UAE Egyptian based Singularity Innovations Limited a Fintech Blockchain infrastructure provider, with a license out of DIFC ( Dubai International Financial Centre), has partnered with Red Date Technology, a Hong Kong based enterprise blockchain infrastructure company, to promote and build a global public IT system infrastructure based on non-cryptocurrency public chain technologies.

Singularity will act as an infrastructure provider for the BSN Spartan Network in the Middle East and Africa; offering blockchain infrastructure to corporate and governmental entities.

The BSN Spartan Network is a public infrastructure network based on the lightweight BSN Spartan data center software, which is open source, free, and anonymous for anyone to install. Within the data center, the nodes of several Non-Cryptocurrency Public Chains can be installed and accessed. By removing the cryptocurrencies from public chains‘ layer one, the BSN Spartan Network‘s mission is to provide Non-Cryptocurrency public chain services to all IT systems around the world to enjoy this kind of public IT system infrastructure.

The validator nodes of the public permissioned network are run by large corporates such as HSBC, Emperor Group, and Lan Kwai Fong Group, although many of the current companies have Hong Kong or Chinese connections. 

Mo Taysir, CEO & Co-Founder of Singularity Innovations Limited & Singularity Finance expressed his excitement about the partnership: “This partnership lays down the infrastructure required to power and empower international interoperable enterprise blockchain solutions; be it in global trade & supply chain, identity, carbon credits, personal data management, and more.”

“We have received strong positive feedback about the huge potential for public IT systems and non-cryptocurrency public blockchain technology from both enterprises and governments in the MEA region.  Red Date is excited to be partnering with Singularity to bring the BSN Spartan Network to the MEA region,” said Tim Bailey, VP of Global Sales for Red Date Technology.

“We aim to work with government bodies and regulators to always be complaint with all requirements and licensing in the aim of providing a ‘fully compliant Smart-Contracts infrastructure layer’ for enterprise & governmental use,” commented Mo Taysir.