Oman’s telecom operator Omantel, and Indonesian Telkomsel has signed up to GSMA’s ebusiness network accelerator program to trial next gen telco blockchain network for roaming. The new network will speed up roaming processes, support roaming agreement negotiations and expedite billing and settlement. The trials will go live in June 2023.

The GSMA eBusiness Network is a private-permissioned industry-wide blockchain solution, launched in 2021 to support a wide range of operator business requirements and transform the wholesale roaming clearing and settlement process. It was formed following collaborative research between the GSMA and CK Hutchison Group Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, Verizon and Vodafone who were the founding members of the Blockchain for Wholesale Roaming (BWR) initiative, convened by the GSMA.

Blockchain technology securely automates the complex business processes for wholesale roaming, ensuring that the interoperation between MNOs is accurate, transparent, and verified in the shortest possible time. Omantel and Telkomsel anticipate multiple benefits from using blockchain, including operational efficiency through decreased manual intervention, greater accuracy in charging, reduced billing disputes and rejections and quicker time to market for roaming products and offerings.

Talal Al Mamari, CEO, Omantel, said: “We want to lead the pack with the implementation of this revolutionary blockchain solution, which will not only automate our systems further, but also help us to optimise costs and become more efficient by reducing margins of error. In addition to the operational benefits that we expect to achieve, we foresee an improvement in customer-experience by way of fewer disputes in invoices and improved roaming services and products. It will also allow us to partner with more operators to exchange data over blockchain, thereby enabling future technology developments like 5G Standalone Roaming and the Billing and Charging Evolution. Such initiatives reflect our commitment of enriching the experience of our customers to complement our wide international roaming footprint over 200 countries with more than 700 partners.”

“As Indonesia’s leading digital telco, Telkomsel consistently reaches beyond in unlocking more potential for the country’s progress. During MWC23 in Barcelona, Telkomsel joined the GSMA eBusiness Network Accelerator program with the hope of opening opportunities for further implementation of blockchain network technology in Indonesia. By conducting a joint study and exploring blockchain technology, we can optimise our wholesale roaming clearing and settlement processes in the future. Being the first digital telco in Southeast Asia to join the initiative in 2023, Telkomsel will continue to evaluate the results of the blockchain technology trial and bring more inclusive and sustainable access to world-class connectivity in Indonesia,” said Wong Soon Nam, Chief Planning & Transformation Officer, Telkomsel.

“Blockchain technology is ideally suited to streamline the wholesale roaming clearing and settlement process. It does this by enabling the automation of business processes that are becoming increasingly complex as we enter an era of connectivity defined by 5G and IoT,” said Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA. “We are asking our members to join the trials so they can realise the benefits of the blockchain, along with their roaming partners, and lay the foundations for Web3, with fully automated contract management, settlement and payments.”

The roaming application services offered by the GSMA eBusiness Network ensure more transparent and secure roaming operations for MNOs. The applications are built on blockchain-based automated workflows, using smart contracts to create a single-source-of-truth in roaming contract management, data clearing and financial settlement.

UAE, du telecom which is participating at the World Police Summit, taking place from 7-9 March 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre will be utilizing blockchain technology to enhance security for law enforcement.  du will showcase use cases such as decentralization of criminal records through blockchain technology which supports the UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021. Blockchain can replace criminal records with a network where documents are easily accessible and could not be tampered with, making them safe and secure.

At the event, du will present innovative digital solutions to enhance digital security for law enforcement with technology-driven tools and resources to aid in their day-to-day operations and enable them to carry out their tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Jasim Al Awadi, Chief ICT Officer (Acting) at du said: “From leveraging high-bandwidth low-latency 5G mobile networks to enhance security to utilizing blockchain technology to assist law enforcement, the World Police Summit presents a platform to explore new opportunities within the current security dynamics. du aims to drive the future of smart policing through innovative solutions and contribute to enhancing the quality of life for citizens to support the UAE’s success in being a leading global hub for smart economy initiatives.”

