Tether Operations Limited, creators of USDT digital currency has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with RAK Digital Assets Oasis (RAK DAO). As per the press release this is the first step towards the launch of several strategic initiatives to help foster the adoption of Bitcoin technology and stablecoins in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) UAE.

In collaboration with RAK DAO, Tether will help facilitate crypto payment adoption in the region and design blockchain-focused education programs.

Through its recently launched educational arm, Tether Edu, Tether will develop initiatives for individuals of varying skill levels covering cutting-edge fields such as Bitcoin, blockchain, peer-to-peer technologies, stablecoin adoption, and real-world use cases of crypto.

To date, RAK DAO has attracted interest from more than 100 businesses, as well as many Indian based tech entities. As a result, Tether will collaborate closely with RAK DAO on comprehensive initiatives designed to educate and empower local businesses, opening up new avenues for growth and innovation.

“Tether is proud to collaborate with RAK DAO to realize the promise of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the region,” said Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether. “As home to the world’s first and only free zone dedicated to the proliferation of digital asset endeavors, Ras Al Khaimah is in a prime position to become the region’s leading hub of blockchain technology and innovation, and Tether is committed to working with RAK DAO to make this dream a reality.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Dr. Sameer Al Ansari, CEO of RAK DAO, stated: “This collaboration with Tether marks a pivotal moment in RAK DAO’s journey towards becoming a leading hub for blockchain innovation. By harnessing the power of Bitcoin technology and cryptocurrencies, we aim to drive economic growth, foster financial inclusion, and position RAK DAO as a global leader in the digital economy.”

UAE RAK DAO, Ras Al Khaimah Digital Assets Oasis, has attracted Indian and Chinese Web3 Blockchain entities as it licensed 100 digital asset and Blockchain licenses. According to the press release, RAK DAO has issued the most licenses to Indian companies, 15% to be exact. Following closely is China.

These global entrepreneurs not only leverage RAK DAO’s strategic location in the UAE but also tap into its comprehensive ecosystem of services meticulously crafted to meet their evolving needs. From blockchain, digital assets, and AI services to consulting, RAK DAO equips its licensees with the essential tools and support required for success in the digital asset era. With the majority of companies registering with RAK DAO being global web3 and blockchain entities, the ecosystem fosters a thriving environment for cutting-edge innovation and technological advancement.

DAO Hive, the innovative business center unveiled by RAK DAO, is offering flexible membership packages for entrepreneurs to flourish in a collaborative environment with state-of-the-art amenities and networking opportunities.

“As we celebrate this remarkable milestone of issuing over 100 licences in well under a year, we reaffirm our commitment to driving innovation and fostering growth within the global web3 and blockchain sector,” says Dr. Sameer Al Ansari, CEO of RAK DAO.

He adds, “DAO Hive stands as a testament to our vision of creating a dynamic ecosystem where pioneering ideas converge and businesses thrive. This achievement not only underscores the success of RAK DAO but also reflects the resilience and dynamism of Ras Al Khaimah’s business landscape. We are proud to be at the forefront of shaping the future of the web3 industry, offering global entrepreneurs unparalleled opportunities to flourish within DAO Hive and beyond.”

RAK DAO has signed many partnerships with blockchain and digital asset entities since its launch, the latest being with BlockLogica.

In a spree of MOUs and partnerships, the RAK Digital Assets Oasis, digital asset free common law free zone has signed another Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a global tech player, Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of tech company Tencent.

As per the Linkedin post of CEO of RAK DAO Dr. Sameer AlAnsari, “I’m delighted to share that RAK DAO has officially signed a memorandum of understanding with Tencent Cloud, a renowned global pioneer in internet and technology. This significant collaboration marks a milestone in our journey toward innovation and advancement. Tencent is the 7th largest company in the world by market capitalization.”

He adds, “Moreover, we are incredibly honored that the signing ceremony was graced by the presence of His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah. His esteemed presence underscores the importance and impact of this partnership for our region and beyond.”

The collaboration is geared towards nurturing entrepreneurship, enhancing skill development, and fostering ecosystem growth. This marks a crucial milestone in shaping the trajectory of the digital economy for the future.

This announcement comes at the same time that Saudi Arabian Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), a leading digital enabler in the technology, media, and Tencent Cloud, launch the ‘Go Saudi’ program, aimed at revolutionizing the digital landscape of the Kingdom as it grows into a global business and entertainment hub.

