UAE emerging tech investment firm, XVC Tech has led an investment round of $2.1 million in SwiftCourt AB, a digital solutions platform that offers digital sales contracts incorporating e-signing, secure peer-to-peer payment, and contract solutions.

XVC is an Investment Company based out of Dubai with a focus on early-stage investments in Next-Gen technology projects backed by XDC Network’s founders. XVC Tech has a global investment mandate to invest across Web3 native projects as well as Web2 to Web3 transformation projects

As per the press release published earlier this year, the investment underscores the shared vision and strategic alignment between XVC Tech and Swiftcourt as they join forces to transform the landscape of digital transactions and P2P transactions. SwiftCourt will utilize the XDC Blockchain Network which would enable transactions to be safe, more efficient, transparent, and secure to users worldwide.

With the vision of making second-hand trade as safe as purchases made in stores, Swiftcourt has been gaining recognition in Europe with its long-standing contract platform, and its recent release of a PSD2-compliant P2P payment service for buying and selling used goods to speed up transfer times and cut costs for distributors and end users.

Relying on bank-grade KYC and utilizing escrow accounts to safeguard transactions, Swiftcourt can ensure that neither party falls victim to fraud. With added blockchain capabilities, Swiftcourt will now utilize XDC’s smart contract features to further automate contract fulfillment and release funds to make the solution even more secure.

SwiftCourt has established a presence across Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Finland and has captured the market share of the Nordic region catering to 1.4 Million customers.

XDC Network, an enterprise-grade Layer 1, EVM Compatible Blockchain Network, will serve as the backbone to seal and verify the contract using a Simple Electronic Seal. The contract would be co-signed between two parties on SwiftCourt’s platform using a cryptographic hash and wrapping reference and later can be used to verify the signed contract on the XDC Network with the cryptographic hash.

Johan Lundberg, Founding Partner at XVC Tech, comments “We are thrilled to support Swiftcourt in its mission to revolutionize peer-to-peer transactions, and incorporating blockchain for documentation aligns perfectly with our investment vision of utilizing blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security. This infusion of capital will enable Swiftcourt to offer its solutions in new markets such as Asia while the access to XDC blockchain will bolster its tech stack and introduce cutting-edge smart contract technology.”

“Recent market changes have pinpointed clear market gaps in terms of fintech capabilities aimed at circular economies, and those fit perfectly with Swiftcourt’s vision. This new infusion of capital means that we can take on these challenges, but in turn brings some major changes and a highly ambitious roadmap that will require our full attention. This split of responsibilities allows for that and will hopefully enable us to share some more exciting news, very, very soon.” says Sofia Malmberg, Co-CEO.

After Europe, SwiftCourt is now planning an APAC expansion by offering its digital contract and P2P solutions to growing economies such as India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Japanese SBI Holdings continues to forge stronger partnerships in the MENA region with the announcement of the launch of its joint venture SBI XDC Network APAC with UAE based TradeFinex.

TradeFinex is the promoter of XDC Network, an enterprise-focused blockchain for the purpose of enhancing efficiency in trade finance. Prior to this in September 2023, the two entities had announced that they would be creating the joint venture.

The purpose of the joint venture is to develop the XDC Network which is a community-driven platform established in 2017 specifically designed for trade finance and payments. It provides a smart contract system that facilitates global trade operations through the tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs) like bonds, tokenization of trade assets, and digitization of trade documents, on high-speed, highly secure, and low-cost blockchain.

Up to now, the SBI Group has been providing various services related to the XDC Network, including becoming the Japan’s first exchange to start handling XDC tokens, through a partnership agreement with SBI VC Trade Co. Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tomohiko Kondo), a company providing crypto asset exchange services within the SBI Group.

Moving forward, the SBI Group will not only focus on services related to the XDC token, but also strive to expand the use cases of the XDC Network’s blockchain technology in global economic activities,  particularly in the fields of trade finance and cross-border payments.

According to the press release, “As the first project after the establishment of the joint venture, we have started a proof-of concept (PoC) experiment that connects XDC Network and the Corda platform provided by SBI R3 Japan Co., Ltd and Corda Bridge provided by US based IMPEL GLOBAL. In this experiment, FIAT payments generated by business-to-business transactions will be conducted in XDC via Corda and Corda Bridge. By utilizing a hybrid blockchain with both private and public characteristics, it is possible to provide a one-stop service that settles both private, such as information of transactions, and public, such as the transfer of value, at once. As a result, this offers an efficient and smooth payment method for cross-border transactions including international trade, compared to conventional fiat currency transactions.”

