadership sessions, and showcase their projects and products with a common goal of promoting blockchain and web3 industry.

Among the attendees and speakers, the Global Blockchain Show Dubai will have C-level executives, managers, consultants, corporates, investors, and even governments who will stand to gain valuable insights from this blockchain event and participate in networking opportunities to build collaborations and partnerships.

VAP Group has been leading the AI and Blockchain consulting domain for more than a decade now and is committed to promoting blockchain innovation among young entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts. The organization has strategically chosen Dubai for the GlobalBlockchainShow2024 as the city boasts a futuristic and innovative atmosphere with government support for the decentralized economy and a global blockchain hub that provides access to professionals and experts in this field.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from an esteemed lineup of industry leaders. Lennix Lai, the Chief Commercial Officer of OKX, brings over 15 years of crypto and financial expertise, leading OKX’s evolution into a DeFi and NFT powerhouse. Additionally, speakers like Alex Fazel of SwissBorg, David Palmer from Vodafone, will offer their insights on the transformative potential of blockchain across various sectors.

Vishal Parmar, the CEO of VAP Group, said, “At the Global Blockchain Show in Dubai, we’re shaping the future of Blockchain and Web3. Beyond gathering diverse insights, we’re uniting to drive industry transformation and shape tomorrow’s possibilities.”

There will be engaging networking opportunities and panel discussions on Blockchain advancements and production cases.

Among other Blockchain events, the Global Blockchain Show wins the race with its unique networking opportunities. While most events keep this session for the end of the show, the Global Blockchain Show will have networking sessions throughout the event starting from day one.

Global Blockchain Show Dubai is all set to be a powerhouse to craft engaging digital experiences and captivate global audiences where young entrepreneurs and investors can become trendsetters in their journey through the billion-dollar blockchain and crypto industry, which has recently become popular on exponential levels.

The event will also hold an exclusive after-party on the hottest beachfront of White Beach, Dubai, which features ultra-luxurious cabanas, restaurants, and infinity pools. Even during the after-party, attendees can build collaborations and partnerships with blockchain professionals and organizations to catapult development, drive growth, and create employment opportunities.

Secure your place today and become part of a global movement shaping the future of blockchain innovation. To book tickets:

Slowly but surely, the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) innovation hub has been welcoming Web3, Blockchain, AI entities and investor companies into their ecosystem. The DIFC Innovation Hub aims to have 500 entities by 2028.

So far they have welcomed in a dozen or more startups and investor partners. Most recently AI and Blockchain Company Mentat Technologies joined the AI &Web3 Campus. In November Mentat announced that it will develop an open source SAP connector and Enablement API to the Algorand blockchain.

Another company that has recently joined is Kodin Soft, which develops high tech software solution. The company is working on several projects including TELESCOPELIVE which empowers astrophotography and remote imaging allowing space enthusiasts to experience the night sky like never before.

Even Avail, a Blockchain project spun off of Polygon in 2023 aiming to handle data storage and verification for blockchains, which launched the data attestation bridge test net to secure data off-chain has joined. The bridge connected to Ethereum, and can be used by both zero-knowledge and optimistic rollups that use Ethereum as a base layer.

Avail aims to be a solution for layer 2s and 3s to publish data off-chain, to reduce the high transaction fees that often come from posting data on the main Ethereum blockchain.

Other companies joining include HoloFair, a metaverse platform. HoloFair facilitates seamless integration of gamification, e-commerce, and interactive elements, ensuring an immersive and data-rich metaverse experience.

Even AI startup Zarqa, incubated by SingularityNET, and specializing in Neural Symbolic Large Language Models (#LLMs) has come on board.. Leveraging engineering expertise, Zarqa pioneers the next generation of LLMs with scaled neural-symbolic AI, reflecting technical innovation and steadfast leadership.

CyberNet AI also joined the Dubai AI & Web3 Campus. Cybernet pioneers virtual voice robot services through a seamless SaaS model, featuring AIDOS, an Artificial Intelligence Dialog Operating System. Offering versatile applications in debt collection, NPS surveys, and telemarketing, Cybernet’s solution boasts an impressive 82% collection efficiency while reducing operational costs by 1.5 times.

Then there are the incubators and investors that have joined the AI Web3 campus at DIFC Innovation Hub. Metafour Labs has come in dedicated to elevating early-stage tech ventures specializing in blockchain, and Web3. The company provides strategic advisory services for successful launches and scaling.

Ibtikar a business consultancy firm for Web3 joined. While DIFC Innovation Hub and AI Web3 campus partnered with Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), MENA venture capital firm dedicated to supporting innovative tech companies in the Middle East.

In addition to those mentioned above many other entities have joined the Web3 AI Campus as DIFC issues commercial licenses at 90% subsidies.  DIFC aims towards having a vibrant ecosystem of DLT, AI, and Web3 entities.

