GenomeFi, a specialized Web3 Blockchain and AI platform providing Decentralized Identity (DID) services based on individual genetic characteristics using NFTs, has acquired a business license and a free zone license within the Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) in Dubai, UAE.

Using AI technology, GenomeFi facilitates genetic information-based NFTs to provide identity verification services reflecting individual genetic characteristics. It aims to expand the ecosystem where DID services and genomic information are available across the spectrum, from genomics to biotechnology. GenomeFi also seeks to establish an incentive system using blockchain technology and encourage mass adoption of genomic content.

The GenomeFi Foundation, along with its core partner CLINOMICS, provides genomic medical solution services through the world’s best Genome-based diagnostic kits, monitors early diagnosis of cancer/disease through liquid biopsy and multi-omics technology, and provides personalized prescriptions, and personalized treatment services. Starting with Clinomics, a key partner, the expansion and popularization of medical services through cooperation with various medical institutions and medical companies can be used in real life by lowering accessibility through distributed ledger technology and Web 3.0, and participants in the GenomeFi ecosystem can receive services.

GenomeFi plans to intensify its business expansion in Dubai, based on networking and cooperative relationships with DMCC member companies.

In addition to collaborating with Web3 companies in Dubai, GenomeFi will focus on realizing a proof-of-concept business model that bridges the blockchain and medical industries through collaboration with genome-based medical centers.

Jimmy Choi, CEO of GenomeFi, stated, “Acquiring the DMCC license will strengthen our position in the Middle Eastern market based on Dubai and lay the groundwork for expanding our partners. We are preparing to conduct collaborative projects in various parts including investment, marketing, medical, on-chain, and community.”

DMCC announced the number of new companies that enrolled in 2023, with 123 new crypto and blockchain entities registering at the DMCC crypto center, culminating in 600 companies in total. By the end of 2022 DMCC had announced that it had 500 crypto blockchain entities registered in its freezone.

In total Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has enrolled 2,692 new companies in 2023, taking the total number of companies in DMCC to over 24,000.

The launch of new industry ecosystems, the expanded service offerings and the physical growth of the Uptown Dubai district with the launch of Uptown Tower have driven DMCC’s 2023 growth story.

DMCC accounted for 11% of Dubai’s total FDI inflows. As per the 2023 annual report, DMCC became a hub for trading of commodities such as diamonds, and precious stones, gold, as well as a hub for high value services such as crypto, gaming and Web3.

 Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, DMCC, said, “For DMCC, 2023 showcased its ability to sustain its record performance whilst undertaking crucial infrastructure expansions. Attracting 2,692 new companies is testament to our efforts to continuously enhance our value proposition year after year, reinforcing the role we and our members play in driving trade and investment, contributing up to 11% of all FDI inflows to Dubai. With the opening of Uptown Tower and the wider development of Uptown Dubai, our business district is stronger now than it has ever been, and we have set ourselves up for accelerated growth, a crucial factor as we accommodate new waves of investment to Dubai.”

 The DMCC Crypto Centre welcomed industry leaders such as Bybit, Solana and TDeFi into the fold alongside an additional 129 companies. The Centre is now home to 600 firms, further reinforcing its position as the largest concentration of crypto, blockchain and Web3 companies in the region.

Two core growth sectors for DMCC show promising opportunities in 2024 are the Gaming Centre and the impending launch of a new AI Centre. Over the past year, DMCC’s Gaming Centre doubled in size to reach almost 100 members at the year end.

Recently HSBC announced that it would be tokenizing physical gold using Blockchain technology. The tokenized gold stored in HSBC London Bank vaults, will offer tokens that represent 0.001 troy ounce traded on HSBC Evolve platform to institutional investors, with UAE Gold tokenization pioneers applauding this effort and believe this will grow the precious metal tokenization sector further.

Mark Williamson, global head of FX and commodities partnerships and propositions, confirmed the launch of the platform in a Bloomberg interview.

Gold has become a safe haven for many investors and this has also been pushed by the demand for real world tokenization solutions.

