The UAE Ministry of Economy and the Government Development and the Future Office recently chose the top 100 Future enterprises based out of the UAE, of those were promising Blockchain and Web3 companies that are making promising contributions to the UAE’s future economic sectors.

Companies such as ACX exchange, Aya, Pravica, Distichain, Pure Harvest, Seafood Souq, Fuze,  and Verofax among others.

For example ACX operates the world’s first recognized investment exchange for environmental instruments in Abu Dhabi. It caters to corporates, financial traders, carbon project developers, and other industry stakeholders. ACX provides participants with an efficient and transparent trading platform that is user-friendly, seamless and offers the lowest transaction fees in the market. Leveraging distributed ledger technology, while Aya,  is a climatetech launchpad and advisory platform unwaveringly dedicated to harnessing the full potential of technology to drive transformative climate solutions. As trailblazers in Web3, it embraces the power of decentralized networks and blockchain, thereby elevating its approach, and amplifying the impact of its initiatives.

There is also Distichain is an international trade-as-a-service enabling instant integration with verification, fintech, regulation, documentation, and supply chain. As a software-as-a-service B2B marketplace solution, Distichain serves as a B2B trade infrastructure platform that is blockchain-enabled, with application program interfaces offering flexible functionalities and an ecosystem of service providers to deliver seamless trade to companies, trade authorities, and B2B marketplaces.

In addition to Fuze, which is a first-of-its-kind platform, enabling banks, fintechs, and enterprises to embed regulated digital assets infrastructure, and rapidly launch products from their native apps. This technology-first regulated infrastructure supports cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies, and tokenized assets. This enables banks and financial institutions to launch regulated and secure digital assets solutions in a B2B2C fashion, thereby allowing retail customers to participate in the virtual assets economy in a secure manner.

As for Pravica, its mission is to empower individuals and organizations with secure and private communication tools for the decentralized web. The blockchain-powered platform’s vision is to therefore create a world where privacy is the default. Pravica envisions a decentralized web where individuals have control over their data, and where organizations can collaborate freely without compromising privacy. Pravica aims to conduct market research to understand the specific needs and challenges of the region, including any regulatory requirements or cultural considerations.

Mohamed Abdou Founder and CEO of Pravica told LaraontheBlock, “ It was an amazing ceremony and I would like to thank the UAE Ministry of Economy. We are proud to have been chosen as this is not only a testament to Pravica’s success but also a testament to UAE’s leadership, vision and their support for innovation including Web3, Blockchain, and AI companies.”

He adds, “This recognition will encourage us to grow and build Pravica and grow our presence and offering.”

Pure Harvest is a technology-enabled agribusiness, harnessing the wonders of science, the power of nature, and the passions of our people to provide the tastiest, most affordable, nutritious, and most sustainable fresh produce possible anytime anywhere. Its vision is to create a more sustainable future by reimagining farming, and changing how and where humanity produces its food. Pure Harvest delivers over 15 million kilograms of produce per year- with a fraction of the water footprint of traditional farming. It has decoupled the relationship of food production from its dependence on climate, and instead married it to energy and capital sources, making possible sustainable and economic fresh produce production anywhere.

Then there is , Seafood Souq is an impact-focused digital ecosystem catering to the global seafood market, providing digital products tailored to actors in the seafood supply chain. The company has established itself as a network orchestrator, focusing its activities around trade operations and tracing the entire journey of fish, from ocean to plate.

Another on the list is Verofax which holds the in-country value (ICV) certification, a program initiated by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company to encourage and incentivize local companies to participate in the oil and gas industry by boosting their contributions to the UAE’s economy.

USA based Fluent Finance, a blockchain enabled fintech infrastructure company responsible for developing the connections from core banking to public layers, bridging Web2 to Web3 utilizing the Fluent Protocol, has joined UAE’s Ministry of Economy NextGEN FDI program as Fluent plans to launch its operations in Abu Dhabi and expand its workforce in the UAE to 125 people in the next five years.

Fluent is working to issue deposit tokens which are stable-valued, regulatory-compliant digital assets interoperable with core banking systems. With Fluent, banks may issue fiat-equivalent tokens directly to public blockchains based on outstanding customer deposits and central bank-issued CBDCs.

Fluent will use its new UAE headquarters to deploy and scale its proprietary Fluent Economic Bridge, which can be used by importers and exporters to settle transactions via stablecoins or, increasingly, deposit tokens.

They are already piloting the platform in Kenya, and now hope to develop a digital trade corridor with the UAE.

Dr Thani Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, said Fluent’s participation in the NextGen FDI initiative underlines the UAE’s status as a hub for global trade and a supportive ecosystem for new technologies such as blockchain: “The UAE has become a prominent advocate for the modernization of the multilateral trading system, as well as a supportive place for the development of the tools and applications that can deliver it. I am optimistic about the possibilities of the Fluent Economic Bridge, and the potential for digital currencies to improve the efficiency and accessibility of global supply chains. In the build-up to the World Trade Organisation’s 13th Ministerial Conference in Abu Dhabi in February next year, encouraging platforms such as those developed by Fluent will offer an important proof point for the UAE’s leadership on trade technology.”

Bradley Allgood, Fluent Finance’s Chief Executive Officer, said the UAE was the obvious place in which to launch Fluent Economic Bridge. “The UAE offers exactly the kind of supportive, enabling environment that Web3 companies such as Fluent require. The combination of thoughtful regulation, forward-looking vision and advanced technology ambitions means we have the right foundations on which to develop our product and grow our organization. Importantly, this is also an important trade crossroads, which provides a multitude of opportunities to deploy our platform. We genuinely believe that, with the right support, we can transform Fluent Economic Bridge into the next unicorn.”

Holiday Swap,a vacation exchange and booking platform which seeks to enhance its platform utilizing AI ( Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain, has joined the UAE Ministry of Economy NextGen FDI program, and will be basing its headquarters in the UAE.

The NextGen FDI program  is a  multistakeholder initiative that provides pioneering businesses from around the world with the market-entry fundamentals required to establish and scale their operations in the UAE.

Launched in 2018, Holiday Swap is a community-based platform that connects holidaymakers online, enabling them to swap homes or rent directly from one another at minimal or zero cost. Today, the platform has more than 120,000 listed properties across 185 countries, including the UAE, where it has approximately 1,200 listings. It aims to expand its listings to 400,000 properties by the close of 2023.

The company, which has developed its own proprietary software, has joined the NextGen FDI programme to consolidate its global operations in the UAE. The company will establish its headquarters in Dubai Internet City, supporting 500 jobs in the country within two years, 250 of which will be highly skilled, as it seeks to enhance its platform through advanced technology capabilities such as AI and blockchain.

Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, said, “The onboarding of Holiday Swap reflects the continuing success of the NextGen FDI programme in attracting pioneering companies to the UAE and fostering the development of cutting-edge solutions across a diverse range of economic sectors. The partnership is not only testament to the UAE’s position as a world-class hub for innovation but also the scale and sophistication of its travel and tourism industry, which contributed AED167 billion to the country’s GDP in 2022, a growth of more than 60 percent. We look forward to working with Holiday Swap to unlock new capabilities and adding a new dimension to our travel-related service exports.”

In response to joining the programme, James Asquith, Founder and CEO of Holiday Swap, commented, “We are thrilled to join the Ministry of Economy’s NextGen FDI program, a decision aligned with our commitment to innovation and expansion. Establishing our global operations HQ in Dubai Internet City positions us perfectly to leverage the UAE’s reputation as an international leader and a powerhouse in the travel and tourism industry.