UAE based InvoiceMate, a blockchain enabled invoice financing platform, has tokenized a real world asset, an invoice, using the XDC blockchain in its recent pilot. The project used TradeFinex’S open source smart contract standards.

InvoiceMate showcased the potential of obtaining liquidity by tokenizing a Real World Asset (RWA). Acting as the loan originator, InvoiceMate secured funds for client H & H International LLC through the tokenization of essential documentation including the invoice. This streamlined process resulted in a cash flow of $FXD 100,000 (FXD) for a 60-day period. $FXD is a fully decentralized stablecoin soft pegged to US Dollars and over collateralized with the $XDC token using the Fathom Protocol and primarily focused on for RWA DeFi use cases. The success underscores blockchain-powered financing’s efficiency and innovation in traditional finance.

This pilot transaction is an important milestone in the partnership between TradeFinex and InvoiceMate.

Said Muhammad Salman Anjum, CEO of InvoiceMate, “This successful transaction represents the first step in our collaboration with TradeFinex using XDC Network. We are actively exploring the XDC Network as the blockchain protocol for future pilots within our invoice financing platform.”

“Deploying smart contracts powered by the XDC protocol allows us to address the MSMEs funding gap in trade finance. We look forward to scaling up Private Credit deal flow with like-minded partners and establishing standards within the RWA space using Powerful Smart contract Standards created by Tradefinex.” commented Chen Shanlong, Marketing and Partnerships Lead of XDC Network and TradeFinex.

Mahesh Kumar, CEO of Eclipton added, “Eclipton’s core value is to bring more use cases to the blockchain and crypto industry, offering access to a wide range of financial instruments, including stocks, crypto, bank accounts, and cards, all in one place. The collaboration with XDC and InvoiceMate further strengthens Eclipton’s commitment to expanding blockchain applications and fostering financial inclusion through innovative solutions.”

In November 2023, Muhammad Bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF) selected Blockchain powered working capital financing solutions startup, InvoiceMate to be part of its accelerator program. 

Beehive, a peer to peer lending platform, has become the second non-banking entity to join Blockchain enabled UAE Trade Connect platform. DP World Finance platform partnered with UAE trade Connect in November.

Beehive is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). It has rapidly grown into a leading disruptor in the fintech industry, providing an alternative finance solution for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the ever-growing lending ecosystem.

Beehive recently signed off with UAE Trade Connect (UTC) as its newest member and second non-bank entity to join its consortium. This strategic alliance is set to enhance trade finance operations and fortify the fight against fraud in the UAE. Beehive will leverage UTC’s platform to detect fraudulent and suspicious invoices and mitigate duplicate financing risks against bank invoices, leading to more flow of working capital finance for its customers.

Craig Moore, CEO and Founder of Beehive, said: “By joining the UTC platform, Beehive underscores its dedication to transparency and security in financial processes. We aim to revolutionize peer-to-peer lending alongside other UTC members by infusing greater transparency into the lending ecosystem.”

Zul Javaid, CEO of UTC, commented: “FinTech’s have emerged as a welcome addition in the GCC region enriching the financial landscape by providing innovative alternatives to traditional lending processes. With Beehive in our consortium this means that their working capital lending will be presented to our system daily, in real time, and will serve to de-risk their invoices as well as those of our member banks.”

UAE Trade Connect (UTC), Launched in 2021, was co-created by e& enterprise and the UAE banking industry and offers a technology solution to detect suspicious transactions and prevent fraud and duplication in real time.

This highly scalable advanced platform is completely cloud-native and incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The consortium currently houses 14 members which includes banks and NBFI’s while additional financial intuitions are piloting the platform.

Invest Bank became the 13th bank to join UAE Trade Connect which is paving the way for a secure, efficient and technologically advanced trade finance landscape in October.