UAE based Match Systems, a cyber security company specializing in AML (Anti Money Laundering) services, blockchain investigations, implementation of compliance procedures for cryptocurrency projects around the world has recovered $68 million of stolen Bitcoin crypto assets from Cryptex.

The incident occurred on May 3rd 2024, when a “dust” attack on cryptex exchange targeted a crypo whales resulting in the theft of 1,155.28 Bitcoins worth $68 million.

The stolen tokens were received by an unknown scammer to the address  0xd9A1C3788D81257612E2581A6ea0aDa244853a91, from which the funds were moved to the address 0xfB5bcA56A3824E58A2c77217fb667AE67000b7A6. After which the stolen funds began to be distributed in parts to several scammer’s addresses.

The victim immediately sought assistance from Match Systems. As a result of promptly conducted work, the assets were found and returned to the crypto whale in full in just a week.

As per the press release, this incident perfectly demonstrates that promptly contacting specialists in case of theft of crypto assets significantly increases the chances of the crypto fraud victim to get them back. Moreover, the earlier the victim seeks help, the higher the probability of getting the stolen funds back in full.

According to Match Systems the company provides unique information about cryptocurrency addresses involved in illegal activities, enabling them to protect participants of crypto market from blockages and losses.

In addition the company offers Compliance  & AML, Blockchain investigations (digital assets recovery), due Diligence, forensics/assets tracing (crypto and fiat), multi-account abuse detection and education.

In the past Match Systems had completed 23 cases retrieving $15 million. Examples of some of these cases, include Revil where damages amounted to $100 million and retrieved asset were $0.7 million, Hydra where damages amounted to $1.3 billion and retrieved assets found $3.2 million.

In the UAE, Match Systems works with UAE government including criminal investigation department, and digital forensics department.