Moroccan Arab singer, dubbed “Al Mualem”, meaning the teacher, Saad LAMajarred and Arab Super star Ragheb Alama will be holding the first ever Arab joint music concert in the metaverse.

The two well renowned Arabic singers announced that they would be holding their upcoming concert in the metaverse in collaboration with famous Arab composer Michel Fadel.

The concert will be held on the 20th of October 2022, organized by Metaboundless. Metaboundless is a Web3.0 platform that connects creators and creator IP with fans to produce and scale creator content. MetaBoundless in partnership with Karma Return Opportunities, a regulated Web3.0 asset manager run helps creators generate attractive returns while preserving capital.

Tickets will be sold in the form of NFTs (Non Fungible tokens). A tutorial on how to purchase the tickets is present on the Metaboundless website.

Blockchain platform AlGorand is the exclusive blockchain partner for the event along with famous Arab Cartoon NFT collectibles, the Crypto Arabs as community sponsors.

Ragheb Alama, Saad La Mjarred and Michel Fadel will be present at the concert through their avatars.

Ragheb Alami on twitter stated, “I have dreamt to be able to communicate directly with all my fans anywhere, anytime and with every generation, and after months of work with MetaBoundless, we are now able to make this a reality. It is now time to enjoy this technologically advanced and different project. Be with us on the 20th of October at 11 pm where we will for the first time hold a futuristic concert in the metaverse with my Avatar.”

Saad Al Mjarred also took to Twitter and stated, “I have always dreamed of being able to perform live with all of you globally together. MetaBoundless

 is making that dream a reality. Together we Step into the Metaverse, a worldwide virtual performance.”

I am pleased to be participating with the Star Ragheb Alameh in this concert. We will be showcasing new music and songs in a futuristic way that goes with the environment in the metaverse.”

It is noteworthy that prior to this in July 2020, Nancy Ajram released her new song in the metaverse. She had announced that she would be launching her new song “Sah Sah” in the metaverse. Tickets were sold in crypto for the first time in the Arab world.