Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed an MOU with SmartCrowd Holding Ltd, the parent company of SmartCrowd Ltd., licensed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), a digital platform specializing in real estate investment and crowdfunding across the Middle East and North Africa.

The MoU aims to develop a Blockchain NFT ( non-fungible token) digital platform, to attract investments for real estate and public facilities that RTA plans to establish and implement in the Emirate of Dubai in the future, such as rest areas, which include retail stores and various service centers with continuous investment returns.

The official signing event was held at RTA’s Head Office, with Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency, representing RTA, and Siddiq Farid, Founder and CEO of SmartCrowd.

Bahrozyan commended SmartCrowd for spearheading evolution in real estate investing by leveraging regulations and smart applications of the latest technologies, such as blockchain. This MoU was signed on the back of SmartCrowd’s efforts to pilot a blockchain-based platform in Pakistan in 2022, aligning with RTA’s commitment to adopt trending technologies across its applications and services.

“The signing of this MoU is a significant step that marks RTA’s entry into the realm of investment in digital and non-fungible assets for public facilities and real estate. The move is expected to open new opportunities for RTA to increase and diversify its revenues and enable a wider segment of the community to enter in these investments, which do not require large capital,” Bahrozyan said.

“This initiative forms an integral part of RTA’s partnership with the private sector and is poised to enhance Dubai’s profile as a regional economic powerhouse in the landscape of a global economy. It will also develop RTA’s ambition to achieve financial sustainability as a key strategic goal and foster partnerships with the private sector, known for its innovative and creative potential, especially in the digital economy.”

Siddiq Farid, Founder and CEO of SmartCrowd stated, “This partnership validates our futuristic thinking as we keep up with fast-evolving technology. SmartCrowd has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, establishing the region’s first digital real estate platform from both regulatory and technological standpoints. Looking ahead, we are strategically leveraging emerging technologies to take our initiatives to the next level.

“We feel blessed to be in a country where innovation is not only fostered but championed. Partnering with a government entity that shares the same vision is especially exciting, as it allows us to deliver unique opportunities for everyone to be a part of this city’s tremendous growth.”

RTA is not the first governmental transportation entity to utilize blockchain, Oman Transport Ministry is also piloting a blockchain solution.