FLUUS, which means money in Arabic, with founders from the MENA region, has been offering citizens in developing the countries the opportunity to receive financial freedom through the use of crypto and Blockchain, and has grown to now listing their token on MEXC global, a global cryptocurrency exchange while partnering with providers to cover India. 

According to a recent medium post by FLUUS, “The listing on MEXC Global marks a significant milestone for FLUUS, as it opens up new avenues for participants and enthusiasts to engage with their innovative ecosystem. FLUUS aims to provide seamless trading opportunities and ensure that $FLUUS is readily available to participants worldwide.”

FLUUS is a layer of consumer and developer-facing products, evolving the world’s access to web3. Developers can integrate FLUUS into their platform and give their users GLOBAL access to crypto using any payment method, including CASH and MOBILE MONEY.

In March 2023, FLUUS raised $600,000 ahead of its beta launch through Fundrs LaunchPad. FHS Capital, Base 64 and a number of angel investors participated in the raise.

Furthermore, FLUUS has integrated with top ramping providers such as Moonpay and Transak, and will soon cover more markets, including 100% coverage in India, while expanding its FLUUS Pay network to support cash-to-crypto ramping in more regions. Additionally, FLUUS’s AID3.0 product has supported over $1.2 million in aid money in Ukraine and will expand to more partners, increasing coverage and support.

FLUUS will also be launching its staking pools to create further benefits for holders in Q2 of 2023.

In the third quarter of 2023, FLUUS plans to also launch on a DEX, as well as initiate liquidity pools to enable users to earn passive income. FLUUS pay will aggregate DEX and swapping services, enabling users to trade their cryptocurrencies and tokens in a decentralized environment with the most suitable providers.

Moreover, FLUUS plans to launch its FLUUSAuth Alpha, a revolutionary product that will allow users to create their wallets using traditional SSO methods, facilitating web2 user onboarding. Additionally, FLUUS plans to increase its human capital and obtain provisional licenses to operate in more jurisdictions. T

In Q4 2023, FLUUS is focused on achieving significant milestones. This includes finalizing strategic partnerships with web3 solutions to provide global cryptocurrency access. The implementation of FLUUS DAO Governance structures will empower the community, enabling active participation in decision-making. FLUUS also aims to expand the geographical reach of the FLUUS Pay network, making it accessible to more regions, and strengthen its utility by supporting a wider range of cryptocurrencies.

Prior to this FLUUS had worked in several regions across MENA including Lebanon. Tey El Rjula, Founder of FLUUS, told LaraontheBlock,

Overall, there is a total of 49,563,636 $FLUUS tokens in circulation.