DRIFE, a leading Web3 Mobility infrastructure provider, and the first ride-hailing decentralized application to operate in India and the UAE, has announced its integration with Sui, a Layer 1 smart contract platform and Blockchain.

DRIFE with this move, aims to offer a seamless, simplified onboarding process for ride hailing users and ecosystem partners. The migration of DRIFE onto Sui Blockchain which was created by Mysten Labs, is a step in expanding the decentralized mobility infrastructure sector.

Sui streamlines the process for developers to launch their projects on the Sui platform as it eliminates technical barriers.

DRIFE Taxi 3.0 service is set to disrupt the Taxi 2.0 such as UBER, Lyft, and others. These companies pioneered the use of mobile apps to connect passengers and drivers conveniently and affordably, yet their centralization has slowly eroded the benefits, and earnings of drivers due to high commission rates, while controlling the price customers pay.

The company is entering the market offering an innovative, transparent, fair solution that empowers both drivers and riders. The DRIFE platform offers a zero-commission fee structure which allows drivers to earn more income and pass on the benefits to riders in the form of savings. Sui is the optimal blockchain platform for DRIFE as it offers low network fees, reduced transaction costs, and enhanced overall affordability for users.

Firdosh Sheikh, Founder of DRIFE states, “Given we are pioneering a decentralized ride-hailing application, a concept unprecedented, we required a strategic partner and a blockchain infrastructure that aligned seamlessly with our vision. Sui is the ideal choice due to its scalability, security and cost-effectiveness.”

DRIFE will utilize various features in SUI’s architecture including its ZKlogin which enables frictionless user interaction without necessitating intricate blockchain knowledge. Sheikh adds, “This aligns perfectly with our goal of creating a seamless user experience and lowering entry barriers. Moreover, SUI’s scalability and speed are paramount, ensuring DRIFE can accommodate rapid growth and deliver real-time services efficiently.”

zkLogin, makes Web3 login as simple as signing in with familiar web credentials such as Google or Twitch. Sui continues to advance zkLogin, adding new providers and additional features such as multi-sig capability and more.

“Sui was created to provide a decentralized platform to support exactly the kind of innovative decentralized solution that DRIFE offers in its mobility infrastructure services,” said Dr. Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation. “It is extremely gratifying for the Sui community to see DRIFE leveraging zkLogin and other parts of Sui’s technology to address real challenges people face in their everyday lives.”

By leveraging SUI’s technology, DRIFE is poised to deliver an unparalleled ride-hailing experience that is not only efficient and user-friendly but also cost-effective and scalable.

Pravica, Egyptian based blockchain solutions provider has launched S3 (Stablecoin Studio on Sui) on the Sui Blockchain. The S3 platform will allow the seamless launch of native stablecoins without the complexity of smart contract development and currency management.

S3. MONEY (S3) is set to revolutionize the global payment processing landscape by introducing a versatile and user-friendly solution for building and utilizing stablecoins on the Sui blockchain.

As per the announcement, S3 offers a key utility designed for building customizable stablecoins directly on the Sui blockchain, which in its initial phase, enables issuers to create fiat-backed stablecoins without building the bespoke technological infrastructure typically required for smart contract development and currency management.

S3 not only simplifies the process for existing stablecoin issuers, such as USDC and USDT, to integrate with Sui, but also facilitates the creation of bespoke stablecoin solutions tailored to meet specific regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions.

S3 also establishes an entirely new process for stablecoin management, offering a streamlined one-stop-shop experience through a straightforward interface. Stablecoin Studio on Sui provides intuitive, capable administration with role-based controls, enabling effortless configuration and management of stablecoins.

The platform enhances treasury command with built-in proof-of-reserve functionality and seamless integration with on-chain oracles. Integrated KYC/AML features prioritize compliance, strengthening due diligence with qualified identity verification services.

Mohamed Abdou, Founder & CEO of Pravica, expressed his enthusiasm for S3 and Sui as a foundation for Pravica’s stablecoin creator. “Based on the adoption we are already seeing and our deep experience with international payment systems, we are convinced that stablecoins will revolutionize the global payments industry. We also believe that Sui offers the most capable platform for building robust and scalable decentralized utilities. Built on top of Sui, S3 poised to become a global utility for creating customized payment solutions utilized by millions,” he said.

Beyond empowering builders to craft their own stablecoins, S3 also comes with a cutting-edge payment’s app, Walletify, which serves as a closed-loop payment solution. Walletify allows users to seamlessly transact using the stablecoins created through the S3 utility. Walletify’s closed-loop architecture, building on Sui’s unique Move-based design pattern, ensures a secure and efficient payment experience for both merchants and users.

“The team at Pravica has done incredible work and built much needed financial tooling. Stablecoin Studio on Sui removes an immense hurdle for stablecoin issuers and is set to transform the world’s payment processing industry,” said Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation. “We are extremely gratified that they have chosen to build this revolutionary solution on Sui.”