U.S. based ISLAMICOIN has launched a blockchain enabled sharia compliant Riba free loan platform called Iqrad. ISLAMICOIN whose founder is a Lebanese national Jaafar (Jeff) Krayem has built Sharia Compliant Certified Islamic Cryptocurrency for the Global Muslim Community and a core to develop iChain.

iChain stands as a decentralized blockchain network aimed to nurturing halal-only projects, catalyzing an unprecedented transformation in the world of Islamic finance. Built on Hyperledger Besu IBFT platform, iChain creates a space that empowers individuals, organizations, and projects aligned with the principles of the Islamic faith.

Built on the Polygon network and utilizing smart contract technology, iQrad offers a model for riba-free loans aimed at promoting sustainable development and social solidarity within the framework of Islamic sharia.

“The rise in demand for innovative and transparent Islamic finance solutions has fueled the development of iQrad,” said Krayem

This user-friendly platform provides individuals and institutions worldwide with access to riba-free loans, regardless of location.
iQrad represents a significant step towards financial inclusion and creating fair financial opportunities for all, particularly for low-income individuals and budding projects seeking growth.

At the heart of iQrad lies the concept of the “Angel investor.” This fosters a spirit of community, encouraging individuals and institutions to contribute to the loan fund through USDT deposits as a charitable act to empower others, not for profit. Protected by robust blockchain security technologies, these deposits allow investors to actively contribute to building an integrated and supportive financial ecosystem.

Krayem adds, “The launch of iQrad marks a significant step towards realizing our vision for the future of Islamic finance – where cutting-edge technology complements longstanding Islamic values, By leveraging iGold as collateral, we offer a Sharia-compliant loan platform that fosters positive and sustainable change in people’s lives while upholding our commitment to ethical and transparent practices.”

ISLAMICOIN also launched its ISLAMIwallet on apple and android. The update unlocks features such as the integration with iQrad, enahnced and iGold features.

ISLAMICOIN is different than Haqq Blockchain’s IslamicCoin.


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