The Co Founder of Mysten Labs, Kostas Kryptos, the creators of the Sui Blockchain has announced on X (formerly Twitter) that he is in the midst of creating a modern cryptography and AI Innovation hub in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

As he noted, ” The aim is to intellectually grow the whole UAE community with deep tech education and brainstorming meetups. So deep that some hackathons will run non stop 24/7 for a whole week, with support from local hotel and office-desk owners for accommodation.”

He adds,”My goal is to gradually advance the whole MENA region in a unique tech excellence level + see technologically competitive startups to emerge. There is already a plan to publish some unique ideas around ZKP, MPC, FHE, Differential Privacy, Web3 UX, Anon Credentials, AI on chain, AI for audits, DePIN data compression and parallelisation, Novel Key Management, Identity, Voting and Verifiable Execution.”

When asked by followers why the UAE, he explained, ” UAE has a strong community and economy, crypto and AI friendly, compared to EU it invests aggressively in innovation and takes more risks. Everyone speaks English, and it is in close proximity to both India and Europe, making it a meeting place for international deals. There are incentives from free zones to relocate there educational advancements for the government is top priority as well as critical mass of audience and media coverage which helps on publishing and advertising your work.”

He notes that the other benefit will be the access to USA and EU hubs.

He ends noting “It’s a big project. Hopefully with some local help, in the future we could also economically support selected research ideas relocating to the region.”

In November 2023, Abu Dhabi Technology incubator Hub71, partnered with Mysten Labs to support new projects on Sui. The partnership gave builders accepted to the incubator access to Mysten Labs’ technical expertise and support, and Hub71’s mentorship, resources, and global network of connections.

The founders of Sui have been working on educational projects in the region, specifically the UAE. Sui, a Blockchain Layer 1 platform partnered with UAE American University of Sharjah (AUS) to establish the AUS-Sui Blockchain Academy, a blockchain academy creating opportunities for hundreds of aspiring developers to learn about and ultimately advance the state of the art of the technology.

In addition UAE based blockchain startups such as Pravica and DRIFE have both partnered and integrated on the Sui Blockchain. Less than two months after publicizing the launch of S3.Money on the Sui Blockchain, The S3 testnet is now up and running, welcoming developers and financial community to start building tokenized money whether CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) or stablecoins.

Even UAE based is leveraging the Sui platform to track carbon credits. The collaboration leverages blockchain technology to serve use cases in line with the ESG goals that modern businesses are seeking.