With years of experience, du has enhanced its in-house capabilities and developed a wide range of solutions for 5G, video analytics, mobile apps, blockchain, NFT and digital security. Visitors to the World Police Summit will have the opportunity to speak with du’s team of business experts and learn more about the following:

In addition du will showcase its solutions for digital certificates are critical for establishing digital trust and enabling users to take advantage of all that the digital world has to offer, including internet banking, websites, e-commerce, games, and social media. du’s approach to digital certificate management leverages modern digital certificate technology for increased security and efficiency.

KSA born Nuqtah NFT marketplace has signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Saudi Telecom group (STC) to tokenize photographs from stc’s Sarha project and mint them in the form of non-fungible assets exclusively on the Nuqtah NFT marketplace.

As per the blog, STC is committed to delivering the best customers experience through its advanced technology and innovative solutions.

Sarha, the world’s first content-generating camel, is set to take its viewers on a journey of discovery. The camel travelled around Saudi Arabia in tandem with the most skilled photographers, capturing stunning images and videos that will be shared with the world.

Sarha’s journey will take its viewers further than ever before with the broadest network and widest coverage. This unique project provided by stc  has be used to create amazing experiences for people all over the world.

As such Nuqtah and stc have come together to create a unique collaboration that will bring the world of photography and blockchain technology together. Through this collaboration, Nuqtah will be creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from photographs taken by stc.

This Memorandum of Understanding was signed on the main stage at the Leap 2023 Tech Forum in the capital, Riyadh, KSA. 

Salwa Radwi, Founder of Nuqtah NFT on LinkedIn stated, “At Nuqtah, we are proud to be the first blockchain and Web3 Company in Saudi Arabia to gain this amount of trust and approval from public and private bodies on a national and international scale.”

stc Bahrain has become the first telecom operator in Bahrain to accept cryptocurrencies through its partnership with Eazy Financial Services, a leading Bahraini Payment Services provider specializing in POS and online payment gateway. EazyPay uses BinancePay and wallet to offer this service to more than 5000 POS terminals in Bahrain. 

The collaboration with Eazy Financial Services is a strategic step from stc Bahrain towards expanding the payment options with the future of currency to address the increasing demand for flexible and easy-to-use crypto payments. 

stc Bahrain CEO Nezar Banabeela, stated, “Rapid digitization across the globe is transforming all aspects of our lives, and payments are the most crucial element. From online shopping and streaming videos to money transfers, almost every digital activity relies on a payment system. We are incredibly proud to be the first telecom operator in Bahrain to accept cryptocurrency payments, a demonstration of our strong focus on advancing Bahrain’s fintech sector as world-class digital enablers. We continue to leverage the potential of the digital economy, which is limitless, make accepting crypto a seamless process and increase adoption as crypto is the future of payments.”

Nayef Tawfiq Al Alawi, Founder & CEO of Eazy Financial Services, added,”  We are very proud today to become the partners of STC Bahrain, The world-class digital enabler. This Partnership enables stc Bahrain to be the first telecom operator in the Kingdom to accept cryptocurrency payments in a regulated, secure and extremely fast manner. The benefits of bringing in EazyPay to STC Bahrain will ensure simple and effective transaction journeys for customers, with a partner which is able to ensure first-class service.” 

While, Tameem Al Moosawi, General Manager at Binance Bahrain, said:  “stc is known to be at the forefront of technology and innovation and, with this partnership, has set the benchmark for how telecom operators can enable the transition to the Web3 economy by accepting crypto payments. We are excited to be collaborating in this space to streamline services for customers and is once again a testament to Bahrain’s progressive regulatory framework and banking structure” 

tAt the same time Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Co (GIG Bahrain) has signed a payment services agreement with Eazy Financial Services ‘EazyPay’, Bahrain’s leading and most innovative payment services provider to allow for crypto payments  via ‘Binance App’, which is regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain, making GIG Bahrain the first insurance company in the Mena region to accept premium payments as crypto assets payments in  regulated, secure and extremely fast manner.