According to DIFC, “The initiative aims to propel Dubai’s journey towards becoming a digital society, fostering collaboration, innovation, and global talent attraction.”

The AI and Web 3.0 Campus aspires to become the MENA region’s largest hub for AI and Web3 companies. With a goal of hosting over 500 high-tech companies by 2028, it envisions bringing in $300 million in funds and creating over 3,000 jobs within five years.

Mohammad Alblooshi, CEO of the DIFC Innovation Hub , states that these licenses will elevate Dubai’s position as a preferred destination for tech-focused companies, driving world-class talent and diversified investments to the region.

Maybe this is why South Korean game developer, Wemade, and UAE DIFC Innovation Hub partnered to build WEMIX Play web3 gaming community to support Dubai Program for Gaming 2033.

UAE based MADA Capital, a private investment fund has partnered with Web3 metaverse gaming platform Creta in its ecosystem growth fund.

As per the news release, Mada Capital actively participated in the fund at an early stage, being deeply impressed by Creta’s vision and technological prowess, which outshine competitors.

Creta, alongside Mada Capital, aim to  collaboratively lead the advancement of the web3 and gaming metaverse industries in the global market. Together, they aim to grow the fund, discover and support outstanding producers and content, and expand Creta’s ecosystem by fostering cooperation and nurturing technology.

The ultimate goal of CRETA is to form a coalition of world-class developers, creators, and producers, where numerous creators join and contribute their high-level creations. The company is building a new comprehensive gaming entertainment platform that will lead the next generation game/metaverse content industry.

The Creta Growth Fund aims to accomplish this by expanding the Creta metaverse in several ways, including the creation of content and a pool of talented developers. In doing so, it will bring a large number of talented Web3 developers and content into the Creta ecosystem. Numerous game developers, creators, and producers that the Creta Growth Fund will identify and collaborate with will not only increase the content lineup but will also allow Creta to go beyond the expectations of numerous game fans and creators early on. This will create synergies in PR, marketing, and community outreach that far exceed the size of the fund. As a result, as the ecosystem grows, the number of creators will grow, and their content output will further circulate and expand the Creta ecosystem.

Following the recent agreement, MADA Capital has committed to actively participate in the fund raising process for the Creta Growth Fund to include multi-billion dollar investments.

With big names like gaming legend Yoshiki Okamoto and genius producer Thomas Vu on board and with many more influential developers and producers joining, the launch of the Growth Fund is expected to accelerate the rapid expansion of Creta’s content and developer partnerships. The fund will also accelerate the acquisition of AAA titles, and catalyze the rapid growth of the ultimate Creta ecosystem, which is an ever-expanding, ever-circulating collection of worlds, multiverses, games, creator tools, and community SuperClub.

Creta is a global Web3 metaverse gaming platform headquartered in the UAE with offices in Japan and Armenia. The development of the Creta platform is led by Diverse, a Korean metaverse game developer specializing in high-performance game engines and excellent graphics technology.

The Web3-based metaverse gaming platform uses Locus Chain, public blockchain, and unlike traditional metaverses, it implements a super-sized multiverse where numerous metaverses can be combined and expanded with photo-realistic visual quality. In particular, Creta can significantly reduce infrastructure costs using the high-performance blockchain mainnet Locus Chain to replace most of the role of servers in online games.

Salah Alwaheb, Chairman of MADA Capital, said: “We are delighted to partner with Creta as it grows to become the dominant player in the next generation web3 gaming/metaverse platform market. The Creta Growth Fund will be backed by MADA Capital’s large funds, as well as royal families and high net-worth individuals from the Middle East.”

UAE decentralized ecommerce platform, Ayshei ( Aya Shee in Arabic), backed by Medad Holding will be launching in early 2024 as the first fully enabled Web3 AI marketplace.

Ayshei will incorporate cutting-edge features such as online auctions, virtual stores, delivery services, and AI technology, among other distinctive solutions as part of its decentralized ecommerce platform.

CEO of Ayshei, Mohammed Shaiba Al Mazrouei, emphasized that represents more than just a marketplace—it signifies the dawn of a new era for online commerce in the UAE. Al Mazrouei stated that the platform empowers businesses, fosters innovation, and creates a thriving community. As the first platform to provide full transparency on fee structures and onboarding processes, Ayshei invites users to become early adopters and join the Ayshei Community, a space where limitless opportunities await.

Ayshei is positioning itself as a market enabler for SMEs, startups, and home businesses. The platform will offer an all-in-one virtual store, providing essential services such as a trade license, bank account, payment gateway, logistics (including end-to-end self-storage), and delivery. This approach aims to empower businesses to establish and flourish in the digital realm.

Being a decentralized platform leveraging web3 technology, Ayshei prioritizes user security and transparency. The platform implements multiple security measures, including profile verification through Emirates ID, UAE Pass integration, high-value product authentications, advanced transaction monitoring, property and car inspections.

The platform will offer intelligent solutions in real estate, auctions, and other domains.