SBI Holdings over the past months has been forging a variety of partnerships across the region. It signed an MOU with Saudi based Aramco, for digital assets research. SBI Holdings also announced a partnership with Standard Chartered to launch a $100 million Fund in the UAE to also establish a digital asset joint venture.

In the past week, UAE’s Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has signed two partnership agreements with Gold tokenization entities. DMCC signed an MOU with Asian digital gold platform, SafeGold, to develop an ecosystem in the MENA for gold backed digital certificates starting from the UAE and then spreading across MENA.

The MENA region is home to a $20 billion gold market. Gold is a high-growth industry in the UAE; according to the World Gold Council, UAE gold consumption surged by 57 percent in 2021.

As per the announcement Gold bars will be physically stored in secure vaults, and verified by warrants issued on DMCC’s Tradeflow platform, a transparent central registry of ownership for gold and commodities stored in UAE facilities. The digital certificates that are backed by gold can then be traded on SafeGold’s platform, providing investors with greater levels of transparency and confidence.

Gaurav Mathur, Founder and MD, SafeGold, noted that the UAE is an ideal hub for a global digital gold platform.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and CEO, DMCC, added “Given the increased ease of trading digital assets, especially in gold and precious metals, our collaboration with SafeGold is a vital step towards consolidating an ecosystem for digital gold at the global level. Partnerships built on trust and transparency is vital in serving the entire gold industry, and DMCC is perfectly positioned to drive these efforts given our extensive knowledge in gold, world-class infrastructure across the entire gold value chain and ongoing work in blockchain and web3 sectors.”

The DMCC had also announced its partnership with Comtech Gold to digitize the trade of gold through tokenization which will also be registered on DMCC’s TradeFlow platform. Comtech Gold Tokens (“CGO”) will be created on the XinFin Protocol (XDC) blockchain network based on the deposit of physical gold bars located in DMCC-approved vaults.

Each gold bar will be backed by a Tradeflow warrant, meaning that the increased ease of trading a tokenized asset is combined with the additional security, transparency, and real-asset allocation provided by the Tradeflow warrant.

With each token representing one gram of gold, investors and traders will be able to buy as little as one gram, democratizing the asset class by making it more accessible. The tokens are Shariah compliant and fully backed by physical gold in the form of 1kg gold bars of 999.9 purity from globally-renowned brands. In line with international best practices for transparency in the precious metals sector, each bar will feature unique ID numbers and certificates direct from the refiners.


Ahmed Bin Sulayem,  believes that the  partnership with Comtech Gold  for tokenized gold bullion  using  blockchain solutions will drive long-term growth in global trade across industries and asset classes.

Navin D’Souza, Chief Executive Officer at ComTech Gold, said: “A partnership with DMCC is an exciting moment for us as we continue to grow with 122 kgs of gold already tokenized. Tradeflow warrants add the security, control, and transparency to the gold tokens necessary to build investor trust and confidence. This, along with the Shariah certification, makes Comtech Gold Tokens (CGO) an ideal and robust product developed on blockchain technology for regional and international investors.”

In My previous article ‘ UAE the new home for Gold backed tokens’ on LaraontheBlock it was noted that the UAE has become home to Gold tokenization entities from around the globe and this could be the market that many crypto enthusiasts are looking for amidst the bearish crypto and financial markets.

UAE Blockchain enabled LedgerFi, valuated at 6.3 million USD has just completed its seed round investment from a UAE private Fintech firm. As per their website LedgerFi which utilizes XDC blockchain network, wants to become the world’s first Decentralized Digital Asset Exchange ( DDAX) where users can transfer all types of digital assets.

LedgerFi IT Solutions is disrupting the traditional ways of exchanging digital assets, digital energy & digital property by enabling the users of Web 3.0 to adopt & adapt a peer-to-peer, censorship resistant and decentralized ecosystem. It is also extending the use case of transfer of digital assets beyond crypto currencies and enabling users with a seamless platform for exchange of emails, messages, data, files, information, digital currencies and even NFTs.

LedgerFi recently launched its flagship product called as LedgerMail which is the world’s first blockchain email service operating on a hybrid blockchain platform of XDC network. So far LedgerMail has onboarded more than 750,000 users and also partnered with big tech enterprises for secure, private & encrypted email communication.

Founder and CEO at LedgerFi, Mr. Vinay Krishna quoted, “We are thrilled to complete our Pre-Seed Investment round. Now we are working on benchmarking the Web 3.0 communication ecosystem and build a futuristic, simplistic and transformative ecosystem for the individuals and businesses.”

As per the pressrelease, LedgerFi will utilize this investment for catalyzing the technological development of new solutions which will complement the existing products, and LedgerFi will also operationalize its entity with business expansion in the UAE.