Indian headquartered Pyse which is utilizing Polygon blockchain to tokenize its green assets has announced its expansion into the UAE where it will tokenize EV and Solar projects with green tokens. Their web3 debut will feature an exciting EV leasing deal for some of Dubai’s top-tier 3PL companies.

According to Pyse press release, launching initially in India with a formidable investor community of 7,000+, Pyse has championed investments in transformative sustainability projects, including renewable energy, EVs, and water recycling. These investments have allowed individuals to offset their environmental footprints while realizing tangible financial returns.

“Many perceived green initiatives as either prohibitively expensive or purely philanthropic,” says Kaustubh, Co-Founder at Pyse. “At Pyse, we’re bridging the gap between sustainability and profitability. Historically, green assets – a sector where sovereign funds and HNIs thrived – were exclusive. We’re opening access to this market, enabling anyone to participate in a market that helps our planet and your wallet!

Pyse successfully built assets worth over $7 million, primarily for highly-regarded entities in India and now the company is setting up its operational base in Dubai, marking its maiden venture outside India and into the UAE.

As per the release this foray coincides with their expansion to web3, enabling tokenization of assets across India and the GCC, starting with the UAE. Pyse is primed to list an array of promising EV and Solar projects in prime regions like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah. Their web3 debut will feature an exciting EV leasing deal for some of Dubai’s top-tier 3PL companies.

“By harnessing the latent potential of real-world asset tokenization, Pyse is leading the charge by offering greater accessibility to transparent and lucrative green investments,” said Sanket Shah, Head of Growth at Polygon Labs.” Polygon Labs has always strived toward sustainability via its environmentally conscious approach to blockchain development, which is why the Polygon protocol is already carbon-neutral and has committed to becoming carbon-negative in the foreseeable future. This is why Polygon is a perfect fit for eco-focused platforms like Pyse, and we are excited to help them power a greener future on-chain.”

The forecast for the tokenized real-world asset market is promising. Expected to catapult from US$310 billion in 2022 to a staggering US$16.1 trillion by 2030, green assets are predicted to constitute over 20% of all on-chain listings.

As Pyse charts its ambitious roadmap for the near future, the target is clear: catalyze the development of green assets worth over $40 million across the GCC and India while neutralizing an impressive 60 million tons of CO2 by 2024.

UAE Based Web3Wed has carried out the first wedding on the Polygon Blockchain with NFT rings that incorporate Bitcoin. According to the press release, Web3Wed allows couples to formalize their relationships using smart contracts on the blockchain which is then updated in case of divorce.

The Blockchain marriage is not considered legal obligation though.

The first blockchain wedding marked the official launch of the platform. “The world is changing so fast, but marriages are still the same as centuries ago,” said Yury Reut, the founder, and CEO of “Why can’t we connect people using blockchain? Co-living defeated the old matrimony system; it is a fact.”

Couples choose NFT wedding rings that symbolize their participation in the marriage. Additionally, the service can add Bitcoin to the NFT wedding ring, making it an asset for the couple that would be returned in the case of divorce to the wallet of the ring owner.

“We’re excited to offer an innovative solution to couples who are looking for a new way to formalize their relationship,” said Reut. “Our platform offers a decentralized, secure, and transparent way to record and manage marriages, making it the ideal solution for modern couples.”

The first-ever NFT engagement rings collection by will be available in June. Couples can purchase NFT wedding rings and initiate their blockchain marriage with them, while NFT engagement rings will allow them to make a beautiful proposal.

The Blockchain marriage service,, hosted the first blockchain wedding on April 28, 2023, at Bali’s K-Club, Ubud. Ilya and Elizabeth tied the knot and recorded their union in a smart contract on the Polygon blockchain.

Could this be the future of all marriage arrangements without the hassle of lawyers. 

Saudi’s first NFT marketplace platform, Nuqtah has raised a seed round of millions of dollars from Blockchain platform Polygon and Animoca Brands. As per the release the new funding will scale Nuqtah’s business over the next 12 months.

