Myco, a blockchain video streaming platform with a major footprint in MENA has secured the digital streaming rights for HBL PSL Season 9 & 10. The 2024 Pakistan Super League (PSL 9) will span 31 days, starting on February 17 and concluding on March 18, with a total of 34 matches scheduled across four venues: Karachi (11 matches), Lahore and Rawalpindi (9 matches each), and Multan (5 matches).

As per the press release, this milestone not only reshapes the landscape of digital sports streaming but promises an unparalleled cricket viewing experience for fans in Pakistan.

Cricket enthusiasts can now enjoy the thrilling HBL PSL matches in HD for free on myco. The Blockchain enabled platform’s unique “Watch & Earn” model elevates the viewer experience by allowing them not only to enjoy the game but also empowers viewers to earn based on their watch time. Engaged viewers become stakeholders in the advertising revenues generated by the platform, delivering an interactive and rewarding experience to sports viewing.

The integration with myco’s payment partner, Simpaisa, enhances the unique “Watch & Earn” model where users can easily withdraw their earnings directly into 35+ bank accounts and all major digital wallets in Pakistan, adding a seamless and convenient aspect to the rewarding experience.

The success trajectory of myco gained momentum during the ICC World Cup 2023, where it emerged as the preferred choice for cricket enthusiasts. Trending at the top positions on both app stores and play stores, myco distributed over 20 million PKR worth of advertising revenue to more than 250,000 highly engaged viewers.

The platform continues with its streaming of various cricket leagues in Pakistan & globally, including ILT20, SAT20, and SPL. Myco boasts a rich history of collaborations, having partnered with PCB, English Premier League, and the Emirates Cricket Board, as well as major squash, tennis, and racing festivals worldwide.

With a global presence spanning 204 countries and a user base exceeding 6.5 million registered users, myco offers an extensive library comprising over 500,000 content items, ranging from documentaries and films to a diverse array of creator and influencer partnerships, alongside live sports.

Somair Rizvi, Co-Founder & COO myco, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are committed to bringing premium sporting events and content libraries to our Pakistani viewers. This move strengthens our dedication to providing top-notch quality entertainment while empowering our viewers to have a sustainable stake within the content economy both from a financial and creative standpoint.”

Recently myco Blockchain video streaming application disrupted the sports streaming space by become the first to offer exclusive live sports in a watch&earn model with participation from top global brands as advertising partners.

In 2021 Avanza Innovations was piloting its KYC banking solution in Pakistan, two years later, Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA), on behalf of all its member banks, signed the project contract for the development and execution of Pakistan’s first, blockchain based, national eKYC banking platform with the Avanza Group.

Avanza Group’s eKYC platform, ‘Consonance’, is being implemented for PBA. The platform will use blockchain technology through which banks will be able to standardize and exchange, with customers’ consent, their details via a decentralized and self-regulated network. This will be a support platform for Pakistan’s banking industry and all participating member banks will be able to perform assessments of their existing, as well as new customers, by utilizing information/ data available with any other bank on ‘Consonance’.

In 2021 Avanza was piloting the EKYC blockchain enabled platform with three big banks. In an interview Waqas Mirza, Founder and CEO of Avanza Innovations notes, “ “We are launching the EKYC Blockchain enabled platform initially for three of the biggest banks in Pakistan under the auspices of Pakistan Banks Association (PBA) and in-line with the guidance of State Bank of Pakistan. The eventual goal is to roll out this National EKYC platform to all banking and financial institutions in Pakistan.”

He had noted at the time that it is always recommended to start with a pilot and limited number of participating entities before scaling. 

In the latest announcement Mirza stated, “The Standardization and anomaly detection of Customer’ KYC details is just the first use case in this journey. In the future, the same platform can be enhanced to share Trade Finance related details, digital exchange and verification of banking documents, digital cheque clearing and many more. Avanza is very proud to implement the first building block of this multi-year journey that will greatly benefit the industry as well as end customers.”

Mentioning trade finance, digital cheque clearing is paramount because it is what put Avanza on the map in the UAE as well as Bahrain and other places.

Avanza had rolled out the National EKYC platform for BENEFIT in Bahrain back in 2021.  At the time Mirza had stated that GCC region has been our best partner for experimenting and implementing blockchain solutions and now we are replicating these solutions in neighboring countries.

Avanza Group had started its blockchain projects in the UAE and GCC region. Avanza was the technology partner for UAE Trade Connect Project. Blockchain UAE Trade Connect platform, the UAE’s first trade finance platform to combat fraud has 11 UAE banks on its platform and was the UAE’s first commercialized solution to combat fraud in the trade finance space built on advanced technologies, namely blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). UTC is a collaborative project of the banking industry and co-created with e& enterprise.

With the advent of the Invoice Factoring law recently published by the Federal Government of the UAE, the UTC blockchain platform was a key enabler for banks to increase lending to SMEs and allow corporates to borrow against their trade receivables.

In December 2021, the UAE Blockchain AI enabled UAE Trade Connect trade finance had processed 10 Billion AED (2.7 billion USD) worth of invoices during the first eight months of its operation. Etisalat Digital launched UTC trade Finance platform in April of 2021 alongside seven banks within the UAE.

