In a recent marketplace alert issued by Dubai’s virtual asset regulatory authority, it warns investors and market participants of the unauthorized issuance, marketing, and retail distribution of Islamic Coin (ISLM) from Bored Gen (BG) DMCC based out of Dubai UAE.

As per the notice, investors and customers are advised to note the unauthorized virtual asset Issuance given that BG is not a VARA licensed or registered VA issuer, nor a VASP that has otherwise been granted a No-Objection Confirmation to issue a Virtual Asset such as the ISLM token, which is being offered for public sale to interested purchasers including [without limitation] to Dubai residents.

As per VARA alert, the public sale of ISLM by BG through a Regulation D Offering arranged by OpenDeal Portal LLC – conducting business as Republic on is a potential breach of Regulation III.A.1 (such activity constituting placement and distribution of a Virtual Asset).

Additionally, under the definition of Broker-Dealer Services, such activity is fully regulated under the VARA regime and requires a VA Broker Dealer License that neither BG nor Republic have obtained from VARA.

With regards to marketing activities, given that  BG is a Dubai-based DMCC entity and marketing activity pertaining to ISLM undertaken in and from Dubai has been done without VARA approval, VARA are investigating whether there has been a breach of Administrative Order No. 01/2022 Relating to Regulation of Marketing, Advertising and Promotions Related to Virtual Asset.

Dubai’s VARA has requested that BG cease marketing activity until it obtains the appropriate approvals from VARA and introduces appropriate disclaimers in connection with such marketing.

As a consequence of the breach of VARA’s regulations described above, enforcement action has been taken against BG and BG has been directed by VARA to suspend with immediate effect any further distribution of ISLM and to cease any further issuance and/or marketing of ISLM until approval from VARA is received.

This comes after several media articles that questioned the validity of the token sale by Bored Gem and information provided by Islamic Coin.

LFi, Canadian fintech tech startup, leveraging advance computing and blockchain has expanded into the UAE with a presence in Dubai under its new LFi Labs office. According to the news releases, the Lab will serve as a central hub for new advancements and innovations. 

As per their website, LFi is a decentralized platform designed to provide equal opportunities for wealth generation and financial independence through crypto. It operates on its own blockchain, guided by a DAO-driven ecosystem. 

The startup intends to fuse crypto, finance and technology to foster innovation and financial freedom. The tech startup seeks to provide a diverse range of products and services that give people greater access to tools and information for navigating the crypto and Web3 landscape.

According to the news, the establishment of the Labs locally in UAE gives the brand a strong foothold in one of the most progressive, influential, and technology-oriented economic hubs in the Middle East and North African region.

The company looks to collaborate with visionaries, tech enthusiasts, and creators from various backgrounds to realize revolutionary ideas that will shape the future.

The soft launch of LFi Labs event featured the LFi One smartphone, a smartphone that allows users to mint tokens and enter the crypto world seamlessly It also showcased 

xLFi Minters, and other innovative products, the immersive experience offered a taste of what the future holds for the brand.

With the official opening on the horizon, CEO Luiz Góes expressed excitement toward the prospect of fresh collaborative opportunities with experts and market participants within the region. The CEO added that the platform’s new venture in Dubai aims to attain a “brighter era” for global crypto.

It is noteworthy that while LFI is a tech startup and might not need a regulatory license, if it offers any crypto services like minting its token and using its token for utility purposes, it definately will need one. 

Web3 tokenized indices investment startup, nealthy, which recently raised $1.3 million, has set up its headquarters in Dubai UAE.

nealthy provides index tokens that replicate the structure of classic exchange-traded funds (ETFs). By storing multiple digital assets in on-chain vaults, building a diversified portfolio, and issuing an underlying indicator token. The first token will be called $nNFTS (which retains its real value through a peg to recognized blue-chip NFTs), nealthy is lowering the barriers to entry and opening the floodgates of digital asset investment to people around the world.

