A 2022 candidate for the U.S. Senate, Co-Founder of the Satoshi Roundtable retreat, and managing director of Chainstone Labs, Bruce Fenton, is heading to Saudi Arabia to bring Bitcoin education and investment into the country. ChainStone Labs is a Stealth mode financial tech company focused on tokenization of securities and digital assets backed by hard assets.

In an X post, Bruce Fenton states, “As we enter a new phase in the markets and maturity of our space there are new opportunities to change the world. The most impactful thing I can think of to do this cycle is to help bring Bitcoin and related technology to Saudi Arabia and invest in building the ecosystem in this important country.” Blockchain is considered a related technology to Bitcoin and crypto.

He adds, “I plan to invest heavily in capital and time and also bring many other investors and companies and startups.  The timing for the Kingdom and this technology is perfect now.”

According to Fenton he considers Saudi Arabia as his second home as he has lived and worked there over the years. He notes that the KSA is set to enter a new era of growth and leadership in global finance.

Fenton is the Co-Founder of Satoshi roundtable. The Satoshi Roundtable is characterized by high-level private discussions in a private relaxed venue. The Roundtable brings together leading developers, CEOs, founders, scientists, academics and investors. With each iteration, we have learned and grown as our industry has continued to evolve.

In his X post he notes that there is great interest in this technology from a variety of sectors in KSA, especially young investors, trading families and youth.

So Fenton plans to increase the understanding at senior levels of government, with education among religious leaders as well. He states, “We are working with Islamic scholars like Mu’aawiyah Tucker who understand Bitcoin, fintech and cryptocurrency to increase knowledge about this technology from an Islamic finance standpoint. I’ll be bringing delegations, helping companies and investing in key initiatives that can bring this industry forward.”

He calls on those who are interested to talk to him and his team. https://t.me/saudiarabiadigitalassets

Recently Bandar AlTunisi, Head of Development at Binance in Saudi Arabia, high level digital currency regulation could come out in Saudi Arabia tomorrow or in a month’s time. This comes as Saudi Arabia is becoming host to the highest paid Blockchain developers in the region.