In early 2022, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank joined UTC platform as did Dubai Islamic Bank. At that time UTC had in total nine banks on its roster. The founding banks included First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), RAKBANK, Emirates NBD, Commercial Bank of Dubai, National Bank of Fujairah, Mashreq Bank, ADIB – Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, and Commercial Bank International.

The experience and reputation Avanza gained from both projects in Bahrain and UAE spurred the growth to other countries and continents.

Avanza Innovations, part of Avanza Group has also worked with multiple other UAE  governmental entities on Blockchain projects. Entities include DP World, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Customs, RTA, Dubai Police and others.  

Waqas Mirza, Founder and CEO of Avanza Innovations in an interview in 2021 mentioned the work Avanza was doing in Saudi Arabia. He discussed working on a Blockchain Invoice verification with a well renowned company. He at the time stated, “We have won a project as one of the subcontractors working on an invoice verification solution built on Hyperledger. The client is utilizing this solution to ensure seamless procurement and payment procedures with its suppliers.”

In conclusion, Avanza Innovations a UAE blockchain solution provider has used UAE’s Blockchain strategy and commitment to innovation to grow well beyond its roots. This is a lesson to many blockchain and crypto entities that are setting up in UAE, the limits are endless.

UAE based Blockchain enterprise,, an end-to-end real estate platform of Vision Tech has partnered with Pakistan-headquartered JK&S Developers, a real estate arm of the renowned Saif Group. to facilitate sales in JK&S Developers’ highly anticipated project D.I. Khan New City. will leverage its enterprise blockchain capabilities to ensure secure, transparent, and seamless transactions. will also ensure D.I. Khan New City becomes an early mover in adopting blockchain at an enterprise level. will create a digital twin of the project in the metaverse to enable efficient urban planning and optimize the delivery of public services such as healthcare and groceries. NFT linked transactions on the blockchain will bring greater security, transferability, and future readiness. D.I. Khan New City will also characterize AR-VR and AI applications on multiple fronts.

Dubbed the “Crown of Pakistan”, the D.I. Khan New City is a hybrid development in Saiduwali, Paharpur, an area with close proximity to Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad, and Balochistan. The development, which spans an expansive area of 4.1 million sq. m, is valued at a whopping $233 million U.S., making it one of the most ambitious projects of its kind in Pakistan.

Rajab Ali Virani, CEO of Vision Tech stated,  “ ventured into Pakistan with a grand vision: Enhancing transactional efficiency and reducing the trust deficit by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain. D.I. Khan New City is the ideal avenue to turn that vision into reality. We are determined to make this project an archetype of Pakistan’s real estate excellence while reinforcing our competitive edge in tech-enabled services.”

 “The Saif Group has nearly a hundred years of multi-industrial pedigree in Pakistan. At every juncture, we have exemplified the latest innovations of the time. D.I. Khan New City is a totem of our future-proof strategy and a legacy of our people-centric worldview. The MoU with complements both these priorities,” said Jehangir Saifullah Khan, Chairman, JK&S Developers. 

Vision Tech is planning an expansion into African countries, where, through, it intends to digitalize land records with the support of local authorities.

Matcha Capital, a Blockchain crypto investment fund based out of Europe, soon to be opening its offices in Dubai  UAE within DMCC ( Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) has made a significant investment in BitBlaze crypto exchange start-up, which will be launching its presence in Pakistan.

Omar Rahim, Managing Partner of Matcha Capital stated on LinkedIN, “It has been a long time in the making but I am delighted to make public our investment into BitBlaze which will be launching a cryptocurrency exchange in Pakistan, the 5th most populous nation on earth!”

As per Rahim’s post BitBlaze will be powered by Binance Cloud.

Rahim who was previously the Regional Director for Binance in MENA is one of the first to invest in BitBlaze’s pre seed round, founded by Abdul Alim and Imran Rahim. Rahim will also take over the role as chairman of BitBlaze noting his prior experience in Binance. Matcha Capital when launched in  early 2022 had stated that the fund would be capped at around 60 million USD.

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, a leading UAE blockchain entrepreneur and expert and Founder of Dubai Blockchain Centre was also among the pre seed investors in BitBlaze.  

Rahim added on LinkedIn, “We were delighted to support Abdul Alim & Imran Rahim at the pre-seed stage. They’ve been working tirelessly in the background for months and I wish them all the best with their upcoming seed round”

Omar Rahim spoke to LaraontheBlock about this investment given the current bearish market. He noted, “ This is our biggest investment to date, even though the markets are reeling right now and many crypto companies are scaling back. Yet, we feel carefully planned investments can drive real value in these markets. These investments are great for the investor but more importantly great for the Startups because they are focused on building and not on token prices.”

As for why Pakistan, Rahim explains, “Pakistan continues to be a sleeping giant. As the 5th most populous nation on earth, the market is huge and in terms of crypto adoption is holds the top three position worldwide. People are just waking up to the potential that this exciting market offers and we want to lead the way in building crypto infrastructure in Pakistan.”