In 2022, Nuqtah had announced it was planning to raise $5 million in upcoming seed rounds.

Licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Communication and Information technology and the Ministry of Investment, Nuqtah aims to to empower its creators, businesses, and users to unlock the new opportunities that the Web3 space offers to the region. Nuqtah allows individuals and businesses to easily build, deploy and monetize NFT collections without having to navigate complicated blockchain infrastructure.

Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, commented: “Our investment into Nuqtah is another meaningful step in our commitment to build up the Web3 industry in MENA as well as develop our own capabilities in the region. Nuqtah is an important pioneer and we anticipate that it will greatly help to boost Web3 and NFT adoption in the Middle East. We will continue to expand our operational presence and collaborate with local strategic partners looking to adopt Web3.”

In February of this year Nuqtah signed an MOU with Saudi telecom group to tokenize photographs fro STC’s Sarha project. 

Nuqtah is helmed by Salwa Radwi, an award-winning photographer, artist, and Web3 and blockchain advocate. In 2021 she founded Nuqtah to serve as the first-of-its-kind blockchain technology provider and developer in the MENA region, making her one of the first female founders and CEOs in Saudi Arabia’s NFT landscape. Salwa is joined by co-founders who previously worked at major companies including Careem and Oracle, and whose extensive industry experience has enabled Nuqtah to become a prominent and respected advocate of Web3 in the Kingdom.

Salwa Radwi, founder and CEO of Nuqtah, noted in the release, “Watching Animoca Brands pioneer and enable the Web3 scene since day one has been so inspirational, and so we take great pride in the trust placed in Nuqtah through this investment. We look forward to working together to unlock the massive potential and opportunities in the Middle East.”

Speaking to LaraontheBlock, Salwa Radwi confirmed that the latest seed investment raises millions of dollars. She states, “ This new round of investment will open new lines of opportunities, not only financially but also through animoca and polygons extravagant network.”

Nuqtah had raised close to a million dollars in its pre-seed round from Shorooq Partners, according to Radwi.  At that time Nuqtah planned to build on the thriving NFTs space, and utilize the underlying blockchain technology to spearhead innovation in other verticals such as media and entertainment.

Animoca Brands, the creator of sandbox metaverse and other Web3 projects has been very interested in the MENA region. It announced it would be entering Dubai through its metaverse Dubaiverse, and it also signed an MOU with Saudi government at beginning of 2023. 

UAE Etihad Airlines has officially announced the release of its first NFT collection for sale under the name “EY-ZERO1”. On the Etihad website the airline announced that its collection is now on sale.

As per the website announcement, “Aviation enthusiasts now have the chance to own digital 3D aircraft models showcasing our ten special liveries across our Dreamliner fleet. Each NFT comes with immediate Etihad Guest Silver status as well as other benefits.”

The announcement goes on to list all the reasons for purchasing Etihad’s NFT collection. First is that the NFTs are a  unique piece of art in limited numbers, purchases will also have immediate Etihad Guest Silver status benefits as well as additional prizes for first time owners.

The EY-ZERO1 sale has started with a limited number of to 2003 collectibles, each NFT is priced at US$349 (+ local sales tax). The sale will close on 18 August 2022 at 2pm UTC with all remaining unsold NFTs eliminated from the collection.

The number 2003 symbolizes the year Etihad airlines was established. The collection features ten highly detailed 3D aircraft models, each one showcasing a unique Etihad Boeing 787 Dreamliner livery, including the Greenliner and the iconic Manchester City-themed aircraft.

By purchasing EY-ZERO1 collectibles, owners will also be directly helping Etihad in its journey to increase its uptake of sustainable aviation fuel. All profits from this collection will go directly to fund the purchase of sustainable aviation fuel in 2022.

