Barcelona-based Blockchain enabled NFT marketplace, Plastiks, has partnered with Egyptian clothing brand Concrete, as part of plastic removal initiatives in the country. Plastiks specializes in connecting plastic recovery projects with companies and individuals across the globe who sponsor such projects. 

With its new partnership, Plastiks will facilitate the tokenization of plastic recovery projects sponsored by Concrete in Egypt. This facility, powered by blockchain technology, ensures complete transparency, monitoring, and traceability of such recovery operations.

Concrete is committed to contributing to societal and environmental sustainability. As part of this commitment the company sponsors a number of plastic removal projects in order to advance the fight against plastic pollution. 

By partnering with Plastiks, Concrete seeks to improve the lives of waste pickers by providing them with additional income and incentivizing them to recover more plastic from the environment. The first recovery project sponsored by Concrete is the Guardians of The Sea initiative, which focuses on two important regions in Egypt, the Red Sea and the Dahab region. Concrete assists in collecting and recycling plastic wastes from this vital area and helps to turn them into different products.

This partnership also enables the company to promote the purpose of sustainability projects to its consumers in a better way. Labels will be attached to Concrete’s clothing where the message of the collaboration will be placed, along with a QR code. By scanning the QR code, the consumer can visit the “Concrete Sustainability Dashboard” where they can access details of the recovery projects. The details include: where this plastic has been recovered from, the type of plastic recovered, and the invoice number can be viewed with absolute transparency.

“Our aim is not simply to compensate for plastic waste, rather we are committed to fixing the fundamental problem of lack of incentives for the waste pickers in developing countries. By connecting them with global companies, we ensure investment and expertise, thereby improving their overall operation and value perception. This enables them to work in a professional and convenient way. Our business model powered by web3 technology provides plastic collectors with additional income in exchange for the valuable project data they share. This data can be utilized by corporations to choose suitable projects for funding as part of their sustainability commitments,” says Andre Vanyi-Robin, CEO of Plastiks.


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