Vault Hill blockchain with its offices in Ras El Khaimah UAE, has launched its digital ecosystem Vault Hill 3.0 at the AIM Congress in Abu Dhabi. The system is set to redefine the integration of gaming, artificial intelligence (AI), and immersive social experiences. This upgrade goes beyond a simple refresh, introducing a re-engineered platform that is poised to become a central hub for digital innovation, mainly focusing on enriching the technological terrain of Africa.

Vault Hill has crafted interactive spaces where users worldwide, and especially in Africa, can engage, create, and explore within a richly immersive environment. “With Vault Hill 3.0, our focus sharpens on empowering the African community, harnessing advanced technologies to propel regional development and connect the continent to global digital trends”, says Jimi Daodu, CEO of Vault Hill.

Step into the future of gaming with VH Games, where blockchain technology meets immersive gameplay. “VH Games introduces a tokenized economy, utilizing tokens to blend play with real value creation, providing gamers not just entertainment but also economic opportunities within our expansive digital realms,” says Tayo Kalejaiye, Head of Gaming at Vault Hill.

Also introduced is Hilda an AI partner that serves as a dynamic companion for businesses and government agencies, facilitating sophisticated digital strategies and enhancing customer interactions with predictive analytics and personalized service.