The NFT collection has been designed to be as efficient as possible. EY-ZERO1 is set to be minted on the energy-efficient Polygon blockchain. Etihad also partnered with blockchain firm to track the CO2 emissions of the NFTs, and offsetting the entire carbon footprint of the project through

The NFT (Non Fungible Token) marketplace trading volume is currently at around 4 billion USD per month despite the crypto bearish sentiments. Yet, the NFT segment is still far from saturated or mature, thus promising massive opportunities. Dubai-based OasisX, the first multi chain curated NFT Marketplace and Creator Studio is launching in a few weeks, paving the way for MENA based creators, collectors, and brands to take part in this new digital era. The platform has already on boarded more than 100 artists for its launch in addition to multiple regional brands for web3 activations.

Najib Khanafer, Ramzi Mneimneh, and Jimi Ibrahim decided to take on the challenge of building secure and accessible tools to navigate the NFT and web3 world, bringing meaningful impact to artists, creators, collectors and brands from the region. All three have extensive knowledge in crypto, blockchain and technology and have been early adopters of this disruptive digital trend According to the founders, Web3 is a more trustworthy foundation for achieving financial freedom; and NFTs represent a first, modest step towards solving one of the core problems of Web 2.0: digital applicability and ownership.

LaraontheBlock sat down with the Co-Founder of OasisX Najib Khanafer to learn more about the founders’ story and their unique and innovative platform, predicted to onboard artists, creators and collectors into the realm of NFTs.

What is OasisX?

As the name suggests, an oasis is a fertile ground in the middle of the desert, where water and plants are found. The X in OasisX is for Xploration, and marks the final destination for creators, collectors, and brands to position themselves on the web3 map. OasisX is a world where creativity is unlocked and where everyone can belong and discover their full potential.

NFTs have the right formula for success in MENA. Creative talent, culture, and the rich history of the region coupled with right tech infrastructure and regulatory environment will drive adoption. Khanafer states, “We are building the tech foundation and frontier to bridge the gap between MENA creators and web3, while providing collectors with a new way to support, own and trade in the upside of creativity.”

The broad NFT ecosystem continues to grow and expand, branching out into various new fields that have yet to be explored. At OasisX, users will be exposed to a wide range of categories, including 1/1 art, editions, PFPs, domain names, metaverse objects, music, and many more. To cater to that, OasisX supports the creation of NFTs using different multimedia types such as images, gifs, videos, audio, AR/VR, 3D objects and even documents.

Khanafer states: “We are still just scratching the surface of NFT applications. OasisX aims to support future use cases beyond digital art and collectibles, the obvious being other forms of creative output like utility NFTs and financial contracts (real-world assets). ”

With this in mind, OasisX intends to empower communities by supporting ownership through its inclusive NFT marketplace and Creator Studio, which will unlock new opportunities for artists, creators, brands, and collectors.

NFTs at scale done easy

The current NFT journey is complex, expensive and out of reach for artists, creators and creative teams. The Creator Studio, LaunchX, will securely enable its users to create, manage and mint NFTs at scale, without a single line of code, and at a highly reduced cost.

Khanafer explains, “We created a product that gives creators and brands the opportunity to engage with a tech trend. LaunchX is powered by an AI art generator, a smart contract creator and minting page editor, preserving true creative ownership.”

The user-friendly platform removes the barriers to entry for anyone who wants to tokenize their IP, while reducing the go-to-market and NFT deployment time from months to minutes. In short, LaunchX will enable NFT project creation in a few clicks.

Community empowering NFT Marketplace

As for the Marketplace, it allows users to list and shop NFTs on multiple chains including Ethereum, Polygon and Solana, while offering simple on boarding, non-crypto checkout options, and many other power tools such as bulk creation. Additionally, in its efforts to serve the MENA region, OasisX supports Arabic language on the platform.

Building the Oasis

After raising its pre-Seed round led by angel investors; the company is now looking to raise an additional 3 million USD in a new funding round. A majority of the funding will go into scaling the team, product and brand.

OasisX founders envision a future where the company will continue to exploit the potential of this technology, cementing it as a web3 powerhouse from the MENA region.