The leadership team of CEO Ludwig Schroedl, CTO Zied Said, and CMO Tim Pascual said that Dubai-based operations would help expand to a crypto-friendly region renowned for its forward-looking strategies. “We are thrilled to announce our move to new corporate headquarters in Dubai. From the standpoint of Dubai’s robust investment market to its renown as a hub for innovation, tourism, collectibles, luxury, and more, operating from Dubai will give nealthy access to the customers, investors, partners, and collaborators needed to bring nealthy’s performant solutions to as wide a user base as possible. 

We are excited about the next stage of our journey and cannot wait to power ahead with new releases and developments for our clients, partners, and investors,” said Ludwig Schroedl.

FLUUS, which means money in Arabic, with founders from the MENA region, has been offering citizens in developing the countries the opportunity to receive financial freedom through the use of crypto and Blockchain, and has grown to now listing their token on MEXC global, a global cryptocurrency exchange while partnering with providers to cover India. 

According to a recent medium post by FLUUS, “The listing on MEXC Global marks a significant milestone for FLUUS, as it opens up new avenues for participants and enthusiasts to engage with their innovative ecosystem. FLUUS aims to provide seamless trading opportunities and ensure that $FLUUS is readily available to participants worldwide.”

FLUUS is a layer of consumer and developer-facing products, evolving the world’s access to web3. Developers can integrate FLUUS into their platform and give their users GLOBAL access to crypto using any payment method, including CASH and MOBILE MONEY.

In March 2023, FLUUS raised $600,000 ahead of its beta launch through Fundrs LaunchPad. FHS Capital, Base 64 and a number of angel investors participated in the raise.

Furthermore, FLUUS has integrated with top ramping providers such as Moonpay and Transak, and will soon cover more markets, including 100% coverage in India, while expanding its FLUUS Pay network to support cash-to-crypto ramping in more regions. Additionally, FLUUS’s AID3.0 product has supported over $1.2 million in aid money in Ukraine and will expand to more partners, increasing coverage and support.

FLUUS will also be launching its staking pools to create further benefits for holders in Q2 of 2023.

In the third quarter of 2023, FLUUS plans to also launch on a DEX, as well as initiate liquidity pools to enable users to earn passive income. FLUUS pay will aggregate DEX and swapping services, enabling users to trade their cryptocurrencies and tokens in a decentralized environment with the most suitable providers.

Moreover, FLUUS plans to launch its FLUUSAuth Alpha, a revolutionary product that will allow users to create their wallets using traditional SSO methods, facilitating web2 user onboarding. Additionally, FLUUS plans to increase its human capital and obtain provisional licenses to operate in more jurisdictions. T

In Q4 2023, FLUUS is focused on achieving significant milestones. This includes finalizing strategic partnerships with web3 solutions to provide global cryptocurrency access. The implementation of FLUUS DAO Governance structures will empower the community, enabling active participation in decision-making. FLUUS also aims to expand the geographical reach of the FLUUS Pay network, making it accessible to more regions, and strengthen its utility by supporting a wider range of cryptocurrencies.

Prior to this FLUUS had worked in several regions across MENA including Lebanon. Tey El Rjula, Founder of FLUUS, told LaraontheBlock,

Overall, there is a total of 49,563,636 $FLUUS tokens in circulation.

Bahrain Central Bank has announced the issuance of regulation for security tokens as amendments to its current crypto asset module.

The Central Bank has expanded the crypto asset regulations to include digital token offerings, in specific those with the characteristics of security tokens.

In determining whether a digital token qualifies as a security, the CBB will examine the underlying economic purpose of the digital token, its structure, characteristics, as well as the rights attached to the digital token.

The new amendments also outline new requirements to enhance safeguarding clients’ assets to provide high levels of protection for investors.

In addition the Central Bank of Bahrain will allow crypto-assets licensees (after obtaining the CBB’s approval) to engage in additional activities, which are not within the stipulated regulated crypto-asset services.

