After committing to invest $200 million in IslamicCoin issued by HAQQ Blockchain, a shariah compliant coin, Alpha Blue Ocean’s ABO Digital has invested $10 million potential investment in Blocktrade. ABO Digital a strategic financing partner in Blocktrade’s utility token BTEX.

Blocktrade is a pioneering gamified crypto trading platform that combines blockchain technology and gamification principles to provide a seamless and immersive trading experience for digital assets.

The financing commitment from ABO Digital brings added value to the gamified users on Blocktrade’s platform, allowing them to explore exciting new product launches and enhanced features. The investment will fuel the development of cutting-edge technologies, providing users with a richer and more immersive experience within the gamified asset marketplace. Additionally, the financing commitment will enable Blocktrade to expand its user base, attract top-tier game developers, and foster strategic partnerships that will further elevate the platform’s offerings.

 ‘‘Our partnership with ABO represents a paradigm shift in the digital asset industry. We take great pride in being at the forefront of innovation, not only in terms of product and strategy but also from an institutional financing perspective. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey,” said Blocktrade CEO Christian Niedermueller. 

“We are excited to support Blocktrade in their mission to redefine the gamified asset marketplace following the launch of the BTEX token,” said Amine Nedjai, CEO of ABO Digital, “The financing commitment not only demonstrates our confidence in Blocktrade’s vision and potential but also highlights our commitment to driving innovation in the digital asset space. By partnering with Blocktrade, we aim to empower users, provide them with new opportunities, and revolutionize the way they engage with and derive value from their gamified assets.”