As Cardano Foundation gears up for its upcoming Cardano Summit which will be held once again in Dubai UAE between October 23rd-24th, Cardano news is buzzling in the UAE, with the announcement that the UAE police have piloted Cardano blockchain.

As per Cardano press release, the decision to host the Cardano Summit in Dubai once again pays homage to the city’s rich tradition of facilitating commerce and connectivity, plus driving forward technological innovation. Dubai has consistently ranked as one of the world’s most influential crypto hubs, with an encompassing blockchain strategy that makes the city a key region for the blockchain sector. By hosting the Summit in Dubai for the second year, the Cardano community will have the opportunity to tap into the innovation showcased at the Summit last year, strengthening connections, and building new relationships in one of the nerve centers of the blockchain world.

In addition, Cardano in its press release made it clear that Dubai in particular has deployed Blockchain in several key sectors. The Cardano Foundation’s CEO, Frederik Gregaard, commenting on the importance of the Summit 2024, said: “This is shaping up to be an exciting year for blockchain, with adoption across a wide range of sectors growing significantly. Dubai, in particular, has deepened the strategic deployment of blockchain in several key sectors, and we are thrilled to host the Cardano Summit in Dubai for the second time. Year on year, the Summit has proven to be invaluable in building connections, consolidating relationships, and catalyzing innovation.”

This comes at the heels of the announcement made by Chris O, the Founder of the Cardano GhostFund DAO, that Dubai police had submitted a Cardano based pilot project holding data management capabilities. As per Chris O’s X statement, “The project analyzed the secure sharing of sensitive data related to criminal investigations with authorities such as Interpol. The presentation of the Cardano integrated project highlighted the high level of security involved in sharing the scans of bullets in concrete obtained through an advanced scanner. Using the blockchain, significant forensic information was distributed safely among international stakeholders worldwide.”

He adds, “The blockchain ensures that the data is not tampered with and can be tracked among various stakeholders. This is an ideal use case for blockchain & Cardano. Ensuring data can be securely shared and managed in a decentralized network is becoming more and more relevant in industries from energy, defense to IoT.”

Few days earlier on March 4th 2024, EMURGO Africa, the investment and commercial arm of Cardano in Africa, announced the launch of EMURGO Labs, a dedicated development entity for emerging Web3 technologies. EMURGO Labs is designed to support the growth of established and nascent Web2 and Web3 organizations. EMURGO Labs is set to spearhead the digital transformation across borders, leveraging the transformative power of the Cardano blockchain.

Adaverse, a Cardano focused accelerator that supports Web3 and blockchain solutions with funding, mentorship and tech infrastructure, has signed an MOU with Saudi based ASFA Ventures to drive Web3 innovation in KSA and beyond.

ASFA ventures is a ventures capital builder that focuses on technology ventures, Web3 technologies. It has already invested in Saudi projects such as AqarToken, and Tokenha. In the meantime, Adaverse has funded 40+ startups across Africa, Asia and beyond.

As per the statement on X, “We’re excited to announce Adaverse has signed an MOU with ASFA Ventures to drive Web3 innovation in Saudi Arabia and beyond. This partnership will empower startups, together we advance tech landscape across MENA.”

The MOU between Adaverse and ASFA plans to boost start up growth, drive Web3 innovation and empower technology advancement.

Adaverse adds, “This marks a pivotal step towards propelling Web3 innovation in Saudi Arabia. Together with ASFA Ventures, we’re on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and set new benchmarks in the digital landscape across MENA.”

Earlier this year, Adaverse invested in Saudi based Blockchain Fintech startup Takadao. This came at the heels of Adaverse’s expansion into Saudi Arabia with the opening of an office in Riyadh. Adaverse became the first venture capital fund in the KSA to specialize in Web3 and blockchain early-stage investing. In 2024, the company plans on investing $10 million in local Saudi Web3 startups.

Egyptian founded and UAE based Pravica, a blockchain company offering decentralized private messaging and community group solutions, has secured a funding investment from Adaverse Cardano Ecosystem Accelerator and venture capitalist. Adaverse aggregates entrepreneurs, strategists and mentors building its most robust foundation in Africa and Asia.

The investment will be used to support the company’s growth and development, including its efforts to expand its chain-agnostic web3 messaging platform that enables users from different blockchains to communicate in a truly end-to-end encrypted (E2EE), open source and decentralized environment.

“Pravica empowers users to take control of their own encryption keys and protect their privacy on the new user-owned Internet” said Mohamed Abdou, CEO of Pravica. “This investment from Adaverse will help us bring our unique approach to secure communication to a wider audience.”

In September 2022, Pravica launched the first DcFi ( Decentralized Communications and Finance platform) under the name Pravica Club. 

Adaverse, a leading investor in blockchain technology, sees the potential for Pravica’s chain-agnostic platform in the market. 

Adaverse is a collaborative initiative between EMURGO and Everest Ventures Group to support blockchain founders with funds, mentorship, and tech infrastructure to scale Web3 Solutions. 

Shogo Ishida, Co-CEO for the Middle East & Africa at EMURGO Africa, commented “Adaverse and EMURGO are excited to support Pravica’s vision of a decentralized, secure communications system built on the blockchain. Both in Africa and across the world, recent market events have highlighted the importance of security and confidentiality in the Web3 space. Pravica provides one of the first tangible solutions to this issue, and Adaverse is glad to be joining their journey with strategic mentorship and tools for growth on the Cardano blockchain.”

The funding from Adaverse will enable Pravica to continue to develop and expand its chain-agnostic messaging platform, enabling secure communication for users across different blockchains.

Prior to the investment from both EMURGO Africa and Adaverse Pravica had received investment from 500 Startups fund. 

In addition Pravica had made some impressive new hiring announcements. Bedie Moran has joined as the Chief Operating Officer of Pravica. Bedie brings a wealth of experience in Fintech working as a management consultant for KPMG Consulting and as head of the strategy team for E-trade Financial. More recently Bedie has focused his attention on supporting digital startups in Africa and the Middle East.

Pravica also announced the appointment of Alejandro Criado-Pérez as their new Chief Technology Officer. Alejandro Criado-Pérez brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of blockchain, having previously worked as Tech lead at Stacks Foundation.

One of the key projects that Alejandro will be working on is Pravica Club.