Finschia, an Abu Dhabi based Blockchain Foundation has announced the merger with Klaytn Foundation, to form a new blockchain mainnet.

The two foundations have submitted their proposals to their respective governance members for open discussion, with voting scheduled from 26 January till 2 February. The governance proposal submitted by Klaytn Foundation can be viewed on the Klaytn Governance Forum.

The chain merge is designed to create a highly competitive mainnet ecosystem by integrating the capabilities of Klaytn and Finschia. The two foundations will form an integrated organization, sharing technologies, services, and business networks, working alongside Kakao, LINE, and other partners who have contributed to the development and ecosystem expansion of their respective mainnets.

As per Finschia blog,” By doing so, we plan to establish ourselves as Asia’s largest Web3 ecosystem, taking the lead to drive blockchain mass adoption in the region.”

Klaytn’s robust technical infrastructure and strong presence in South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam, will be combined with Finschia’s comprehensive service network that is popular in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Abu Dhabi.

Post-merge, Klaytn’s DeFi and gaming services and Finschia’s NFT, payment, and AI services will come together to create a massive ecosystem of 420+ DApps and services, 45+ governance partners, and 450+ Web3 resources, the largest Web3 network in Asia. The merged blockchain will also inherit integration with both Kakao and LINE messengers, creating a powerful ecosystem with over 250 million potential Asian user touchpoints.

Post-merge, the unified foundation will continue to pursue ecosystem expansion in the RWA tokenization, GameFi and DeFi verticals through collaborations with Japanese, South Korean, and Southeast Asian partners, while continuing to develop messenger-based Web3 services and the digital commerce platform. With access to every Kakaotalk and LINE user, the new public blockchain will also act as a springboard for Asia’s IT and entertainment enterprises.

“We are excited to be taking the first step toward unlocking the enormous synergy of merging the public blockchains started by Kakao and LINE, which are both leading IT companies in Asia,” said Klaytn Foundation and Finschia Foundation. “We will give our best to make this merge an opportunity to innovate and lead the Asian blockchain industry in both technology and adoption.”