The real estate industry globally and in the region is undergoing a transformation. Once known for its intense paper trails and reliance on human interactions, real estate sector transforming with the use of AI and Blockchain technology.

Beirut based DigiWeb, a tech marketing firm, which had previously worked with multinational leading real estate developers and agents is implementing an innovative solution that utilizes both AI and Blockchain.

Built on the Polygon Blockchain, the solution will replace outdated real-estate sale processes that not only take a lot of time, effort, and information queries with a more streamlined and transparent process.

Previously DigiWeb using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system was able to connect credit solvable buyers with real estate developers in minutes.

Yet DigiWeb founder noticed that although digital marketing entities such as their own, could carry out large scale data mining campaigns for their clients, and analyze them, the data at one time or another becomes obsolete as new cities arise, client taste change and technology evolves.

Fady El Sayah, Founder and CEO of DigiWeb explained, “Years ago we developed a solution for a real estate developer utilized at one of their sales events. Potential buyers registered their pre interest, the information was then shared with credit entities who either considered them as solvable or not.

These buyers would then talk to a sales team, once the buyer committed, they had to pay a down payment of booking fee”
He adds “At the event there were stands for banks, the bank would then process the booking fee, and the information would then be sent to the legal department of the real estate developer where a contract was set up.”

While this process managed through a CRM allowed the real estate developer sell 90 apartments and 100 offices in just four hours, DigiWeb is now ready to take this a step further utilizing Blockchain and AI.

At present instead of a real estate sales event, there will be a virtual room. A potential buyer from anywhere in the world can access the digital meeting room, interact with EDA an AI AVR and visit each floor and each apartment in a complex checking out the interior and exterior as they move along using their joystick.

Al Sayah explains, “If a potential buyer would like to change the internal set up of an apartment, the AI can do so. In addition, the AI can place an order and the buyer can use their crypto or digital assets wallet to pay.”
AVR Chatbots powered by AI can answer basic questions 24/7, freeing up human agents for more complex interactions. The entire sales process from viewing up to purchasing will be done utilizing blockchain.

Al Sayah notes that this doesn’t just fall into the real-estate sector. He has already prepared a demo for the biggest distributor of home appliances in Ghana. As such DigiWeb wants to incorporate AI and Blockchain not only in real-estate but also shopping
malls and retail sector.
In conclusion while some believe that Blockchain for the real-estate sector is centered on tokenization of assets, it can also be utilized in the manual processes by streamlining it with automation.

Today it is data that helps realtors assess potential clients as well as help clients to make more informed decisions note solely based on gut feeling. The future is in AI algorithms that can analyze user preferences and suggest properties that perfectly match their needs.

Companies like DigiWeb are continuing to evolve. In the past DigiWeb has designed and developed virtual tours, created automated sales solutions for multimillion-dollar real estate projects, and executed multi-million real estate marketing campaigns.

As Al Sayah notes, “Our approach has always been holistic, integrating technology with marketing strategies to deliver exceptional results. Today utilizing AI and Blockchain we can ensure better services such as dynamic pricing, and better customer interfaces.”