In a recent twist of events, and while the United States gears towards its presidential elections, a new political action Committee (PAC) called Fairshake and its network which includes names such as CoinBase, Kraken and Ripple, have announced that they will be reporting $78 million raised and in the bank at the end of the 2023 to support leaders who support US crypto and Blockchain innovation and responsible regulation in 2024 elections.

Fairshake is dedicated to advancing leaders who are poised to champion innovation and navigate the complexities of responsible regulation in the digital age.

It has already garnered support from Andreessen Horowitz,  Ark, Brian Armstrong, Blockchain Capital, Wences Casares, Circle, CoinBase, Ron Conway, Cumberland, Framework Ventures, Hunter Horsley, Jump Crypto, Kraken, Lightspark, Messari, Multicoin Capital, Paradigm, Potter Ventures, Ripple, Fred Wilson, Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss.

Interestingly Binance and other prominent players are still not on this list.

In a reccent Coinbase blog post the company noted, “The US’s current crypto regulatory standards are sub-par, ultimately driving innovation and financial freedom offshore. Given the stakes, crypto’s superpower of grassroots support will now be amplified through significant spending. Fairshake Super PAC and its affiliates representing the nation’s crypto community, have raised over $78 million – and counting – from 20 companies and leading industry voices to support bipartisan, crypto-forward candidates in 2024. That’s over $78 million to support the 52 million Americans who own digital assets and want a fair shake at the American Dream.”

Fairshake and its affiliates remain steadfast in their mission to support leaders who champion the interests of progressive innovation, including blockchain technology and the crypto industry, through independent advertising efforts.

In the  press release, Fairshake stated,”  In order for the blockchain economy to realize its full potential, a clear regulatory and legal framework for success is needed. The crypto community continues to advance initiatives to promote stability, tech innovation, and growth of the blockchain economy in the U.S., positioning it as a hub for blockchain technology development and adoption.”

Fairshake is a federal independent expenditure-only committee (super PAC) registered with the FEC and supports candidates solely through its independent activities. Protect Progress and Defend American Jobs are also federal super PACs registered with the FEC and are affiliated with Fairshake.

So could we soon be seeing a US president that will foster the crypto blockchain ecosystem in the United States?