Crypto Oasis launched its crypto Oasis report for Q2 of 2023 announcing the Green Block initiative as part of its commitment to the UAE’s Environmentally Sustainable goals. This comes as the UAE hosts the COP28 in December 2023.

Crypto Oasis, a blockchain ecosystem fostering innovation in the UAE, has witnessed a significant growth in the blockchain crypto ecosystem in the UAE.

In its second edition of the Crypto Oasis Ecosystem report for Q2 2023, it noted that there were now over 1,800 organizations in the blockchain and crypto industry within the country with over 8,650 employees working in crypto blockchain, metaverse, and Web3 ecosystem.

The numbers are up from the ones shared in Crypto Oasis’s annual report of 2022 published in October. At that time there were 1,400 blockchain and crypto entities in the country employing 7000 people. This shows that 400 new entities registered their companies in the UAE over the past 8 months employing an extra 1,650 people in the sector.

In Crypto Oasis Q2 2023 report, native organizations made up 70.5% of total blockchain crypto entities, while in October 2022 report they stood at 66%. There has been an increase of 4.5% of native entities in just 8 months. Dubai’s DMCC is still home to the majority of blockchain and crypto entities with 600 registered companies, followed by Dubai Economic Department with 420 plus, and IFZA freezone with 200 and DIFC with 110. 

The Crypto Oasis report was published in partnership with DLT Science Foundation and Roland Berger.

To build on the successes of the past years, Crypto Oasis announced in their report the launch of a new initiative, the “Green Block”, an ecosystem for the ESG (Economic Sustainable Goals) part of Web3 to foster a sustainable future by bringing together innovators and entrepreneurs to develop and implement solutions that promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

The Green Block focuses on promoting, leading, and connecting this part of the industry to align with the goals of the UAE.

Saqr Ereiqat, Co-Founder of Crypto Oasis told LaraontheBlock, “We will be launching the Green Block initiative formally during the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai being held in October. Since this is a UAE centric report and one of the primary themes of the country this year is ESG we follow suit in our report and are currently working on the Green Block initiative in Web3 for COP28.”

Blockchain technology holds particular promise in the fight against climate change for three key reasons: it can amplify voluntary carbon markets to channel billions of dollars towards green investments, facilitate the widespread adoption of parametric insurance for climate events and accelerate development of open data infrastructure necessary to help coordinate global actors.