As part of Women’s Day, Binance cryptocurrency exchange, is investing more than $2 million in more than 10 countries globally to educate them and mentor them on crypto and Web3. Currently women comprise only 37% of crypto owners.

Binance Charity donated $2 million to fund over 36,000 dedicated Web3 scholarships for women in 2022, and will continue funding courses, programs and scholarships in 2023 with a focus on women and underrepresented communities.

The 2022 scholarships to study blockchain and crypto-related courses at universities, schools and nonprofits were awarded to women in Germany, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, France, South Africa, Australia, and Ukraine. 

For Women’s Day, Binance Charity will also make an additional donation of $100,000 to Georgia’s Innovation & Technology Agency (GITA) to support web3 education and training for women. Binance Academy will provide educational content for GITA web3 courses.

With the objective of supporting women’s participation in the blockchain and Web3 industry in the Middle East, Binance held a Woman in Crypto event in Dubai. The event aimed to empower women with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the crypto space and featured a diverse line-up of female experts in key fields such as entrepreneurship, personal branding, and Web3 career advice. 

The event also covered crucial topics, including how to select the right company to work with and ways to create an empowering platform for women interested in entering the crypto industry.

Binance was co-founded in 2017 by Yi He, making the company one of the few female-founder crypto companies in the world. Less than 5% of crypto founders at top crypto companies are women2.  As of 2022, the number of female-founded cryptocurrency companies was approximately 292, out of more than 10,000 companies3.

In order to further address the gender gap, Binance has created its first formal internship and graduate programs, which offer more access to careers in crypto for diverse talent, including women. The company also offers guidance and career advice to women through female mentorship programs, talent workshops, educational courses and lectures to share industry experience and insights on how to break into a career in Web3.

“As one of the few female leaders in the industry, I believe that we have a mission, through Binance Charity and Binance Academy, to help more women understand web3 and blockchain technology — our education and internship programs aim to empower young women with knowledge and skills ready for industry disruption,” said Yi He, Binance co-founder and chief marketing officer. “We believe that anyone with ideas can change the world, regardless of gender. We hope these commitments will result in more women on the front line of innovation and bring change to our industry.”


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