The advanced platform creates a ‘digital twin’ representing loco London gold, which facilitates trade through the HSBC Evolve platform or an API. This innovation generates a permissioned digital representation of clients’ physical gold holdings, which is integrated into HSBC’s operational infrastructure. The system enables efficient tracking of allocated and unallocated gold positions corresponding with physical holdings.

Richard Bibbey, HSBC’s Global Head of FX, EM rates and Commodities, said: “As one of the earliest adopters of DLT, we are pleased to reinforce our leadership position in the gold market by tokenizing physical gold. We continue to pave the way for improving the post-trade market infrastructure of capital markets.”

Apart from facilitating potential fractionalization of loco London gold bars and direct retail investor participation, the platform also allows clients to view their tokenized gold trades.

John O’Neill, Global Head of Digital Assets Strategy, Markets and Securities Services, HSBC, said: “Tokenising physical gold represents a further advance in HSBC’s overall digital assets strategy. In addition to demand for native digital assets, we are seeing appetite for tokenisation solutions that can maintain a link to specific real-world use cases, such as gold. Our approach to gold tokenisation complements HSBC Orion, and is part of our commitment to creating a world-leading set of digital asset capabilities to best serve the needs of our clients.”

While the tokenized gold market is primarily dominated by Tether Gold (AUT) and PAX Gold (PAXG), both having market capitalizations around $490 million and $480 million, respectively, there are several companies based out of UAE who are also offering gold tokenization solutions.

LaraontheBlock spoke with tokenized gold experts in UAE to view how this will help tokenization of precious metals and their thoughts on this.

Navin Dsouza Co-Founder & CEO at UAE based Comtech Gold told LaraontheBlock, “This is really good news for the Gold Tokenization industry. With Global Banks like HSBC offering Tokenized Gold it reemphasizes the importance of blockchain and digitalization in Gold along with the need for De-Dollarization in the current era of high inflation.”

He adds,” Comtech has the complete infrastructure along with the Governance framework with DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center) to offer Gold Tokenization product to any financial institutions who want to offer Tokenized Gold to its customers in a form of Comtech white labeled solution. We will see many players and banks joining the Tokenization race because of the strong use case benefit to the Industry.”

Ahmed Bin Sulayem Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DMCC explained, “As a long-standing advocate for gold tokenization, HSBC’s entry to blockchain will not only support much-needed transparency, but provide greater accessibility and security for investors. Having launched our own tokenization mechanism in November 2022 in partnership with Comtech Gold Bullion, backed by our internal DMCC Tradeflow platform, we’ve already tokenized 144kgs of gold for investors, while providing a value-added service that has the capacity to expand into other precious metals in the near term.”

Mark Gesterkamp, Business Development Director at Aurus Gold headquartered in UAE commented, “We applaud the step HSBC is taking by joining gold tokenization as gold has an important role in the transition to on-chain finance. It is no surprise they have done so, as it will surely open up the market through smaller traded denominations and improve liquidity and tradability.

He explained how already Aurus’ Tokenization-as-a-Service allows for any financial institution to use its technology by minting a digital representation of its bullion from gold, silver to platinum. This entails banks and family offices looking to join the digital space and finding new distribution channels.  He adds, “The decentralized nature of gold tokenization is key here, whilst being a supplying partner of the Aurus ecosystem it allows clients to benefit from trading transactions.”

UAE was one of the first countries globally to begin tokenization of gold and other precious metals. Startups from the region and globally are setting up in the country as gold-backed tokens witness a growth surpassing that of cryptocurrencies. The market cap of gold-backed tokens has exceeded $1 billion — a far cry from $100 million in 2020.

Most of the entities developing gold tokens have chosen the UAE because of its positive crypto stance, its regulations, its gold hub, and the region’s affinity to Shariah compliant commodities. With this new announcement by HSBC, the UAE is poised to become a more formidable hub for tokenization of precious metals.

Web3 KEY Difference has received from UAE Freezone DMCC its business incubator license, a move that signals the next chapter for the company as they launch KEY Difference Labs, their new accelerator.

