Homegrown Bahrain based ARP Digital has received a Category 3 crypto asset service provider licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain. A category 3 license allows ARP Digital to offer crypto trading service as an agent and as a principle as well as offering custodial and investment management services.

ARP Digital provides accredited and institutional investors the requisite, tools, products, and services to effectively allocate capital to the digital asset space. ARP Digital combines best-in-class structuring capabilities with sophisticated quantitative research to deliver investment solutions for investors looking to build a strategic allocation to the digital asset space in a fully integrated way.

As per their website, ARP Digital customers include, accredited investors, family offices, institutions, asset managers, crypto exchanges, and crypto miners.

ARP Digital will be the sole provider in Bahrain specialized in over-the-counter services for structured digital asset products.

With the availability of structured digital asset products, a bridge is ​being built between traditional and cryptographic financial services.

At the heart of ARP Digital’s mission is the provision of comprehensive trading, custody, and portfolio management services. As per their website ARP Digital offers investors the ability to buy tokens, options, and structured products using wire transfers or on-chain transfers.

The team behind ARP Digital includes Yusuf Alireza, a former Goldman Sachs titan with a storied two-decade tenure and historical designation as the institution’s⁣ inaugural Arab partner, offers a blend of traditional and innovative investment strategies.

In addition is Abdul Aziz Kanoo, who previously held the position of regional director for Amber Group business in MENA. Prior to Amber Group, Abdulaziz worked in various Venture Capital Funds in New York and Dubai including Fin Capital, Palm Drive Capital, and BECO Capital. His Brother Yusuf Kanoo also a director, served as a fintech executive at the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (BBK) and a data analytics professional at MARF Group, where he was responsible for utilizing big data for strategy formulation and process optimization.

Yusuf Alireza’s believes that digital assets are the most consequential financial services innovation in the past two decades.

CoinMENA a licensed crypto broker in Bahrain also holds a Category 3 license. While Binance is the only crypto exchange in Bahrain to hold a category 4 license. Binance with its category 4 license can offer full crypto exchange services.