Abu Dhabi-based BT Commerce a Bridgetower SPV entity that offers institutional grade digital asset platforms to facilitate the growth of AI and Blockchain in the Middle East, has partnered with AIREV, an Abu Dhabi-based pioneer in AI solutions, to converge the transformative technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to drive global adoption across public and private markets.

BT Commerce and AIREV will collaborate on a comprehensive range of AI services leveraging blockchain and Web3 technologies. Their focus is to tackle fundamental challenges facing AI thereby ensuring data verification, establishing AI proof-of authenticity, and facilitating global distribution over secure private networks. This includes AI modeling, Large Language Models (LLM), AI GPU compute, and the distribution of sensitive data customized to fulfill the unique requirements of their clientele.

BT Commerce, headquartered in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), brings over $250 million of delegated assets for turnkey staking, as well as extensive expertise operating blockchain node validation for the world’s largest blockchains.

As per the medium post, BT Commerce will utilize its proprietary Web3 Commerce Platform to provide customers with customized marketplaces that are fortified by more than 25 years of digital asset, capital deployment, and business operations experience. The company also brings vast resources made available through its local Abu Dhabi and global partnerships.

“I am thrilled about our partnership with Bridgetower and BT Commerce,” said Muhammed Khalid Founder of AIREV. “This collaboration marks a significant milestone, setting a global benchmark in blockchain and AI integration. Together, we’re poised to drive innovation and growth not only in the GCC but worldwide, propelling us towards a future of transformative digital success.”

“We are excited to enter into partnership with AIREV — a fellow Abu Dhabi company — and contribute to the rapidly growing digital asset, blockchain, and AI explosion that has occurred in the UAE over the past two years,” said BT Commerce CEO Cory Pugh. “This region is leading the way globally and we believe Blockchain/AI solutions from AIREV powered by BT Commerce and the broader Bridgetower family will have a broad and lasting impact.”

In addition to augmenting AIREV’s existing 3 million School Hack users, the companies will work together on AIREV’s ONDEMAND platform that revolutionizes generative AI product development with its easy-to-use interface, a plethora of plugin offerings and AI agents for swift customization and integration. The ONDEMAND platform enables businesses to rapidly deploy sophisticated AI solutions, slashing development time and complexity to deliver innovative GEN AI products.