Abu Dhabi based Peregrine, a digital asset tokenization provider and a licensed fund management platform, has partnered with Tsangs Group, innovation focused family office to offer high quality institutional investor marketplace in UAE.

“Tsangs Group is the first Far East family office to set up in the Dubai International Financial Centre since 2021; we are pleased to shape our profile with this promising partnership, as Peregrine is banking on the Gulf state’s world class banking infrastructure and connectivity to financial centers like Hong Kong or London,” said Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group.

Peregrine is renowned for its industry leading blockchain based asset tokenisation platform, which has been reviewed by the ADGM’s local regulatory body Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), and its strategic partnerships with major blockchains.

“Peregrine views Tsangs Group as a key global strategic partner featuring a world class team with high quality institutional assets and is compelled by the mission to bridge opportunities from East to West,” said Simon Goodman, CEO & Co-Founder of Peregrine.

Together, Peregrine and Tsangs Group are perfectly positioned to bring high quality institutional products to the ADGM using advanced blockchain technology.

“Abu Dhabi is quickly emerging as a key strategic hub in the global digital assets industry, and the Peregrine platform sees itself at the forefront of its evolution. Building relationships in Abu Dhabi and beyond is instrumental to the development of Peregrine in the ADGM and surrounding region,” said Paul Salama-Caro, CIO and Co-Founder of Peregrine.

UAE and Bahrain regulated crypto exchange CoinMENA expands its family office, investor and institutional offering through a partnership with Onramp Bitcoin. Onramp is an international Bitcoin asset management company built on multi institutional custody.

Onramp’s platform provides best-in-class products and solutions for HNWI, Family Offices, and Institutions to onboard Bitcoin.

In addition the partnership aims to empower MENA investors with high-quality Bitcoin educational resources such as proprietary written research, rich video content and analytic tools.

Both companies are poised to explore innovative custody solutions designed specifically for institutional investors. The collaboration comes on the heels of Onramp’s recent announcement of a partnership with BitGo, CoinMENA’s current custody partner.

In a joint statement, CoinMENA’s founders, Talal Tabbaa and Dina Sam’an said, “We are excited because this partnership fills a market gap for premium Bitcoin market research, and aligns with our educational approach to empower regional investors to invest in Bitcoin based on sound logic and a deep understanding of its unique and fundamental properties. As Bitcoin evolves into a mainstream international asset class, providing insightful analysis becomes essential for investors and asset managers, guiding them in making confident, long-term investment decisions.”

Onramp Co-Founder and CEO Michael Tanguma added “Onramp recognizes that Bitcoin is a global asset, necessitating the broad dissemination of valuable Bitcoin-focused educational resources across the world – research, podcasts, webinars, data-driven tools like the Onramp Terminal – access to these types of high-quality materials, combined with a first principles approach to custody, is the recipe for successful long-term Bitcoin ownership. We are excited to partner with the team to provide tools and education to one of the fastest-growing regions in the digital asset space.”

This comes just after the USA regulators allowed the launch of Bitcoin ETFs.

Binance in a recent press release dated November 30th 2023 and coming out of Dubai UAE has announced that it has successfully executed the world’s first cryptocurrency triparty arrangement with a third party banking partner. As per the release, the solution enables institutional investors to keep trading collateral, off-exchange in the custody of a third party banking partner. This is the first in a series of pilot projects initiated by Binance, which is currently the only cryptocurrency exchange offering such a solution.

Binance does not mention the name of the bank, but states that this arrangement directly tackles the issue of counterparty risk, the primary concern for institutional investors today. It replicates a framework common in traditional financial markets, which enables investors to proportion their crypto-asset allocation based on their risk tolerance. Collateral held with the banking partner can be in the form of fiat equivalent such as Treasury Bills which has the added benefit of being a yielding asset.

Catherine Chen, Head of VIP and Institutional at Binance, said, “Counterparty risk has long been a concern of institutional investors across the industry. Our team of crypto natives and traditional finance professionals has been exploring a banking triparty agreement for more than a year to address their concern. We’ve developed a solution that ensures our institutional clients can optimize their collateral and cryptocurrency investments, modeled after the traditional markets’ trading conduct. We are in close discussions with an array of banking partners and institutional investors who have also expressed strong interest in participating.”

Laser Digital, crypto broker and investment service provider, a subsidiary of Japanese Nomura has integrated with Talos, which provides an institutional-grade technology infrastructure that supports the full lifecycle of digital assets trading and procurement including liquidity sourcing, price discovery, trade execution, settlement, lending, and borrowing.

As per the press release,this partnership broadens Laser Digital’s reach among institutional clients while adding a new source of institutional-grade liquidity to the Talos network.

“We are proud to join forces with Talos to expand institutional access to digital assets,” said Jez Mohideen, CEO of Laser Digital. “Talos and Laser Digital share a heritage in traditional financial markets and a common goal to simplify digital asset trading in a way that is familiar and trusted by institutions”

Laser Diigtal’s quant-driven liquidity provision and market-making capabilities are powered by a proprietary technology platform based on years of experience in systematic trading.

“We are thrilled to welcome Laser Digital to the Talos provider network, reinforcing our commitment to providing comprehensive trading solutions to institutional clients,” said Anton Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of Talos. “Laser Digital stands out in the digital asset landscape and will enrich the liquidity available to Talos clients looking to achieve best execution.”

Prior to this Laser Diigtal launched an Ethereum adoption fund.

Nasdaq has launched its Digital Assets business unit that as they note will power the digital asset ecosystem. Nasdaq aims to provide trusted and institutional-grade solutions, focused on enhanced custody, liquidity and integrity.

Adena Friedman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nasdaq stated, “Nasdaq Digital Assets builds upon the successful solutions we have introduced in recent years to serve the digital assets ecosystem, including marketplace technology for digital asset exchanges, crypto-native anti-financial crime offerings, and crypto-related index solutions for tradable products. The technology that underpins the digital asset ecosystem has the potential to transform markets over the long-term. To deliver on that opportunity, our focus will be to provide institutional-grade solutions that bring greater liquidity, integrity, and transparency to support the evolution.”

Nasdaq Digital Assets will initially develop an advanced custody solution that will incorporate liquidity and execution services to address industry challenges around connectivity, availability, and efficiency. Nasdaq’s custody solution will bring together the best attributes of hot and cold crypto wallets through an innovative technology offering, which will provide a high degree of accessibility and scalability without compromising security. Nasdaq’s offering is subject to regulatory approval in applicable jurisdictions.

“Demand among institutional investors for engaging in digital assets has increased in recent years, and Nasdaq is well-positioned to accelerate broader adoption and drive sustainable growth,” said Tal Cohen, Executive Vice President and Head of North American Markets, Nasdaq. “Nasdaq is uniquely placed to address industry pain points by improving liquidity, scalability, and resiliency, with the goal to engender greater trust and confidence in the digital assets ecosystem.”

Nasdaq Digital Assets will be led by Ira Auerbach, Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Assets.