NEOPIN Permissioned DeFi platform based in Abu Dhabi UAE, which launched the first DeFi product for the Klaytn-Finischia ecosystem, has announced a new RWA ( Real World Assets), platform that will position the protocol to become a global leading Real World Asset (RWA) DeFi protocol. The platform will combine the rich liquidity of traditional finance with blockchain technology, creating global marketability with high levels of security and regulatory compliance.

Prior to this UAE based Finschia Foundation, which works to expand public blockchain and Web3 technologies, and NEOPIN, partnered to provide decentralized exchange services.

The key objectives of the new RWA platform include the development of a dedicated RWA platform based on the order book, the expansion of innovative RWA product offerings, and the expansion of the RWA multi-chain strategy.

NEOPIN’s RWA platform is being developed as an all-in-one platform that can meet the diverse needs of institutions, users and the industry. It will provide a more intuitive and simplified solution for institutional participants to engage with RWA technology and markets without the need for a complex review process. It will also be designed with a decentralized order book to make it easy to use for global users familiar with equity or crypto exchanges.

In terms of product offerings, RWA will continue to expand its innovative product suite, with more than five RWA products in the pipeline with institutional partners that are poised to make a significant impact in the DeFi and physical markets. In parallel, we are also working on a strategy to expand the RWA issuance chain, continuing the multi-chain strategy that has underpinned the success of NEOPIN’s DeFi on a dedicated RWA platform.

In March, NEOPIN launched the platform’s first RWA-linked DeFi product and entered the $5.7 billion global RWA market in earnest. With the success of its recently launched RWA derivative products, NEOPIN’s consolidated total value locked (TVL) has exceeded USD 200 million.

“NEOPIN’s RWA platform aims to attract global institutional partners and users and then position itself as an essential infrastructure for institutions,” said Ethan Kim, CEO of NEOPIN. “With our new platform, innovative product suite and institutional acquisition, we will grow into the top tier of global RWA within two years.”

Since 2017, NEOPIN has been building its blockchain expertise and technology by participating as a node validator operator for various global blockchains, including Ethereum, Tron, Cardano, Cosmos, Klaytn, and Finschia. Last year, the company was selected as an innovative company by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in recognition of its regulatory compliance and expertise, becoming the first Korean blockchain company to receive direct and indirect investment, and is working with the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), a financial special zone in the UAE, to create the world’s first DeFi regulation in a public-private partnership.