Blockchain DeFi Regulated DeFi  (ReDeFi) FCA registered UK crypto asset financial firm has been selected to Alpha startup program at Web Summit Qatar 2024 which will is being held between February 26th-29th 2024 in Doha Qatar.

The crypto asset firm, ReDeFi , chosen for the ALPHA startup program, is one of the few standout projects at the event. As per the release, only ten percent of the applications to the ALPHA startup program are accepted and granted. ALPHA shines a spotlight on early-stage startups with outstanding potential, connecting them with the world’s most influential people and companies.

ReDeFi’s goal is to ensure that people around the globe have the same access to banking services and financial resources.

The ALPHA program is only for a few selected, and most specifically, only 10% of the applications are accepted and granted. ReDeFi will be exhibiting at the Web3 Summit Qatar 2024 offering the blend of decentralized finance and new financial services.

The press release stated, “ReDeFi’s selection for the ALPHA program at Web Summit Qatar is more than just an achievement; it’s a doorway to new opportunities and connections. The team looks forward to making a lasting impression in Doha, and they invite everyone to come and be a part of their journey.”

Speakers at the Web Summit Qatar, include Delta Blockchain Fund, Bitget, and others.

Qatar has been opening up to blockchain and digital assets over the past year culminating in the launch of their digital assets lab. Qatar is seeking to attract digital assets, crypto firms, blockchain, and AI firms to the country, and it seems this has already started to work.