Throughput™ , the first Saudi Arabian engineered Layer 0 Blockchain/DLT infrastructure has been launched with the aim of reshaping the Web3 and gaming industry with state-of-the-art technological solutions to developers worldwide.

Throughput™ is led by Yasser Alobaidan, with co-founders Assad Dar of MoonGaming Studio and Alvin Reyes, former Chief Architect at Protocol Labs(Filecoin).

Throughput introduced “Ledger as a Service” , a game-changing approach in blockchain technology. A single process manages multiple ledgers across blockchains offering secure and efficient management.

As per the medium post, designed ground up, Throughput™ addresses game developers’ and players’ unique needs and challenges, setting the stage for creating the world’s most engaging and sophisticated games.

Throughput™, aims to offer a robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure that caters specifically to the dynamic requirements of modern gaming. Throughput offers gamers and developers blockchain technology that easily allows them to set up their networks. It also supports the management of multiple ledgers into a single system.

In addition it allows for the sharing of a portion of transaction fees with originating wallet service providers and applications, while incorporating quantum resistant cryptography to safeguard against future threats.

Throughput also adds that it enables gamers to secure loans with digital assets while maintaining ownership and facilitates in game economies with a focus on asset ownership and exchange.

Yasser Alobaidan, Co Founder of Throughput comments, “Throughput™ is more than just technology; it’s our commitment to transforming the gaming experience. By blending cutting-edge blockchain solutions with Saudi Arabia’s vibrant talent, we’re not just creating games. We’re setting the stage for the future of gaming globally. We’re excited to lead this journey and invite everyone to join us in this revolution,”

Plans are in place to establish a dedicated hub in Saudi Arabia to nurture game development, attracting the world’s top talent to collaborate and innovate, pushing Riyadh to the forefront of Web3 advancements.