Blade Labs is a financial technology that tokenizes financial productions and services secure a fintech license at Qatar Financial Center, and admittance to the Digital Asset Lab, as it partners with The Hashgraph Association, a Swiss digital enabler of the Hedera Network, to utilize DLT ( distributed ledger technology) to foster and advance financial services to the masses of the MENA region.

In addition Blade Labs is registering for a Financial Services Regulatory Association (FSRA) license in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

Kamal Youssefi, President of The Hashgraph Association, said, “The Hashgraph Association is actively invested in ensuring digital enablement and inclusion, particularly, in the Middle East. Our strategic investment in Blade Labs, which provides innovative fintech solutions in the region, is testimony to our commitment to empowering enterprises with Web3-compliant solutions.

The partnership comes at the heels of two major government-backed Venture Studio initiatives being undertaken by The Hashgraph Association in the region; together, these co-investment ventures are valued at $300 million over the next 5-years.

As part of the collaboration, Blade Labs will provide both a conventional and Shariah compliant Digital Securities Platform to support these investments. The strategic investment and partnership address the growing need for digital transformation solutions required by enterprises to participate in the digital economy, effectively.

Blade Labs is currently focused on providing non-custodial fintech APIs that distribute tokenized funds across multiple jurisdictions in a compliant and user-friendly manner. Tokenizing funds enhances liquidity with real-time settlement, reduces operational costs, and improves collateral management by allowing these funds to be used as collateral across various platforms. These benefits make tokenized funds an attractive option for both traditional and digital-native investors, offering better returns, capital efficiency, and advanced risk management.

“As an investor and strategic ecosystem partner of Blade Labs, The Hashgraph Association’s deep multi-level relationship will enable us to integrate our cutting-edge digital asset solutions with more businesses in the Middle East and beyond. We are also well placed to support the execution of strategic initiatives in the region to grow and empower ecosystems that will help us drive digital transformation. said Sami Mian, CEO of Blade Labs.

The Hashgraph Association has been at the forefront of key ventures in the Middle East and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region. The first in Saudi Arabia has already commenced this year to build a $250 million DeepTech Venture Studio in Riyadh, in close partnership with the Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia (MISA), and the second in Qatar aims to build a $50 million Digital Assets Venture Studio in Doha, in collaboration with the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), with both these partnerships considered long-term and spanning over the next five years.