RWA Inc. a tokenization platform, which according to its website has six trade licenses in the UAE, has partnered with L1 blockchain solution HYBRID. As per the medium post, the partnership will streamline the tokenization process and enable users to leverage advanced AI features. It is noted that RWA is neither licensed by FSRA in ADGM ( Abu Dhabi Global Market) nor by VARA ( Dubai Virtual asset regulatory authority).

In their website they claim to have licenses to buy and sell real estate, commodities, collectibles, private equity, and DePin ( Decentralized Physical Networks)

One of the primary features of RWA is its Launchpad. This unique marketplace includes everything needed to bring Real World Assets onto a blockchain.

RWA Inc has partnered with HYBRID is a layer 1 programmable blockchain focused on the growing AI agent sector. AI agents continue to be popular due to their capabilities and autonomininty. HYBRID combines these benefits with blockchain security and efficiency to elevate the UX and drive innovation

Users can leverage HYBRID’s unique features such as the Atlas AI agent to reduce their workload and enhance their blockchain analysis results. In this way, HYBRID enables anyone to conduct real-time analysis and create powerful data layers to power effective future AI solutions.
RWA Inc. and HYBRID seek to introduce a new era of convenience and efficiency via AI integrations. In the future, the RWA community will gain access to the most advanced AI tools via HYBRID features. In addition, HYBRID Users will gain the ability to create powerful AI tokenization protocols that empower anyone to convert regulated assets securely.

Prior to its announcement of partnership with HYBRID, RWA announced its partnership with Mantra Chain another Layer 1 blockchain, seeking to be licensed in the UAE.