In September 2023, Tencent Cloud, launched its first Web3-native product, Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC. Jointly developed with Ankr, the offering delivers Web3 infrastructure, along with developer services to Web3 builders. By introducing Blockchain RPC, Tencent Cloud is striving to provide a blockchain node infrastructure solution that is fast and robust, enabling developers to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving Web3 environment.

RAK DAO (Ras Al Khaimah Digital Assets Oasis) has also been developing partnerships with Blockchain and Web3 entities such as BlockLogica, Conflux, as well as meeting with Ethereum Founder.

MetaTrace, a GameFi venture, has secured a license from the UAE RAK DAO within the free economic zone. Embarking on its third investment round, the project aims to amass $25 million for global expansion, fortifying its market presence globally.

In May 2022 MetaTrace raised $500,000 for its NFT collection. By August 2022, a successful MVP on the geolocation platform MetaFora, powered by Polygon blockchain, was unveiled.

The second investment phase garnered $5,150,000, supported by angel investor Alexey. This marked the beginning of an extensive blockchain product ecosystem and a team of 50+ professionals. In September 2023, the MetaTrace TRC token debuted on exchanges, showcasing a 400% increase and maintaining a leading market position.

Metatrace is now launching its Series A investment round of $25 million. Mezen consulting group values MetaTrace at over $296 million, with projections soaring to $700 million within the next year. Despite the high valuation for a yet-to-be-fully-launched game, MetaTrace’s substantial user base and vibrant ecosystem provide a distinct advantage in this dynamic project.

RAK DAO (Ras Al Khaimah Digital Assets Oasis) the world’s first and only common law free zone exclusively dedicated to digital and virtual asset companies, has partnered with BlockLogica, a Web3 digital assets strategy hub to usher in Web3 Blockchain innovation.

“We are thrilled to welcome Blocklogica Labs into the RAK DAO ecosystem. This partnership signifies our commitment to fostering innovation and providing unparalleled support to visionary enterprises within the blockchain space. Together, we will drive forward our mission of shaping a new era of digital transformation and empowerment in the Web3 landscape,” said Dr. Sameer Al Ansari, CEO of RAK DAO.

Asal Alizade, Co-Founder of BlockLogica Labs added, “Looking at the great potential for the Web3 industry in the UAE, we are excited to stand next to RAK DAO and create a supportive and regulated environment for cutting-edge projects in the Web3 and Blockchain area to grow properly. It’s impressive to see how RAK DAO is so innovative in changing the Digital Assets regulatory space and creating a healthy ecosystem, where all ideas and projects have an opportunity to grow perfectly and be seen, and we are happy to take part in building this ecosystem.”

Together, RAK DAO and Blocklogica Labs aim to advance joint efforts in shaping a new, open, decentralized, and trustless digital era. By amplifying opportunities for businesses and startups in the ever-evolving blockchain space, this partnership sets the stage for groundbreaking developments in the Web3 landscape.

Just last week, Conflux Blockchain, a Layer 1 Blockchain,entered the UAE and partnered with UAE’s RAK Digital Assets Oasis (RAKDAO) to develop the Blockchain and digital asset sector.

Conflux Blockchain, a Layer 1 Blockchain, enters the UAE and partners with UAE’s RAK Digital Assets Oasis (RAKDAO) to develop the Blockchain and digital asset sector.

Conflux’s collaboration with RAK DAO represents a mutual commitment to leverage the strengths and expertise of both partners. This partnership is founded on shared goals and visions, including advocating for blockchain-friendly regulations to foster an environment instrumental to blockchain and digital asset development in the region.

Additionally, the collaboration will cultivate talent and provide valuable educational resources, nurturing a skilled workforce in the blockchain sector. Furthermore, we will facilitate opportunities for businesses and startups in the region to explore and integrate blockchain technologies, thereby amplifying prospects in the digital economy.

Both Conflux and RAK DAO will explore avenues of cooperation in sharing expertise and knowledge to achieve mutual benefits and foster collaboration  as well as incubation and acceleration programs, educational initiatives, and community-building events and workshops in blockchain technologies/

RAK DAO will help Conflux establish a presence in the UAE and the broader Middle East region, while Conflux will develop custom blockchain solutions for digital and virtual asset companies within RAK DAO.

RAK DAO, a strategic initiative by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah, is dedicated to fostering the growth of digital assets and blockchain technology within the region. With its progressive policies and supportive ecosystem, RAK DAO is rapidly becoming a hub for digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

This announcement comes shortly after the visit of Vitalik Buterin to RAK DAO Oasis.

In a very interesting tweet on the X platform, RAK DAO ( Ras Al Khaimah’s Digital Asset Oasis) free zone welcomed the founder and creator of the Ethereum Blockchain, Vitalik Buterin.

