Bitlayer the first Layer 2 solution offering Bitcoin-equivalent security and Turing completeness built on BitVM has partnered with Dubai Blockchain Center, at the heals of their participation in Dubai’s Token 2049.

As per the press release, Bitlayer aims to bring secure scalability to the Bitcoin ecosystem, promoting asset diversity and spurring innovation for a faster, safer, and more flexible user experience.

Bitlayer states, “This milestone marks a seminal collaboration between titans of the blockchain industry. As the Bitlayer team heads to Dubai for Token 2049, we’re honored to have partnered with an incredibly key company paving the way in blockchain.”

The partnership between Dubai Blockchain Center and Bitlayer seeks to provide a truly global hub for blockchain companies, focusing on providing blockchain education and training. The Bitlayer and Dubai Blockchain center are welcoming projects.

Recently Stc Bahrain, the Saudi Telecom subsidiary in Bahrain, announced it would be operating nodes on Core Chain Bitcoin Layer 1 blockchain. Stc Bahrain has partnered with Core Chain DAO as part of its Web3 launchpad initiative.