During the recent Token 2049 Dubai event, stc Bahrain, a telecom operator and digital enabler, partnered with Ava Labs to advance the progress of Web3 in the region. By launching an Avalanche Subnet as part of its Web3 Launchpad Program, stc Bahrain is striving to accelerate the adoption and expansion of blockchain across the Middle East.

Avalanche has been selected as the Qala’a Path Partner and Industry Ambassador. The Qala’a Path is named after a UNESCO heritage site, Qala’a al-Bahrain (Bahrain Fort), emblem of strength and intercultural confluence. The partnership aims to build a foundation for Web3 in the region.

stc Bahrain is a subsidiary of stc group, with a brand valued at $13.9B. stc has a track record of innovation, highlighted by the initiatives of deploying the world’s largest undersea cable (linking Europe, Africa, and Asia) and the development of the region’s first integrated data center park, which covers 55,000 square meters.

Now, stc Bahrain will be using Avalanche to catalyze the region’s Web3 development.

To stc Bahrain, Avalanche stands out for its near-instant transaction finality, high throughput, and robust Subnet architecture allowing for the development of customized solutions. Subnet performance and flexibility will prove key to the sweeping initiative, as stc Bahrain’s launchpad aims to establish a regional ecosystem consisting of a range of dApps – all while maintaining high performance and security.

As an Avalanche builder, supporter, and official ambassador in MENA, stc Bahrain will spur the greater adoption of Web3 on Avalanche in the region. This will entail fostering innovation and driving community engagement via co-marketing, conferences, hackathons, and related efforts.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Avalanche, leveraging their groundbreaking technology to elevate our Web3 infrastructure,” said Saad Odeh, Chief Wholesale Officer at stc Bahrain. “Deploying an Avalanche Subnet is a testament to our dedication to leading digital transformation and innovation in the region.”

“We are honored to align with stc Bahrain to expand Avalanche’s presence in the Middle East and North Africa,” said John Nahas, SVP of BD at Ava Labs. “Subnets have the performance and flexibility needed for stc Bahrain to cultivate a powerful Web3 ecosystem, and for the people of these regions to benefit from cutting-edge blockchain applications. This launch coincides with our larger plans for the MENA region which are upcoming.”

stc Bahrain has been forging partnerships with major Web3 and Blockchain entities with the most recent being DePin infrastructure provider Aleph Zero.