Bahrain’s KFH ( Kuwait Finance House) Information security Manager, Mr. Hasan Muhi emphasized the significance of utilizing blockchain technology applications to enhance cybersecurity in the financial technology sector. He highlighted the potential of blockchain for improved security in financial transactions and protection against fraud and cybercrimes.

During a seminar entitled “ Cybersecrity in Fintech in Bahrain” organized by NGN International Muhi stated that blockchain technology offers significant security advantages by storing financial data in an encrypted manner across a network of devices, making it highly resistant to cyber-attacks.

The seminar was part of the activities of NGN Majlis, which aims to raise awareness about cybersecurity in Bahrain and promote a better understanding of the subject.

As per Muhi’s statements, “Blockchain technology represents one of the latest and most effective methods for safeguarding companies and institutions against the growing risks of cyber threats. These threats include data loss, unauthorized access, and data theft.”

He added, “Blockchain enables robust protection of data, financial transactions, and commercial operations, while facilitating controlled data access, enhancing transparency, and fostering trust among different parties involved. Thus, it serves as an innovative technology to enhance cybersecurity and optimize the financial and operational performance of institutions and companies.”

Muhi emphasized that Blockchain was a vital tool for improving cybersecurity in the Fintech sector through the utilization of “Smart Contracts”. These contracts can be programmed to execute financial transactions securely and reliably without the need for third parties, thereby reducing costs and mitigating risks associated with online financial transactions. Additionally, they enhance trust among various stakeholders involved in commercial and financial operations.