In the tweet, RAK DAO states,” At RAK DAO, our fundamental belief in the transformative power of community has played a pivotal role in shaping our ecosystem. Our commitment to fostering innovation through collaboration recently materialized in a significant event, graced by the presence of His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, alongside Vitalik Buterin, the Co-Founder of Ethereum, here in Ras Al Khaimah. This gathering reaffirmed our ongoing dedication to providing a platform where innovative ideas flourish, collaborations thrive, and the spirit of progress prevails. “

In February 2023, the Government of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) announced that it would be launching the RAK Digital Assets Oasis free zone dedicated to digital and virtual asset companies for non-regulated entities.

This meant that the UAE would now have two crypto Blockchain Oases, one in DMCC for regulated blockchain and crypto entities and one in RAK for soft regulated entities. As per the announcement RAK DAO was supposed to launch in Q2 of 2023, but its official launch happened in October 2023.

Ras Al Khaimah Digital Assets Oasis (RAK DAO), marked the inception of a new era in digital evolution and Web3 collaboration within Ras Al Khaimah. Businesses dealing with digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, could operate under fewer regulatory restrictions.RAK Digital Assets Oasis, is the first common law and specialized free zone exclusively dedicated to companies involved in digital and virtual assets.

Since then, RAK DAO has been setting up partnerships as it entices blockchain, Web3, metaverse, and crypto companies to set up base in the Oasis. It partnered with The HBAR Foundation having signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with them. According to the MOU, The HBAR Foundation would support RAK DAO ecosystem members to leverage the power of blockchain and build economies and applications on Hedera, the most used enterprise-grade public network.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Trust Wallet, self-custody crypto wallet, majority owned by the former CEO of Binance announced its operations in the UAE both in RAKDAO (Digital assets Oasis) free zone in Ras Al Khaimah and in ADGM in Abu Dhabi.

Vitalik’s visit comes after he released Ethereum’s roadmap for 2024 which will focus on scalability, security and sustainability improvements.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin announced the plan on social media on Dec. 31, outlining several key initiatives for the platform’s development. ‘The Surge,’ a crucial component of Ethereum’s roadmap, aims to increase network scalability through data sharding. By dividing the blockchain into smaller parts, Ethereum intends to boost its transaction processing capabilities and reduce costs, addressing one of the most pressing issues faced by blockchain technologies today.

This development is expected to bring Ethereum closer to achieving its goal of processing over 100,000 transactions per second, as noted by Buterin in recent statements

Could this visit be another partnership in the making? Is the Ethereum founder finally interested in the UAE and Middle East?

Romanian startup Blockchain and AI enabled Humans.ai and UAE RAK, DAO ( Digital Assets Oasis) launched the world’s first AI Freezone, during the official launch of RAK Digital Assets Oasis in Ras al Khaimah, UAE.

The First Free Zone for AI will serve as a sanctuary for AI innovators, providing them with an environment where groundbreaking ideas can flourish without the shackles of bureaucracy or the uncertainties of data privacy. Within this oasis of innovation, AI startups can experiment, collaborate, and thrive, knowing that the robust security measures of blockchain technology protect their ideas.

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the launch event assembled an impressive roster of visionaries, pioneers, industry experts, and government representatives from the UAE. Their objective is to deliberate on emerging technologies’ future and seize valuable networking opportunities in the AI sector.

A significant event highlight  was the panel discussion titled “The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Assets,” featuring the Founder & CEO of Humans.ai, Sabin Dima, and ION robot, the world’s first AI governmental advisor.

The collaborative synergy between Humans.ai and RAK DAO transcends mere technological integration. It is about creating an ecosystem that not only nurtures entrepreneurship but also champions the adoption of AI. By providing specialized services and tailored support to AI companies, RAK DAO lays the groundwork for Ras Al Khaimah to emerge as a regional and global leader in AI technology adoption. The partnership between these two entities is poised to revolutionize the way industries operate, enhancing security, transparency, and overall efficiency.

At the heart of this transformative initiative lies a unique blockchain ecosystem developed by Humans.ai, which empowers AI companies within RAK DAO. This innovative environment allows them to govern and execute their AI models with unparalleled transparency and reliability. This blockchain for AI promises to be a game-changer in artificial intelligence.

As AI continues to transform industries and societies, the First Free Zone for Artificial Intelligence in Ras Al Khaimah stands as a beacon of progress, inviting the world to participate in the creation of a brighter, more technologically advanced future. This launch event symbolizes the onset of a new era, where AI innovation and entrepreneurship will flourish in an environment designed for success. It is an initiative that promises to shape the trajectory of AI development, setting the stage for Ras Al Khaimah to shine as a global AI leader.

