KSA based Tokenizerly, a Blockchain enabled fintech startup in asset tokenization, has partnered with Funding Turkey, a leader in real estate marketing and development to revolutionize the fund and real estate market through blockchain technology. As per the agreement tokenizerly will integrate its advance tokenization platform with Funding Turkey’s extensive real estate portfolio, creating a new paradigm in property investment and ownership.

As per the press release, Tokenizerly will provide its state-of-the-art tokenization technology and technical expertise to tokenize Funding Turkey’s fund and real estate assets.

Both parties will work to obtain the necessary licenses for issuing security tokens for funding real estate units not only in Turkey but across Funding Turkey’s global operations.

Haiyan Alsaiyed stated, “We are thrilled to partner with Funding Turkey, a company that shares our vision for innovation in real estate investment. Our technology will enable investors to engage with fund and real estate like never before, making investments more fractional, accessible, and efficient.”

Serkan Topktas remarked, “This partnership with Tokenizerly marks a significant milestone in our mission to embrace emerging technologies. By tokenizing our assets, we’re not just transforming the way people invest in fund and real estate but also ensuring a more secure and accessible market for investors worldwide.”

This is the second partnership Tokenizerly signs within the month of May. The first was with ParisAline, a global leader in invisible orthodontic treatments. The collaboration aims to revolutionize funding mechanisms in the healthcare sector through the use of advanced blockchain technologies.