UAE based MIRAI Capital Global, has made a non-binding commitment of $7 million to invest in DigiMaaya, a digital assets exchange and bank.

As per MIRAI website, MIRAI Capital Globbal aims to revolutionize global investing, in collaboration with Royal Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi. The firm is based in Ras El Khaimah UAE.

It includes the following members, Dunston Pereira (Group CEO of the Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi), Pranav Jyoti (Chief Investment Officer for the Private Office of H. H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi and MD, MIRAI Capital Global) along with Vinoth Beemjee (Senior Partner and Regional Head, APAC, MIRAI Capital Global).

MIRAI Capital global has identified the massive opportunity that DigiMaaya digital assets exchange will offer. It directly addresses democratizing financial purchasing through fractional asset offerings via a comprehensive marketplace and other product mixes.

Mr. Pranav Jyoti mentioned that DigiMaaya’s innovative tech solutions use the latest technology stack, building the pillars to forward Industry 4.0 thesis via emerging tech like Blockchain, AI, Encryption and Cryptography, VR, etc.

APAC Lead and Senior Partner, MIRAI Capital, Vinoth Beemjee, additionally said, “Since DigiMaaya will allow users to benefit from its suite of services like Trading, Loans, Insurance, Tax calculator, Financial Health Card. This investment by MIRAI Capital Global is a strong bet on smart services being built by a seasoned Team.”

Utsav Dar, Founder & CEO, DigiMaaya shared his vision regarding the company and the benefit of this investment through MIRAI Capital Global, “At DigiMaaya’s core, we believe in taking care of all our stakeholders, i.e. our investors, users, employees and vendor partners. Our internal processes are aligned with our company culture and our team’s common passion fuels our drive to create a user centric, global, regulated and compliant Financial SuperApp.”

DigiMaaya digital assets exchange and bank, comprises a team of Industry leaders & Specialists with varied expertise who have aligned themselves to the vision of building DigiMaaya as a Fintech super app. This global team includes Heero Punjabi (Co-founder and CTO), Punnoose Joseph (Co-founder and Chief Technology Architect), Preet Gill (Co-founder, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications), and Dr. Chiraag Jain (Chief of Staff and Chief Operating Officer).

Utsav Dar emphasizes on DigiMaaya’s USPs: A 100% licensed and regulated App with robust and transparent audit mechanisms for trust building, 3-level Appellate solution across 9 languages for seamless customer support, Steady liquidity addressing a major problem in the current illiquid market, and a Transition to Web3 through informative educational series and incentivized user benefits.


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