Prior to this Humans.AI had signed an agreement with RAK DAO to bring AI to the ecosystem.

UAE based RAK Digital Assets Oasis (RAK DAO) and Blockchain AI empowered platform Humans.ai  have partnered to drive artificial intelligence innovation in the Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) UAE. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signifies the launch of an operational collaboration that will reshape AI technology within the world’s first Free Zone dedicated to global digital and virtual asset companies.

The strategic alliance aims to provide exclusive incentive packages to the first AI-focused companies establishing themselves in RAK DAO. These companies will gain access to RAK DAO’s partner ecosystem, offering services like toolkits, Dapps, tech solutions (including Humans.ai), investment opportunities, venture capital partners, banking, and licensing.

This partnership intends to create a robust blockchain framework that empowers AI companies in RAK DAO. This framework ensures secure governance and operation of AI models while maintaining transparency. Additionally, companies will tap into Humans.ai’s network, products, services, tools, and tech support to enhance operational efficiency and capabilities.

Sabin Dima, Humans.ai’s Founder and CEO, emphasized the significance of the partnership in fostering innovation, technological advancement, and economic growth. The combined expertise of Humans.ai and RAK’s visionary support will establish an ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship and AI adoption, thereby impacting the global AI landscape.

Dr. Sameer Al Ansari, CEO of RAK DAO, underscored the partnership’s role in propelling Ras Al Khaimah to the forefront of AI technology. The collaboration will explore avenues to accelerate AI advancement, including joint Accelerators, Venture Studios, and similar initiatives that catalyze AI-driven entrepreneurship.

Humans.ai is in the UAE after partnering with UAE based blockchain consultancy studio Deca4 in Dubai.

In addition Humans.ai Blockchain for AIs introduced wrapped AI NFTs using Hedera Hashgraph blockchain network. Humans.ai’s cutting-edge Blockchain for AIs has launched its cross-chain interoperability with Hedera Hashgraph, to revolutionize the way AI NFTs are used across different platforms.

Humans.ai aims to scale the company’s innovative wrapped AI NFTs on the Hedera blockchain as a growing community of projects, applications, and ecosystem tools provide compelling reasons to choose Hedera to bring AI NFTs to the masses.

UAE’s RAK Digital Assets Oasis (Ras Al Khaimah DAO), the world’s first and only free zone dedicated to global digital and virtual assets companies, and The HBAR Foundation have signed of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The HBAR Foundation will support RAK DAO ecosystem members to leverage the power of blockchain and build economies and applications on Hedera, the most used enterprise-grade public network.

This marks RAK DAO’s first operational relationship, bringing together the expertise and resources of both companies to provide direct and streamlined access to benefits within the Hedera ecosystem. These include a comprehensive grant program, financial backing processes, specialized expert support across technology, marketing and business development, and support to scale adoption and innovation of new ideas in the Web3 space.

“By creating and enabling the world’s first licensed Web3 ecosystem, we are facilitating the seamless exchange of information, connecting businesses across sectors, and paving the way for synergistic relationships to flourish. Together, we are unlocking a world of new possibilities, empowering entrepreneurs, and propelling innovation forward,” says His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid bin Abdullah Al Qasimi, Chairman of RAK DAO. “This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to driving sustainable growth and shaping a future where Ras Al Khaimah emerges as a global leader in the digital economy.”

Together, RAK DAO and The HBAR Foundation will spearhead various initiatives in the Digital Assets Oasis ecosystem, including regular startup and scale-up pitching sessions, opportunities to connect with partners and investors, and explore avenues to launch joint projects such as venture studios or accelerators.

The HBAR Foundation grantees will also benefit from discounted set-up and licensing packages to establish themselves in RAK DAO, as well as access to effective banking solutions available to all members of the ecosystem. Both companies will work together dynamically to foster collaboration, fuel innovation, overcome barriers, and empower entrepreneurs in their journey to build the future of Web3 and blockchain technology.

“The United Arab Emirates has established itself as a dynamic hub for Web3 innovation, magnetizing global enterprises and top-tier talent. We eagerly anticipate joining forces to pioneer the future of the emerging technologies landscape,” says Shayne Higdon, CEO of the HBAR Foundation. “Through this exclusive relationship between The HBAR Foundation grantees and RAK DAO, we’re honored to provide grantees with greater access to the UAE whilst working together to establish RAK DAO as a major hub for the Web3 and digital assets sector.”