Over the last decade, starting from 2013, the blockchain landscape witnessed the steadfast growth of KEY Difference Media, the precursor to KEY Difference DMCC. Founded by Mr. Karnika E. Yashwan To has a wide range of accomplishments ranging from marketing for several Fortune 100 companies to assisting in the monumental fundraising of over $550 million during the 2017 ICO phase, the firm’s trajectory is nothing short of remarkable.

KEY Difference Media’s emphasis on incubating promising enterprises, its hands-on involvement in establishing extensive blockchain ecosystems, and its advisory role for potential future unicorns showcase the company’s forward-thinking approach.

Yashwan To  explains, “The focus of the accelerator is to assist Web2 powerhouses in seamlessly transitioning to Web3 using the blockchain infrastructure. It’s disheartening to observe the crypto space riddled with scams and short-sighted strategies. My passion is about championing businesses that exemplify long-term, steady growth. This is achievable by harnessing the value ingrained in the Web2 sphere and appealing to its vast user base through simple, effective business use cases.”

The aim is to onboard the masses by introducing Web2 value-driven entrepreneurs to the transformative potential of Web3 technology. He adds, “We’re working towards building a brighter future.

He adds, “But what makes this business incubator license so great? Not every firm gets this nod. The DMCC reserves it for the best, those who’ve proven their mettle. This exclusive license isn’t just a feather in KEY Difference DMCC’s hat; it symbolizes their dedication and unmatched expertise in the field.”

Crypto exchange Bybit, which recently launched its headquarters out of Dubai UAE, but is still seeking its regulatory license has once again forged a partnership with DMCC ( Dubai Multi Commodities Center) to launch a $100K hackathon to develop the Web3 ecosystem in Dubai.

The hackathon will take place in Dubai on 22 November 2023 and is the latest milestone between DMCC and Bybit since both sides announced a strategic partnership in June to accelerate the mass adoption of crypto and web3 in Dubai.

During the final stage, up to 10 teams will compete to develop creative technical solutions to a range of challenges within the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), gaming and information security.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, DMCC said: “Dubai is fast consolidating its position as the most important Web3 hub in the region, and the DMCC-Bybit hackathon is the perfect testament of this in action. As Dubai continues its transition into an innovation-driven and knowledge-based economy, furthering the development of Web3 technologies is vital. This will be the largest hackathon of its kind in the region, pioneering the latest technical innovation in areas such as AI and gaming. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Bybit as we look to boost our Web3 community at DMCC Crypto Centre.”

Ben Zhou, Co-founder and CEO of Bybit added: “Tapping into the high levels of Web3 innovation taking place in Dubai is a key pillar of our strategy as we continue growing our global market share. This partnership with DMCC is enabling us to do exactly that, so we are excited to host the largest hackathons that this region has seen and further build our symbiotic relationship with the DMCC Crypto Centre.”

Prior to this Bybit contributed $250K scholarship fund to the American Univeristy of Sharjah.

The new partnership for the hackathon comes as Bybit suspends its services in the United Kingdom after financial regulator’s final warning. Bybit had also announced a similar winding down of services in Canada in May 2023.

Out of over 100 plus applications, UAE based Aurus, which tokenizes precious metals including gold, silver and platinum using blockchain technology, has been selected as one of the 25 companies that will be joining Dubai’s DMCC ( Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) and TDeFi accelerator program.

The accelerator program is aimed towards Web3 and Blockchain companies based out of Dubai offering mentorship, support, and business scaling opportunities.  The acceleration program kicks off on September 5th, 2023, with a range of mentor sessions covering legal and compliance, web3 marketing, fundraising, and token economics. Participants are able to gain practical experience by using their own projects as case studies during workshops on token economics and token markets management. The program culminates in a Demo and Pitch Day, with 20+ venture capitalists and investors serving as judges, representing over $IBn in cumulative AUM.

