In a recent development, Crystal Intelligence, a company which works and develops tools for blockchain and crypto investigation and AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliance, held a two-day workshop in Qatar with the Qatar Financial Authority (QFC).

The workshop centered on discovering effective strategies for law enforcement in seizing cryptocurrencies, featuring insights from Federico Paesano, Investigation Lead at Crystal Intelligence.

The Blockchain Crypto Compliance and Investigation Training Program by QFC and Crystal Intelligence provided attendees with a solid foundation in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, emphasizing practical knowledge and compliance.

It also shed light on key stakeholders while sharing cryptocurrency’s use cases and functions relative to the traditional financial system.

This would look like an interesting development given that previously Qatar Central Bank had considered the trading of crypto as illegal.

While Qatar has warmed up towards blockchain and the utilization of digital assets in the tokenization realm, it seems that today it has started to seek to learn how to navigate the cryptocurrency realm. QFC is also preparing for its digital assets Hackathon.

 Crystal Intelligence states on its website that it works with Government agencies, supervisory bodies, law enforcement and investigators use our powerful technology, visualization tools and trusted intelligence to boost blockchain investigations and trace criminals.

It also works with traditional banks, asset management firms, insurance companies, crypto exchanges and other types of financial services to ensure that their systems and technology meets AML/CTF obligations.