Diment, with a presence in UAE, within DMCC ( Dubai Multi Commodities Centre), a virtual asset service provider that is issuing a stablecoin backed by diamonds, has received an initial approval for a license from Dubai’s virtual asset regulatory authority (VARA). Diment will act both as a digital currency and a digital asset for store of value.

As per Diment website, the Diment Dollar is a digital product that redefines the concept of “value-security” in the financial world by reinventing the present stablecoin model. As the first Stablecoin with a fixed price of 1 USD and a token supply fully backed by the underlying diamond reserve value in USD, Diment Dollar operates in a reverse mode compared to present stablecoins by creating value first.

In a press release, Diment VA Exchange Services DMCC announced its Initial Approval from the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority of Dubai – VARA. As per the press release, “This Initial Approval marks a significant milestone for Diment, setting the stage for future regional growth and development in the Crypto Space. While the Initial Approval is a pivotal achievement, it does not yet allow the commencement of any virtual asset activity in or from Dubai. Diment emphasizes that it is still in the process of working towards receiving the full VASP license and approval from VARA.”

“Receiving VARA’s initial approval is a testament to our dedication to regulatory compliance” said Max Weiland, CEO at Diment. “Diment is determined to launch with strict adherence to VARA’s requirements, ushering in a new era of secure and seamless access to the world of virtual assets and build a robust ecosystem that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, seeking to establish a safe and efficient gateway to virtual assets for users Locally and Globally.”

Diment VA Exchange Services DMCC is a setting up as a Broker-Dealer platform in Dubai with the aim to establish a safe and efficient gateway to virtual assets both locally and globally.

VARA has included stablecoin regulations amidst its framework, so it would seem that VARA could become the first regulatory authority to regulate a stablecoin VASP.

The supply of stablecoins circulating on blockchains is increasing, with investors adding $4.2 billion worth of dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies since the start of the month. April 2 was the biggest day for stablecoin inflows with $1.38 billion worth added, data from DefiLlama shows. It’s the biggest single-day increase since March 11 2023.

This article was updated at 13:11 GMT+3 based on information that Diment applied for a broker dealer license.