BrickLayer DAO a tokenized RWA platform built on Blockchain, and AI, for real estate has set up in the UAE and is seeking a license from FSRA in ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market) as well as a license in VARA (Dubai’s virtual asset regulatory Authority).

According to their website, Bricklayer platform is fueled by AI and virtual assets, providing a decentralized Blockchain access to institutional grade real estate. It also offers over-leverage crypto holders with access to institutional real estate without sacrificing the speculative gains, providing consistent change to real yield dividends in ‘$MORTAR’.

As per their website and linkedIn post, Bricklayer DAO is in the process of being regulating under FRSA, VARA and UAE common law, giving a legal layer of protection to investors.

Nick Prescott one of the founders who was a former executive at Amazon and now the co-founder of BrickLayer explored blockchain but faced uncertainty in picking genuine projects. Nick’s frustration with corporate hierarchies fueleda quest for a blended solution—a platform combining blockchain’s speculative nature with REIT’s stability, all while giving investors a voice.

Nick delved into DAOs, decentralized environments where everyone’s voice matters. After completing a cryptocurrency course at MIT, he left Amazon and founded Bricklayer. This real estate fund, powered by Ethereum blockchain, adopted a decentralized strategy influenced by $BRICKS token holders. It offered a unique blend of speculation, hedged with one of the safest of asset classes.

Bricklayer is now incorporated the UAE. Bricklayer aspires to become the Robinhood of real estate, reshaping the traditional landlord-occupier dynamic. As stated, “We’re committed to increasing leasehold flexibility and reducing occupational costs, forging partnerships with occupiers to create a more equitable and flexible real estate ecosystem. Bricklayer is dedicated to advancing blockchain adoption within the real estate industry. We’re on a mission to persuade vendors to embrace virtual assets as a valid form of exchange in real estate transactions, ushering in a new era of efficiency and transparency.”

Tokenization of real estate in UAE is picking up with recent Desert Pearl project.