The program’s conclusion is more than just a pitching session. It’s a doorway to connect with an expansive network of Funds, VCs, and Partners. It’s the day where projects can truly shine and kickstart their fundraising sprint.

Aurus was selected as one of the 25 companies because of its unique selling points that includes solutions to make it easy to buy, trade, and store precious metals (gold, silver and platinum), grams at a time, 24/7, at minimal fees, at the convenience of your mobile phone.

In addition, Aurus is at the forefront of tokenization of real-world assets, pioneering use cases for precious metals that were previously unfathomable. Bridging the gap, and addressing various use cases in several new untapped markets such as Payments, DeFi, gaming, NFTs, and Web3.

Aurus adheres the strictest standards and is one of few projects truly compliant within the current regulatory framework. Operations are conducted by the Aurus Foundation in the UK where we received the regulatory nod in 2020, and Aurus Markets DMCC in the UAE, which is licenced by the DMCC.

Aurus is also gearing towards the launch of several products, such as the first NFT collection backed by precious metals which will be launched on February 2024. Aurus is also entering the DeFi world with gold. Precious metals as a financial primitive (collateral) in DeFi protocols. That is, PMs as a productive yield-bearing asset with the ability to earn a yield by providing liquidity in DeFi.

Aurus is also utilizing gold in gaming with the ability to create sustainable real-asset-backed in-game economies by bringing precious metal-backed tokens and NFTs to online games, as well as gold as a payment: a network of stable value transfer in the global payments market. The Aurus Vault Card V2 is soon to launch, enabling users to spend precious metals via the Mastercard network.

UAE DMCC crypto center TDeFi , a global Web3 incubator and consultancy company,  have entered the final phase of registrations for the second cohort of a Web3 startup incubator at the DMCC Crypto Centre. Last day for applications is September 1st 2023. TDEFI will offer $100,000 for select startups with VC Funding. 

All applicants will receive priority guidance and services from DMCC to formally set up in the DMCC Crypto Centre, with a handful of successful businesses set to receive USD 100,000 in liquidity from TDeFi, subject to meeting the criteria. Applications close on 1st September 2023.

The five-week programme is focused on enhancing expertise including refining business strategies, ensuring Web3 compliance, and marketing. The accelerator will culminate in a VC-focused fundraising event, ultimately bringing a new wave of innovative Web3 businesses to Dubai.

Ahmad Hamza, Executive Director – Free Zone, DMCC, said, “Providing a platform for success is an intrinsic trait of DMCC, and the Web3 space is no different. Through our Crypto Centre we are proud to be bringing this exciting accelerator opportunity to a new wave of innovative Web3 businesses to Dubai, particularly as the emirate grows as a competitive knowledge-based economy. With the mentoring services and liquidity on offer through TDeFi, there has never been a better time to establish a crypto business in the emirate.”

Gaurav Dubey, CEO TDeFi, added,  “From ideation to developing business scaling strategies, our extensive accelerator programme is designed to prepare nascent Web3 businesses for VC funding rounds and operating efficiently in the real-world. We are excited to partner with DMCC for this second cohort, developing these startups into thriving businesses.”

The second cohort follows on from the successful first round in March, in which 15 Web3 businesses successfully graduated from the accelerator programme.

With an impressive lineup of over 20 mentorship sessions led by senior leaders from the Web3 industry, such as Coinbase Singapore, StepN, Footprint Analytics, Hacken, Enjin, and more, participants will gain insights spanning from compliance practices to the intricacies of Token Engineering and Markets Management. This comprehensive journey is poised to attract a fresh influx of Web3 enterprises to Dubai and guide nascent concepts toward thriving businesses under expert tutelage.

After receiving is preliminary approval for a license, Bybit has jumped to the next stage with a minimum viable product preparatory license from Dubai’s virtual asset regulatory authority ( VARA).

VARA placed ByBit on its public registery.

This comes after global crypto exchange ByBit partnered with UAE’s DMCC freezone to offer financial support totaling $136,000 for new crypto businesses looking to set up in the DMCC crypto center. Bybit’s pledge of financial support in the amount of $136,000 will be used to kickstart the growth journeys of 15 new Web3 companies at the DMCC Crypto Centre.

