KSA Bold Group, a creative advertising agency, has partnered with King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives ( Darah) to bring Saudi National day to the Decentraland metaverse.

For Saudi Arabia’s 92nd Saudi National Day Celebration, participants will experience Saudi Culture in a new digital realm, the metaverse. The virtual Saudi National Day celebration will begin on the 22nd of September until the 24th of September 2022.

For this pioneering initiative, The Bold Group collaborated with King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah) to make the user experience come to life. This strategic partnership will enable an authentic immersive experience as both Darah strive to make Saudi Arabia’s history and culture accessible to the world, and to educate future generations on the full breadth of the Kingdom’s great heritage.

 Abeer Alessa, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Bold Group said, “We are activating the metaverse in an impactful way by paying tribute to Saudi National Day. Fusing our past with our future, we are honouring the storied history of the Kingdom, preserving our heritage and displaying it with pride for people to engage with in the new digital realm.” Our focus has always been to bring value to our partners and community, and this unique experience paves the way for others to discover exciting new opportunities in the market. In line with the Kingdom’s transformative outlook for the Vision 2030, The Bold Group embraces the change and strives to be the pioneer of new and emerging technologies in the digital sphere.”

The Bold Group’s multi-faceted Saudi National Day experience in the metaverse will be held on the ‘Decentraland metaverse. It will feature multiple layers of Saudi culture in an open-air museum, with each level displaying various representations of the beauty of Saudi Arabia. The experience will also feature exclusively tailored Saudi national attire, created and inspired by the different regions of the Kingdom. These iconic pieces will be made available as wearable NFTs for event visitors. The Bold Group will also be providing the POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) as a limited edition collectible NFT for users to showcase with pride their participation in the world’s first Saudi National Day metaverse celebration.

Ziad AbuRjaily, Creative Technology Director in the Bold Experience Unit said, ” The idea to usher the Saudi National Day, a historically traditional celebration, into the new era of technology was inspired by the challenge of convening people across the Kingdom’s 13 different regions to celebrate Saudi Arabia in one virtual space.”


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