In a recent blog post by CoinW, a crypto exchange, the company unilaterally announced that it has received an initial approval from Dubai Virtual Asset regulatory Authority. According to CoinW this is a significant step in their global expansion which will lead to substantial investments in the UAE market and MENA region.

As per the post the initial approval from VARA means that CoinW will be able to operate its regional business in Dubai within the newly announced regulatory framework and serve as its foundation for operation in the region.

Sonia Shaw the Global Cooperation Director of CoinW based out of UAE, commented that the UAE is growing into an important global cryptocurrency hub, with Dubai being the first global economy to establish a dedicated regulatory authority for the virtual asset industry. It is foreseeable that the cryptocurrency business in the Middle East will thrive in the coming years.

She states, “CoinW is optimistic about the potential of this city and the future opportunities it offers. We look forward to working with VARA and other local authorities to further invest in Dubai and promote the development of the virtual asset industry in the Middle East.”

CoinW has been dedicated to compliant operation since its inauguration in 2017. To date, CoinW has obtained various crypto-related compliant licenses in multiple countries and regions, including the US MSB financial license, Canadian MAB license, Lithuanian financial regulatory license, SVGFSA license, and others. This preliminary approval from VARA marks another important milestone for CoinW in terms of regulatory compliance and accelerates its strategic positioning for global expansion.

Crypto exchange, MaskEX has unilaterally announced receiving an initial approval from Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) to begin making preparations for its launch in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It also will be opening its headquarters in Dubai and hiring. 

As per the announcement, the approval represents a major milestone for MaskEX, which has been working tirelessly to expand its presence in the Middle East and bring the benefits of virtual assets to a wider audience.

MaskEX will begin finalizing its entity incorporation, engage banking services, hire more staff in Dubai for its soon-to-be-opened headquarters office, and take the necessary steps to become the first regulated exchange in the UAE.

The services and activities MaskEX has applied for include exchange, lending and borrowing, broker-dealer, and virtual asset management and investment services, with the aim of obtaining VARA’s highly acclaimed FMP license. This license will enable MaskEX to operate in and from Dubai while upholding its commitment to regulatory compliance, customer protection, and innovation. 

“We are extremely proud and grateful to have received initial approval from VARA, which is a testament to our commitment to meeting the highest regulatory standards,” said Eric Yang, CEO of MaskEX. “We believe that our platform will provide users in the UAE with a safe, reliable, and efficient way to access the world of virtual assets, and we look forward to launching as soon as possible, while strictly adhering to the requirements laid out by VARA.”

“The initial approval from VARA is a major milestone for us, and is of great significance not just for the UAE but for the entire MENA region,” said Ben Caselin, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of MaskEX. “We look forward to working closely with the regulatory authorities to ensure that our platform meets all necessary requirements and provides a secure and transparent environment for our users.”

The Dubai based Q9 Capital, which had announced a month ago unilaterally announced that they had received a provisional virtual asset approval from Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) are now listed on Dubai VARA ( Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority) website under Native crypto content/ DLT platform. Q9 is listed along with Calvin Cheng Web 3.0 Holding and Woonkly Labs.

This had taken some time, as Q9 Capital had announced that they had received a provisional approval in October 2022. But looking at VARA website, it seems Q9 has received a DLT or crypto content preliminary approval. 

As per Q9 press release the company is a crypto investment management platform offering capabilities to crypto and TradFi firms.

Q9 had stated that this approval came as it expanded into the UAE and applied for a full operating license in accordance with VARA requirements.  As per the release, Q9 products and strategies can be created and executed on Q9’s platform, such as systematic investment portfolios and white-labeled offerings, within VARA’s framework and distributed globally in an automated, transparent, regulated and compliant manner.

The release added, the full operating license, once received, will allow Q9 to extend products and services to qualified investors and financial service providers. Q9 will also establish a regional hub in Dubai to contribute to developing the ever-expanding virtual asset ecosystem both in Dubai and globally.

The press release from Q9 had noted that the provisional approval is a major milestone that follows a number of registrations for Q9’s local entities in Hong Kong and Dubai. As a regulation-led platform with robust compliance and security controls that have consumer protection and market integrity at its core, the registration further strengthens Q9’s position.

James Quinn, Managing Partner of Q9, noted “Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority is a testament to the country’s forward-looking stance on digital assets and its willingness to support the industry through collaboration. We look forward to participating in the authority’s robust compliance framework and continue building partnerships as we expand our presence in Dubai to roll out additional services and enhanced products for the region.”