Again Bybit also supported crypto and blockchain ecosystem in the UAE with the University of Sharjah. Bybit contributed $272.000 equivalent to 1 million AED to establish a scholarship fund to support 20 students to accelerate their academic and research career into fintech and blockchain at the American University of Sharjah.

In March 2023 Bybit was one of the global crypto exchanges to have received preliminary approval from VARA. is close to receiving its operational license just as BitOasis did. Binance is still in the preparatory license phase. 

Global crypto exchange ByBit has partnered with UAE’s DMCC freezone to offer financial support totaling $136,000 for new crypto businesses looking to set up in the DMCC crypto center. Bybit’s pledge of financial support in the amount of $136,000 will be used to kickstart the growth journeys of 15 new Web3 companies at the DMCC Crypto Centre. To qualify for this opportunity, start-ups must successfully pass the standard compliance and due diligence checks required by DMCC.

Bybit will become the listing partner for the Crypto Centre, with the company providing dedicated support for crypto firms looking to list digital assets on one of the top global exchanges. Additionally, the partnership will bring Bybit Services to Crypto Centre members.

Bybit currently has its headquarters in Dubai UAE and boasts of 15 million users. Bybit will also participate in the DMCC Crypto Centre’s educational initiatives by delivering webinars and educational courses about the digital assets industry and emerging trends, centralized exchanges and their impact in shaping the Web3 industry. 

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive of DMCC, stated, “Dubai has truly cemented its position as a global hub for crypto and Web3, with the DMCC Crypto Centre boasting the highest concentration of crypto firms in the region. This status has only been bolstered by Bybit’s presence, so we are excited to have them on board as an official ecosystem partner. Thanks to Bybit’s industry-leading expertise and financial contribution, this partnership will accelerate the impact that Dubai’s game-changing crypto and Web3 businesses are having on the industry.”


Ben Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO of Bybit, added “Through the efforts of entities such as DMCC, Dubai has certainly become a global focal point for the crypto industry. The emirate is full of high-potential Web3 businesses, so we are proud to be working with DMCC to facilitate their success and continue the evolution of the crypto industry and global digital economy. By bringing our standard of transparency, listing and custodial expertise and services to Crypto Centre members, we can have a tangible impact on Dubai’s future as the crypto capital and deliver on our aim to be the world’s ‘Crypto Ark’.”

In a recent announcement, UAE’s DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center), partnered with USA based ANKR, an enterprise blockchain infrastructure and services provider. As per the partnership, they will provide support for over 550 Web3 member businesses in DMCC crypto center through development of innovative products, infrastructure and advisory incubation.


Ankr’s solutions will be made available to businesses within the DMCC Crypto Center, empowering them with access to a wide variety of products and services, such as application-specific blockchain engineering, node infrastructure, Web3 gaming solutions, NFT marketplace solutions, staking, and decentralized finance products. These offerings will enable businesses to fast-track their development and go to market with every resource they need to thrive in emerging Web3 ecosystems.


“The partnership with the Dubai Multi Commodities Center is a testament to our commitment to drive the global proliferation of blockchain technology,” said Chandler Song, Ankr’s CEO. “Dubai is a critical hub for Web3 innovation, and by providing DMCC Crypto Center member businesses with industry-leading solutions, we can cultivate the next generation of Web3 businesses, applications, and experiences that have the capacity to take industry adoption to the next billion users.”


DMCC Executive Chairman and CEO, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, added, “By offering a comprehensive ecosystem that enables Web3 businesses to scale efficiently and with confidence, the DMCC Crypto Centre has become home to the highest concentration of crypto and Web3 firms in the MENA region. In expanding our platform through this key collaboration with Ankr, we are further enhancing our capabilities and the value we add to Web3 entrepreneurs and multinationals alike. We look forward to working with Ankr and activating their expertise and suite of services to continue to reinforce Dubai’s status as a global Web3 hub.”