 Commenting on the new amendments, Director of the Capital Markets Supervision Directorate – Mrs. Abeer Al Saad, stated,  “We at the CBB are delighted to issue the new amendments to our regulatory framework for crypto-assets and to specifically introduce new regulatory requirements for the digital tokens offerings, in order to regulate the crypto-assets market in a fair and transparent manner. Therefore, the CBB has adopted a risk-based regulatory approach towards requirements, which are proportionate and commensurate to the regulated activity undertaken by a licensee. We endeavour to provide adequate safeguards to investors without inhibiting innovation adoption at the CBB, as we continue to monitor market trends and review the regulatory framework to keep up with the latest developments in the field, as well as maintain the competitiveness of the sector. This milestone is a reflection of the pioneering role the CBB continues to play in regulating crypto-assets.”

Bahrain was the first country in the GCC region to regulate crypto allowing for the launch of crypto exchange brokers such as RAIN, CoinMENA, and most recently Binance. It is also one of the leading GCC and MENA countries when it comes to crypto payments.

The new amendments are also a first in the region, no other country has regulated security tokens onshore yet!

KSA Web 3 NFT Marketplace, NuqtahNFT sponsors LEAP tech convention that will be taking place in Riyadh Saudi Arabia from February 6th-9th 2023. 

LEAP is one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest annual tech events. A yearly 3-day tech convention held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is the largest debut tech event as of 2022, with over 100,000 attendees worldwide. It is co-organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Informa Tech, and the Saudi Federation For Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones.

Wajd Badawi, Head of Operations at NuqtahNFT, commented: “We are very excited about this partnership. Part of our mission is to enable individuals and institutions in Saudi with Web 3.0 technologies, and LEAP is a great platform for us to showcase the different use-cases through the NFTs activations we are providing.” 

This agreement is pushing the current boundaries of the Saudi NFTs scene with various activations powered by NuqtahNFT. Such as Digital Collectibles to be gifted to VIP attendees as Photography NFTs of a curated collection of photographs by Saudi photographers’ that showcases the beauty of Saudi Arabia’s landscape from all around Saudi. NuqtahNFT are also providing LEAP with variety of NFTs to be displayed at the exhibition. Additionally, NuqtahNFT developed a “Community Pass”, an exclusive collection with variety of utilities for LEAP’s community in which they can benefit from at LEAP 2024.

Badawi commented: “Our main objective from this partnership is to give a platform to the Saudi and regional Originators, educate global and local attendees about Saudi Arabia’s heritage and support tourism through art and technology and increase the adoption of Web 3.0 applications such as NFTs in the Kingdom. And for that, we want to express our thanks to LEAP for allowing us to be the first Saudi company to provide these solutions.”

Coca-Cola and, sponsor of Qatar World Cup 2022, have teamed up to launch an NFT collection inspired by the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. The collection, created in collaboration with digital artist GMUNK, is based on “heat maps” that visually represent the movements and highlights of the tournament’s players. GMUNK has created 10,000 NFTs based on these heat maps, which will be available to fans on the NFT platform from May 1 to July 31, 2022.

To access the NFT collection, fans will need to create an account on the NFT platform and visit Coca-Cola’s fan zone page to mint a token. The Coca-Cola fan zone is a digital hub for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup that offers fans the opportunity to experience thrills, excitement, games, and moments to remember during the tournament.

 In addition to the NFT collection, the fan zone includes leaderboards, pledges, and predictions, allowing fans to compete with each other and interact with the tournament in real-time.

As per some news websites the registration sites for the NFTs are offered on either Coca-cola Middle East or the fan zone links officially provided for residents living in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or the United Arab Emirates.

Just after the announcement’s CRO token (CRO) gained value this week. CRO climbed as much as 10% after the press release hit, and though it slipped to a 8.5% advance at press time CRO remains one of the top performing digital assets on Monday 5th of December. Despite this, CRO token remains lower by about 50% over the past month in the FTX-related crumbling in the cryptocurrency markets. CRO is down nearly 90% year over year.

This is the first World Cup that has not only features Blockchain and crypto sponsors but tokens and NFTs, growing the interest in both in the MENA region.